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  1. I'm sure most people here are more than capable of finding figures, but I figured I'd share something I put together for the new D&D Starter Set. Just a list of figures that seem appropriate for the module "Lost Mine of Phandelver". Actually, if anyone has suggestions for figures that are more appropriate I'd love to hear it! There are some minor Spoilers in this list, so don't look if you're planning on playing! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r9X5HvX5YEUNRXqlezdFKejJ1AePhImqN3wDBeNWUdM/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Just got a Reeve in today and my distributor has him at $10.99 also. If it is an error, it's a system wide error, not a website issue.
  3. Some of the existing Chronoscope figures definitely work for Rez. I have two armies for Warlord but haven't played the new edition. I probably shouldn't compare the two, other than to say obviously they have completely different settings and focus. Rez is highly focused on scenario play, has rules for hacking computers and the various robots that your opponent might employ, psionic powers and other high tech things. The system has a very clean rules set for ranged attacks and melee. Damage can be anywhere from a nick to instant kill. Models can be incapacitated and taken out of the action only to return later. All of it works very well and very quickly. I think an average game is about an hour and a half and multi-player games work better than any other table top game I've played. Really I think Rez's main strength is the 'fun factor' though. It just plays fast and fun. The results of dice rolls are plausible and the game rarely asks you to suspend disbelief just for the sake of mechanics. It's definitely a favorite of mine anyway...
  4. And as a Skaven player, just have to let the slaves hold 'em til we get the ratling gun in position! I love that you practice on plastic minis DS. Like this paint job is totally unworthy of a pewter mini...
  5. Just a personal hope of mine, but I figured I'd put the idea in someone else's head too... It's occurred to me that a pairing between Reaper Miniatures and the Rezolution skirmish level miniatures game would really be amazing. Reaper obviously has phenomenal distribution and production capabilities, and Aberrent Games has what I consider to be one of the most enjoyable table top games I've ever played. Since you know about Reaper stuff, I'll tell what I know about Rezolution: The world is interesting and "fun". Even though it's a dark future cyberpunk game, it still has a great sense of humor. The system really plays well. It has a single unit activation system that keeps both players involved. When playing you really get a feel for the action. It plays in a much more cinematic way than any other game of its type I've played. It's hard to explain, but it just has a better feel. Almost every game the players end up laughing over the game rather than arguing or taking it too seriously. Anyway, short of it is, Rez is a lot of fun. Reaper makes great models. Think the two together could have one of the best games on the market... Just something to think about...
  6. Guess it has to be Star Wars Ep. 1. I was six when I heard about there possibly someday being a "prequel" to Star Wars, around the same time that Empire Strikes Back came out... So, I was looking forward to it for a while let's say. I seriously thought the opening scenes of Ep. 1 might be some sort of joke at first. After the latest Indiana Jones, I just decided that Lucas was trying to destroy my childhood and every precious memory I had of it. Seems like a lot of effort, and I don't know why he hates me, but I have no other explanation.
  7. For sure they don't sell as well as other things. Reaper continues to put them out though so they must sell to some degree! You can still get a sprue of hats and helmets right? Might as well have heads to go with them! I was just mentioning it in case they hadn't considered it yet...
  8. It occurred to me that the best answer to dealing with the countless number or races that D&D seems to want to make "Official Character Races" might be to just give us a few "Head Packs" that we can make head swaps with. Genasi, Wildlings and Tieflings are pretty much just humans with different heads, so I think it might be a workable product. Just a thought!
  9. Difference being the size. The 25mm bases are identical. But GW doesn't have 20mm or 30mm bases. 20mm is the size of a penny and perfect for basing things like halflings and goblins on. 30mm bases work really well for those models that are just slightly too big for a 25mm. I just based the current line of Reaper Gnolls on the 30mm and they look beautiful. Perfect fit. I base all of my standard models on 25mm round bases because I just like the look it gives the board when I'm playing with them. Makes everything look uniform. The Impact bases allow me to keep that same feel and add a couple more size options. Heh. Maybe more fun for me than most people! My friends think I'm weird for insisting that every model go on a round base but I think they're starting to see what a difference it makes.
  10. Having just spend 45 minutes trying to cut the bases off 3 gnolls I decided to come here and try to make another plea for slotta bases. I see there is already a current thread on the subject so I won't start a new one... Please, please, please get rid of the integral bases! They're awful. Also, there should have been a basing strategy when the plastic pre-paints came out. I've had people refuse to look at them seriously because of the lack of uniform basing. I have a $20/wk D&D mini purchaser who would have snapped up every single Reaper pre-paint and been waiting for more if not for the bases... It's not too late to come up with a new strategy. Making new models that won't stand up on their own is not the answer. I love Reaper models.
  11. I'm one of those people that has to rebase all of my models on a 25mm base just so they all look uniform. What I've found though is that several models are too large or too small for a 25mm... Enter Elf Ball and Impact Miniatures. Finally I have a place to find smaller bases and larger bases for those models that just don't quite work on a 25mm. 30mm bases are everywhere you might say, but the bases that Impact has are actually uniform in appearance to a standard 25mm and don't have the rounded edges that your typical 30mm has. The 20mm are awesome for goblins and halflings... Yay! Check 'em out!
  12. I can say as a business owner that we have to sign dozens of contracts and reading them is trouble enough let alone trying to remember what's going on with each of them. Even just the stuff you have to keep track of outside of business overwhelms me half the time! Just an example, we switched credit card processors several months ago. We signed all sorts of paperwork, talked with multiple people, blah, blah, blah. Six months later we get a bill from our previous processor for over $100. Called them up to find out that we'd never cancelled our service (I seem to recall having asked someone about that specifically, but who knows!) They charged our bank a minimum service fee for a couple of months before we changed banks, then started charging us delinquent charges for not paying them. All this in the midst of changing the location of our entire store! Short of it, there is no way to keep track of all the "obvious" fine print. We process thousands every week, there was no reason to know or remember that there was a minimum service charge, or that we'd get hit with ridiculous late fees for charges we didn't even know we were acruing.
  13. I do enjoy having the guys who come in, walk all around the store, look at everything we have to offer, come back up to the counter where we offered to help them in the first place and ask, "So, where are the video games?" We also have a 5' tall display for the new D&D stuff with a white table covered in D&D supplements and miniatures next to it just inside the door. You "can't" miss it... Less often but more funny are the people who walk in, stand in front of the display, scan the entire room, turn around and ask, "Do you guys have any D&D stuff?"
  14. Hmm... Not sure what you mean there actually. I think this thread was about defending our hobbies from people who don't know a thing about them, not those who actually play! I think there are plenty of annoying people who frequent my store that I wouldn't consider to be losers at all. They just aren't people I want to talk to. Yes there are some strong stereotypes that come in also, but they're far from the average person who frequents my store at least.
  15. Done. Hello, I'm writing because I have to take issue with your mention of the "Dungeons and Dragons Crowd" as an apparent derogatory in recent columns. I happen to own a store that sells Dungeons and Dragons, as well as many other products that you likely frown on. I won't try to sway you towards my perspective on the value of my products or even the store itself for the community, but maybe I can tell you a bit about our clientele. First off, not all of them live in the mother's basement. Actually, virtually none of them do. I can't say none, just none of I know of and I know a good many. I myself moved out at 18 and have managed to be a productive citizen just fine now for 16 years despite having played Dungeons and Dragons since the age of 6. Second, a good number of active duty personel happen to play Dungeons and Dragons as well. We get customers down from the Cheyenne military base on a regular basis and often have customers come in who are on leave while serving in Iraq. I've heard from people about 24 hour D&D games that run constantly on aircraft carriers even. Whatever their political affiliation, I doubt these are the people who your insults are targetted at. Please do not take my writing as an attack on your politics. I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. One of the guys I game with three times a week is as right wing as anyone I know (and happens to be ex-artillery) and I feel no need to talk politics with him. All I am asking is that when you write, you keep in mind that there are real people out there who maybe possess a different perspective on things. You are likely offending what should be your political allies by off-handedly commenting on the value of a hobby that many people enjoy. If all the D&D players you've met live in their mother's basements all I can say is you've met a sad few and should make an effort to meet at least a couple more before you condemn us all.
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