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  1. I've also had success with scaling up/down with Starmada. You have a set of stats for a ship for fleet actions and a set of stats for the same ship for duels. It's usually just a question of increasing damage boxes/output...
  2. That's along the lines of what the BL said they might do: CGL direct to video type of affair. With the DoW intros as a testbed to show it's feasible. Hope the plotline is a little better than, saw, the Assault on Black Reach novella. But if it's not, I'm cool.
  3. I'm a dog fan! Of course, I was raised by Labs. Seriously. One of my Dad's woofes whelped at the same time I was born. He just snuck me in to the litter. I didn't know any better until I was 7....
  4. That was Planetfall, wasn't it?
  5. Is it your Legion of Steel box?
  6. Are you saying those people will convert their GW minis over, or they'll not buy GW product period? I have the same question. I figure GW can live w/o proceeds for the rulesets, but the minis are their bread and butter.... I see, they need another designation.
  7. I agree but would use the word "proprietary" instead of monopolistic. It's semantics but monopolistic indicates that there is no one but GW. There are plenty of other companies, but folks might not like their flavor. As opposed to, say 15mm WWII, where there are dozens of manufacturers for the exact same mini (like a panzer II j, for example).
  8. I bought it. I have to. I own multiple copies of the 1st 2 ed of space hulk and had to get this one. I'm also programmed to pick up copies of Catcher in the Rye whenever I'm in a bookstore, but that's a different issue.
  9. Raven Guard=Ninja I would argue that Vikings are a form of pirate.....
  10. The, um, Stormlordtroopers? "These aren't the droids you're looking for..."
  11. What?!? There Space Vikings for the love of god! Who wouldn't want Space Vikings? Blaring The Immigrant song in the background during games? Wagner? c'mon!
  12. Well, at least we know he's good at it.....
  13. Pls give estimate cost for recycled material and man hours spent, paint cost etc. Also, ho rugged would you describe your landing pad as. I'm not trying to knock it, just want to get the most accurate cost comparison possible.....
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