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  1. It's 1st ed WZ lite on a board. That's the best way I can describe it. Ever play 1st Ed WZ?
  2. And hear the lamentation of his women? Sorry. I think it's of prime important to know whom you're gaming against. Then you don't really need to worry about this sort of thing.
  3. Without being a vet, how does one get into "The Bureacracy?"
  4. "I love life in the Corp! Every meal a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune!" Might be slightly misquoted, sorry...
  5. What are they about now? Corporate Jockeying? Social Status?
  6. What are the odds of getting that in a blister? That'd drive me insane.
  7. You love to ride so ride. "Dangerous" is a matter of opinion. You accept the level of risk you're comfortable with and go with it. I guess if it comes to a question of priorities then sit down and evaluate what's most important. Don't see why riding wouldn't be able to be squeezed in...
  8. My God! I'm not the only one that doesn't really like what Boy Herbert and Mr Battletech have done!
  9. Bah! Free paint! What's there to discuss?
  10. Yes, but they are too small for the stands. My only gripe. Other than that: beautiful!
  11. Would deleted scenes not count as added footage? Or does added footage actually have to be tacked into the film?
  12. Yes, run on the petroleum fuel we'll no longer need for the lawnmowers and cars....
  13. Or poor Canadians getting shot!
  14. Dwarves. That way you don't have to remember which of your opponents minis have toughness....
  15. They serve beer in your theaters?!!!?!?!?! bryan they just opened a theatre here in denton that serves drinks and dinner, cant remember the name off hand it ws the theatre pub or something like that literally opens today. pst....Look 2 posts above this original post
  16. We have a Movie Tavern here in Denton now....
  17. So, you're saying that underwear models will be extinct in the future?
  18. Mine "based" my minis in the litter box. Would that be commentary on my paint job?
  19. Cold Navy is nice! If you're a CAV fan, they use the same method to model the minis.
  20. I'm really more of an Arnise, I think. GAH!!! *burns eyes out*
  21. Mad science type of game. Imagine Frankenstein...
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