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  1. For the Rach, you might want to also attach a Kahn to your Superiority Section (I use a '60 Dictato, '70 Dictator and a Tyrant along with the little guy) maybe with the other guys being some form of Dictator. The Kahn does the scan thingy that helps wizzos of other cavs in his section and the wizzo helps those Dictators run and gun to their hearts content! You'll smash up hard targets left and right! I'm not too impressed with Kharls, but that was probably my fault in fielding them. Know what else is fun with Rach? Mechanized Infantry. Badger+Beserk Heavy Rifle= Good Times! Tactically sound. No, absolutely not. But makes for a great laugh. Back to the superiority section, it might be worthwhile to choose a section that can deal with soft targets to compensate for the 1st section.
  2. And thank you Spartan for some fun games of CAV!
  3. I like Casketworks myself as it is. Definitely can't beat that price!
  4. You win when everyone else but you wants to start a new campaign. pwn3d!
  5. I picked a few of these up. Anyone else? Anything I should know?
  6. Lynch's version 'cause it's pretty!
  7. I love my Krung Beast! He's capable of mauling grunts left and right and your opponent can't ignore him! It's also fun to follow him around with T'Kay and bandage him repeatedly. As above, don't leave him isolated or he will be swarmed....
  8. robertsjf


    Colter's is great! And as far as Mexican my fav is El Matadors and as far as pizza nothing beats J&J's!
  9. I've got Khong-to and T'Kay, 9 breakers, and the Krung beast painted up with 9 archers on the "to-do" list. Man those warriors are pretty!
  10. I hoped it was a link to the plush toys! Anyone have any idea what the Library of America edition entails? I already have all 4 of the hardcover Arkham books. Any new, unearthed bits? Select sections of letters?
  11. Tell me about it. Keen Eddie anyone?
  12. robertsjf

    AICOM Races

    Use super glue. And set aside about 4 hours for assembly. Do you have any unsuspecting friends/kids? Press gang them....
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