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  1. I thought I would add my two cents. This mini is amazing! I mean I could not have asked for a better mini in the exchange. I must thank Jubilee for stepping up to the plate and sending me this. In fact I am kind of glad that my original mini exchange person never sent me a mini. :) Anyway, kudos to Jubilee, you rock Girl!
  2. I recieved my mini from Jubilee and it is sweeeeet! Thanks Jubilee. Wolfers
  3. I sent mine quite some time ago. I am not sufre who the recipient is because I only got his name and not his nickname for the boards here. If it helps it was sent to Japan. Anyway, just wondering if it got there. BTW Spiritual_Ex did you get your package yet? Wolfers
  4. Even though I have my Exchange mini finished, it seems that I never do the amount of painting that I should do. I usually have most of my minis unfinish. However this time I made a promise to myself that I would paint all my armies for Warlord.
  5. Sending out my mini tomorrow. It has a long way to go.
  6. I thought I better say something here as I have been completely silent so far. I am a close friend of Spiritual Exes and been gaming and mini painting for quite a few years. I am a competent painter, but I have alot of improving to do. This is also my first exchange. I am almost finished my exchange fig, and will send it out very soon. Spirtual Ex, got me into playing Warlord and I now have a Dwarf and Overlord Army to paint. Hey Spirit, the minis came in, but guess what, the were missing like half the order, although they sent a Nefsokar Box set, which they said I could keep. Anyway, the rest is on it's way, email me for the details. I used to be a big GW guy, but I find that they have less quality and a higher price now. I solf all my GW stuff to buy my warlord armies and I am not looking back. My son is also a gaming geek now, so we bought him a Reptus Army. Eventually I would like to create my own army list, based on the Werewolves, but I would have to use other minis to round out the Reaper Merc Werewolves. I play a number of games including Warlord, Star Wars Minis, .VS CCG to name a few. Also as of late I have caught a board gaming bug and play games like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Memoir 44. Anyway enough about me, I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hey" to everyone. Wolfers
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