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  1. Does anyone have a picture of Rauthuros, Greater Demon? If so please post. Thanks
  2. I also like the non-human races to have the same look/feel to them. It seems disjointed to me most of the time when different sculturs. The Factions also look better when they have one scultor do the line. I know this can make running a business harder but I'm talking from a consumers perspective.
  3. I was looking to use a tournament prize gift certificate. Otherwise good ideas.
  4. I could not find the Reaper Carrying Case in the store. I could however find 'Accessory for the Reaper Carrying Case' Is the case going to be back? Thank you, EW
  5. The horrid is great but he is a second rate caster with a 6 cp and his cost does not make up for it. I would rather have Fatima (and a 7 cp) and a prophet for 25 points less. Twice the healing power for less cost and Fatima's offensive spell are better than the warlords. I work with a heavy Avatar-Tomb Guard Punch and need healers to keep it rolling. I ussually have at least 2-3 clerics in my armies. If I need a warlord I use Khufu... he is awesome. It seems to work well for me.
  6. I like Sokars Prescence on Ammat with a full compliment of Tomb Guard aroung her.
  7. I agree with number 3-5. I never go to war without a full unit of tomb guard and at least 2 avatars. These are the best Nefsokar has. I never field the archers because they are too inacurate for my taste. Here are a few that are my core unit picks and unpicks. I do not advise Disciples Herdman Rangers As Dr. Ripley said all the undead leaders are awesome (except for the cleric Warlord). Tombguard Avatars (at least 2) Ammat Fatima
  8. That's what I thought but it is not working for me... I even updated the file. Would you please check and see that it is working for you? If it is then I will contact AB. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know how to select the Totem? I cannot find it. Thanks
  10. This is not a true rear side though and not subject to any weakness. Thus even if nominated as a "rear base side" it is only so for reach support.
  11. Its entire base (all sides) is considered front side. Therefore it can defensive strike to all sides.
  12. I was looking to possibly get Fiara, Female Elf Breaker but I'm wondering about her stats. She is not on Warlord HQ,,, unless she a traito and working for someone else durring this perilous time. Thanks, EW
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