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  1. Does anyone have a picture of Rauthuros, Greater Demon? If so please post. Thanks
  2. I also like the non-human races to have the same look/feel to them. It seems disjointed to me most of the time when different sculturs. The Factions also look better when they have one scultor do the line. I know this can make running a business harder but I'm talking from a consumers perspective.
  3. I was looking to use a tournament prize gift certificate. Otherwise good ideas.
  4. I could not find the Reaper Carrying Case in the store. I could however find 'Accessory for the Reaper Carrying Case' Is the case going to be back? Thank you, EW
  5. The horrid is great but he is a second rate caster with a 6 cp and his cost does not make up for it. I would rather have Fatima (and a 7 cp) and a prophet for 25 points less. Twice the healing power for less cost and Fatima's offensive spell are better than the warlords. I work with a heavy Avatar-Tomb Guard Punch and need healers to keep it rolling. I ussually have at least 2-3 clerics in my armies. If I need a warlord I use Khufu... he is awesome. It seems to work well for me.
  6. I like Sokars Prescence on Ammat with a full compliment of Tomb Guard aroung her.
  7. I agree with number 3-5. I never go to war without a full unit of tomb guard and at least 2 avatars. These are the best Nefsokar has. I never field the archers because they are too inacurate for my taste. Here are a few that are my core unit picks and unpicks. I do not advise Disciples Herdman Rangers As Dr. Ripley said all the undead leaders are awesome (except for the cleric Warlord). Tombguard Avatars (at least 2) Ammat Fatima
  8. That's what I thought but it is not working for me... I even updated the file. Would you please check and see that it is working for you? If it is then I will contact AB. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know how to select the Totem? I cannot find it. Thanks
  10. This is not a true rear side though and not subject to any weakness. Thus even if nominated as a "rear base side" it is only so for reach support.
  11. Its entire base (all sides) is considered front side. Therefore it can defensive strike to all sides.
  12. I was looking to possibly get Fiara, Female Elf Breaker but I'm wondering about her stats. She is not on Warlord HQ,,, unless she a traito and working for someone else durring this perilous time. Thanks, EW
  13. They are good but the problem is that the other force most likely will have more units/activation cards than you and with the 18: range they are vulnerable. I would wait to activate my unit closest to the archers. After they activate I will run them towards the archers. On the next turn I will probably go first and remove the archers from play or severly wound them. Other than this they are good. Tracy
  14. Never use it. It is next to useless, unfortunate as it is.
  15. When I played Ravenwolf I would have won if I understood the modified tournament rules better. I Left one model that was half down and attacked another and put it half down. I thought that counted as dead but it was more than half so I lost the game. It was around a 35 point loss and it would have been about a 95 point win. Ravenwolf could probably tell you better. It is not unbeatable but it is harsh. I believe there needs to be a small drawback to the GF Aysa combo but nothing harsh.
  16. I'm with Rich. If they meant non-corp. to be able to move through enemy models than there needs to be errata for Non-corporeal to make it so.
  17. Shadowmage has a soccer game at 2:30 and I have to take him there so I unfortunately we will not be there hopefully next time.
  18. Here is a 1501 list. 1 Senet Net'merew @ 329 Pts 1 Greater Magic Armor @ [30] Pts 1 Sokar's Avenger @ [75] Pts 1 Divine Favor @ [10] Pts 1 Ibrahim @ 230 Pts 1 Greater Magic Armor @ [30] Pts 1 Moderate Magic Weapon @ [30] Pts 2 Khamsin Raiders @ 98 Pts 2 Khamsin Lancers @ 140 Pts Anwar (8#, 223 Pts) 1 Anwar @ 82 Pts 3 Khamsin Mounted Archers @ 141 Pts Tariq (4#, 221 Pts) 1 Tariq @ 56 Pts 1 Fatima, Prophetess @ 116 Pts 1 Spell - Bandage @ [10] Pts 1 Spell - Bandage @ [10] Pts 1 Spell - Bandage @ [10] Pts 1 Spell - Bandage @ [10] Pts 1 Khamsin Raiders @ 49 Pts Sokar's Avatar (1#, 260 Pts) 1 Sokar's Avatar @ 260 Pts 1 Sokar's Presence @ [50] Pts Total Company Cost: 1501
  19. Or at least take an automatic shaken token and then the shock/beast models some sort of target to use their abilities . These options would further complicate the rules which I believe is against the RAGE concept. If you play freelance can you mix and match the leaders and troop factions? I just looked it up and it doesn't matter so... why would it matter if it is not a freelance company?
  20. Since the Merc 25% rule stats that they must be led by a merc., then I would rule that only a merc. could lead them.
  21. Making you spells count and counting them as a loss are two different things! I agree that they should not count against you unless you lose the caster but that does not mean that is how you should score your tounaments. If my caster dies w/o castimg the spell or if I cast them and the caster lives makes no difference other than the cost of the caster. This seems like a double wammy vs mages. In this format I only field clerics because it is hard to make mages PAY for themselves. I'm fine playing this way as long as I know ahead of time.
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