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    I enjoy playing games of all kinds. Computer, board, and card games are all fun. One of the best card games around has to be the Munchkin series. For anyone that has done roleplaying and played that game, you know what I'm talkin' about. :)

    I enjoy reading books a lot as well. I've read countless science fiction and fantasy novels. My latest craze is the wave of historical fiction that has been hitting the shelves. Books like The Da Vinci Code and Decipher hold my attention. Just enough fact to make it believable but yet not a text book to make me lose interest. Plus, just enough stuff to allow me to torture my friends for a while. :D

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  1. I shall find a way to defeat your stupid Vampires once and for all! Oh yes, I will!
  2. You are quite welcome! We got together last night and were still talking about this game as well as next week's forthcoming match. Hopefully the Sisters winning was just a fluke thing and my factions can run the rest of the table. Wild Bill
  3. Hahaha!! You had no Luck Stones last night. I could tell it bugged you. No arguments the Sisters were a formidable bunch of lasses. They shall not stand tall after getting chopped off at the knees by the world class Dwarves. Wild Bill
  4. While you did have 15 archers, you only had them in bunches of 5. So, if you moved to shoot the Spirit, you would have needed 10s to hit, and then you would have needed 3 out of 5 to roll a 10 to do one wound. If you were able to focus, you would only need 9s. Still need 3 of them. The Sisters definitely have a lot of scariness going on. One thing in my favor with the Dwarves over the Reptus is I have more troops and more models. I'm hoping that translates into a victory for the Dwarves! Wild Bill
  5. Back when we determined the tournament bracket, and then reviewed the lists we had created for each faction, I was EXTREMELY worried about this battle. Warwick throwing down with 15 archers was not a fun proposition to face. I honestly believed that I would lose this battle, despite having the Stone Spirit and Griffon. Anyways, here is my list: Freya Fangbreaker 4 Shieldmaidens 3 Warriors 1 Piercer Griffon Fulumbar Ironhammer 4 Berserkers 4 Mancatchers 1 Piercer Stone Spirit Luck Stone Totals: 999 Points, 4 Troops, 21 Models, 0 Tacticians, 0 Spies, Giant Slayer Doctrine Once Warwick landed those pesky eagles on the ground, my ground troops were thankfully able to make short work of them thanks to the Giant Slayer Doctrine. The eagles still got their licks in, but it could have easily been much more devastating. Speaking of devastating, those frickin' archers were insane last night. WOW. It felt like he almost never missed, except against Freya. She was shot at by at least 20 shots, and was in four rounds of melee combat and yet, despite all of that, she managed to survive to the end of the game with ZERO wounds. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! I just pictured that she was one of the Spartans from "300" knocking all of the arrows out of her shield at the end of each turn. Because this is a tournament, and not a friendly game where we go to "last man standing", I had to think about conserving what few models I had left and run and hide. I despise doing that, but if I didn't, those stupid archers would have mowed me down. Yes, there was a chance my Griffon, Freya and Stone Spirit could have could killed enough archers that remained (there were 7!!!!) to make it more of a lopside victory for me. But there was also a chance he finally took down both Freya and the Griffon. My lone remaining Mancatcher was too far away to be useful so he was hiding behind a nice cushy stone pillar. At the end of the game, I had an unhurt Stone Spirit, Freya and Mancatcher. My Griffon had 2 wounds on it. Out of the 21 models in my list, 11 have Tough/x. 9 of those models had the opportunity of a lifetime to make those checks and stick around to join the last of my troops in Valhalla. But no, they declined the opportunity and instead were sent to Hel. Stupid failed Tough checks. Warwick failed everyone one of his Tough checks as well. That was amazing. He had 5 of his 6 models with Tough make checks and all fail. The next round for the Dwarves will be against the Sisters. They have less quantity of shooting, but better quality. And they have that stupid Angel with like Regen/8. Ugh. But, we are long ways from that battle. Next week I field the dusty horde of Nefsokar against the self-righteous fury of the Crusaders. Only time will tell if the dust will choke those do-gooders to death!! Wild Bill
  6. I couldn't agree with your more, Nameless! LOL! Warwick and I have talked about the game at length. There were multiple opportunities on both sides for the game to go either way. Yes, Warwick won but it could have easily been a slaughter in his favor. A couple of dice rolls in my favor and I win...barely. But hey, a squeaker of a win is a win. Inarah, we didn't take any pictures of the game. As extensive as our collections are, unfortunately, we don't own models that fully represent each faction. We were heavy on the proxies and will be each game. I'm sorry. That's why after each game we will attempt to provide as detailed of a battle report as we can. Wild Bill
  7. Yeah, well, there are plenty of days I don't feel that way. Wild Bill.
  8. Oh my. Talk about thread resurrection. Yikes. I haven't thought about or even looked at this in years. jdripley was my partner in crime in making this campaign. I would have to read, reread and read again the campaign rules for a hope and a prayer of remembering why we did what we did. LOL! I hope you are able to come to sort of agreement with your players-in-crime and move forward and have a good time playing. Wild Bill
  9. Wednesday (the day of my birthday) was filled with lots of mourning. My youth had officially died. I am now old. I am 40 years old now. Sigh. Even better was that I got to celebrate my birthday by working a 12 hour shift unexpectedly. Woot woot!! LOL! Thankfully I get overtime but still... Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it! Wild Bill
  10. Yes, I did make some Tough checks but obviously not near enough. And I whiffed on just enough attacks that it came back to haunt me. The Turtle not killing the Angel on turn 2. That lone Striker taking like 3 full turns to dispatch a duelist. Nai-Khanon not even wounding Volandria when he initially charged her. I had plenty of chances to win that battle other than those and my dice just failed me. Warwick was brutally effective with those archers. I am looking forward to our next game. My hope is that Warwick's inexperience with the Elves vs my having played the Dwarves once or twice before works to my advantage. Wild Bill
  11. Tonight was the night for the first battle of the Best of the Best Tournament! Warwick and I kicked things off with the first of what will (hopefully) be 8 epic matches. Tonight's match featured my Reptus vs Warwick's Sisters. I might have played the Reptus once in Warlord 2.0 (might), and Warwick had never played the Sisters. (We will run into that a lot.) I will run down what my list was first. Khong-To + Troll Hide + Sword of Feeding Nai-Khanon + Dragon Claw Ra'am T'Kay 3 Reptus Warriors 7 Reptus Longstrikers Musician Standard Dragon Turtle Luck Stone Totals: 1,000 Points, 2 Troops, 15 Models, 1 Tactician, 0 Spies I had designed the army with the Jade Doctrine in mind, plus Khong-To's Warlord Ability. Warwick will have to chime in with his exact list because I don't remember full names and quantities, but it goes something like this: Samantha + Armor of Mettle 5 or 6 Shadow Sisters Musician Standard Angel solo Shooter Captain Two elite shooters 4 Bow sisters Horse rider solo Cheap sgt 4 Duelists I'm not sure on the point total, but he had 5 troops plus one Tactician and no spies. Oh, and he took the doctrine that gave him a bucket load of luck tokens with the ability to gain more. Deployment actually saw me deploy both of my troops in the first three card flips. That was horrible. Turn 1 saw Warwick activate first. He moves his shooter unit into position and promptly took potshots at my Long Strikers. And what pot shots they were. He killed one Long Striker and wounded my Standard. Wow. I haven't even activated yet. Brutal. He then activated two more units and started maneuvering around the terrain. Then I activated the Dragon Turtle and ran it up. Then he activated a fourth unit. Then I activated Khong-To and started racing them across the field attempting to hide from the shooters as best as I could. Then he activated the angel and flew it near the middle of everyone. On Turn 2 we both elected to throw in our Tactician cards. I need to drop the odds from 2.5-1 to only 2-1. Still not great, but better than nothing. Of course Warwick went first and elected to shoot some more. He moved his shooter unit around and managed to wound Nai-Khanon and kill another Long Striker. Then the horse solo went and raced forward to shoot T'Kay and landed a wound. Ouch. Then the angle added insult to injury by being a big ol' huge weenie and landed to attack T'Kay. Really, angel? T'Kay? Weenie. :P LOL! Anyways, of course the angel made mince meat of T'Kay and I was the big ol' whiffville. Then it was my turn and so I activated the Dragon Turtle. It was time for some kaiju action! He charged that evil big meanie angel...and this is the point at which I lost the game (looking back. I obviously didn't know that then.). I only needed something small like a 4 to hit and only hit twice. Ouch. The angel lived and did 2 wounds in return. Then the duelists activated and charged a couple of Long Strikers. I believe it was one duelist and the sgt. The sgt killed his Striker and my second one whiffed like a big dog against the duelist. But of course. Finally Khong-To's unit activates. I charge all over the board. Nai-Khanon charges both the horse solo and a bow sister. My musician charges the same bow sister. I have 2 Strikers and a Warrior charger a bow sister (haha! Take that, evil doer!). Ra'am chargerd the duelist sgt. I believe Khong-To had been charged by a duelist so he attacked it with extreme prejudice. LOL! My 2 Strikers and Warrior make short work of the bow sister with no wounds in return. Score! Then Nai-Khanon spends two attacks on the horse solo. He needs 3 to hit and 6 to cleave...and whiffs twice. Sigh. He hits the bow sister as does the musician. But he takes 2 wounds for his troubles. Grumble grumble. Ra'am easily dispatches the sgt but takes 2 wounds as well. Grumble grumble. Khong-To eats his duelist as a snack. LOL! Then Warwick activates Samantha's unit and they charge against the 2 Strikes and 1 Warrior. Both strikers end up dead and the Warrior has one wound. I believe I managed to kill off one shadow sister. Not a good trade for Wild Bill. That marked the end of Turn 2. On Turn 3, Warwick went first again (shock! gasp!) and promptly activated the angle. Regeneration/6...what a crock. Of course he makes that roll and now has 3 wounds. Then he makes his DIS check to disengage from melee combat and flies away. Again, weenie! :P I believe I activate next, so I go with Khong-To's unit. My musician charges that horse solo to help out. Ra'am runs around to take on a bow sister, leaving the Striker to kill the duelist. My one warrior is valiantly taking on Samantha's troop. My other two warriors are engaged with the remaining two bow sisters. Khong-To hangs out cleaning the duelist out of his teeth...for now. The warrior against a shadow sister is of course killed without dishing out any pain. Stupid warrior. The othe two warriors make short work of their bow sisters. Nai-Khanon finally takes out the horse solo. Ra'am dispatches his bow sister. And of course my Striker does one wound to the duelist, but takes one wound in return. Sigh. Khong-To then moves twice into a better position for Turn 4 and Nai-Khanon rushes towards the remaining shooters near him. He might have 3 wounds at this time. I'm not sure. Warwick might remember. I want to say I activate my Dragon Turtle next and move it towards Samantha's unit, hiding behind a building in an attempt to avoid being shot. Whoops. Warwick then activates his remaining shooters, which are the leader and two elites. One elite manages to maneuver to shoot the Turtle and the othe two shoot Nai-Khanon. Nai gets shot enough to force a tough check...and succeeds! HAHA! And the Turtle takes TWO wounds!?!? WTH?!? Wow. That was harsh. Samantha's unit then activates and start to move into position to attack the Turtle in mass. Then the last remaining duelist activates and hits my Striker for another wound and guess what? I whiff again! Grrr...stupid Striker. I believe that was the end of Turn 3. On Turn 4, surprise surprise Warwick goes first again. Samantha's unit activates. She and 3 shadow sisters swarm the Turtle while the last shadow sister charges Khong-To. That sister stands and does nothing. The Turtle of course took 2 wounds and attacked Samantha. She already had one wound (I don't remember how, Striker at some point I think) and the Turtle only hit once. Sigh. But wait...the Turtle gets a Tough check. And holy crap on a stick, he passed!! Woo hoo! I am a little fuzzy as to the exact sequence of events, so please excuse me. Hopefully Warwick remembers better. The rest of the turn saw Nai-Khanon get killed again and I failed his Tough check. The duelist and Striker finally killed each other. The Turtle activated, killed Samantha who failed her Tough check, killed a shadow sister and then failed his Tough check. Dang. No more Turtle. The angel actually failed its regen check. By the end of the turn, I had an unhurt Khong-To in b2b with a shadow sister. That was it. Warwick had said shadow sister plus the two standing around the Turtle's corpse, the angel and one of the elites from the shooter unit. At this point the angel was on the ground. On Turn 5, in order to stay consistent, Warwick went first yet again. LOL! He promptly regen'd one wound on the angel and flew up into the air like the big weenie it is. :P Then it was my turn. Khong-To destroyed the shadow sister but actually took two wounds. And then that was it. None of Warwick's remaining models were in position to do anything. So we added up points. Khong-To was 197 points. Warwick's remaining models added up to 247. That one elite was 50 points. If that was gone, a tie. Wow. Or if the Turtle had killed the angel in Turn 2, it would have a victory for the Reptus. It was a SUPER close game. By the end of Turn 2, I thought the Sisters were just going to steam roll me at that point. Going into Turn 4, there was a glimmer of hope I could pull it off. But alas, the Sisters pulled it out in Game 1. What a blast that game was. And super intense!! We were both white knuckling it during Turn 4. That was the critical turn. I am super stoked to play Game 2 now, Dwarves vs Elves!! Wild Bill
  12. I wish we were playing a game up at Recruits. That would be awesome! But the wife will be traveling that weekend so I'll be stuck here. And scared of orcs. Push leez! We just don't enjoy fielding smelly nasty critters. Wild Bill
  13. I apologize to everyone about the confusion related to the Reven instead of stating the Reptus. Human, I love your predictions. We'll eventually see how they play out! Wild Bill
  14. Last night Warwick and I got together to perform all of the pre-tournament duties. First up was to review all 16 army lists that we created. As each one ticked off, wow, some of them are going to be really bass tards to face. We were also checking each list to ensure one of us didn't accidentally take 40 point soldier models with a 25 point sergeant. That sort of thing. Thankfully, none of those problems existed so we could "oooo" and "ahhhh" appropriately over all of the lists. Then we decided that we do a random draw to determine who plays who in the first round. We also decided that each match up would be one of my factions versus one of his factions. After that, it did not matter. Back when we started this, we took turns delcaring which faction was ours until we both had 8 factions each. So, we took those factions in declared order and assigned a playing card to each one. For example, my first faction chosen was Dwarves so they were given the Ace. Then the section was Kargir and they were a 2. And so on and so forth. Let me tell you what, the matchups that were randomly drawn this way were epic. Qwik, we did not choose either the Reven or the Tembrethil so there were no worries about them being paired on the same sides. However, we decided that we were just going to let the chips fall where they may. We structured our bracket like one of those March Madness college basketball brackets. 8 teams on each side of the bracket, working their way towards the middel. Since I can't recreate it here, I will attempt to just tell you what is up. On the left side of the bracket, we have the following match-ups, in order, from top to bottom. The winner of the first match listed faces the winner of the second match listed. The winner of the third match faces the winner of the fourth. Then those two respective winners face off to see who goes into the finals. The right hand side of the bracket operates the same way. Hopefully that made sense to everyone. Left side: Match-up #1: Reven vs Sisters Match-up #2: Dwarves vs Elves Match-up #3: Nefsokar vs Crusaders Match-up #4: Icingstead vs Korbolas Here is the right side of the bracket. Right side: Match-up #1: Razig vs Overlords Match-up #2: Kragmarr vs Necropolis Match-up #3: Darkspawn vs Darkreach Match-up #4: Kargir vs Mercs Of course, being a March Madness style bracket, we sat there and independently chose who thought would win each match and ultimately make ito the finals and then who was the ultimate champion. Obviously with the first 8 matches there were some duplicate choics. There were also some surprises from both of us. And there were even bigger surprises as to who we chose as our picks for the final 2 and the ultimate winners. And no, none of our choices matched. And no, we will not tell what they were. This is all we will tell you. We will not show you any of the army lists that we have chosen until the battle report that we will post following the battle. But still...you all know these factions. What are your odds on favorites based upon what you know of the factions and our playstyles etc? But, remember, sometimes the Dice Gawds enjoy toying with us. So we may have the most epic of all epic armies designed for your faction of choice but if I can't roll above a 3 that night, they will lose. But that is why we are playing this tournament! Wild Bill
  15. Haha! Tonight is the night! Warwick and I will spend time reviewing each other's lists to ensure we didn't accidentally make them illegal. That would be horrible to find that out in like Round 3 or something. Plus it will provide us an opportunity to explain the thoughts behind the creation as it relates to the relavent Faction Doctrine. Then we will fill out our 16 faction bracket to determine who plays who. This is going to be epic!! Wild Bill
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