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    I enjoy playing games of all kinds. Computer, board, and card games are all fun. One of the best card games around has to be the Munchkin series. For anyone that has done roleplaying and played that game, you know what I'm talkin' about. :)

    I enjoy reading books a lot as well. I've read countless science fiction and fantasy novels. My latest craze is the wave of historical fiction that has been hitting the shelves. Books like The Da Vinci Code and Decipher hold my attention. Just enough fact to make it believable but yet not a text book to make me lose interest. Plus, just enough stuff to allow me to torture my friends for a while. :D

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  1. I shall find a way to defeat your stupid Vampires once and for all! Oh yes, I will!
  2. You are quite welcome! We got together last night and were still talking about this game as well as next week's forthcoming match. Hopefully the Sisters winning was just a fluke thing and my factions can run the rest of the table. Wild Bill
  3. Hahaha!! You had no Luck Stones last night. I could tell it bugged you. No arguments the Sisters were a formidable bunch of lasses. They shall not stand tall after getting chopped off at the knees by the world class Dwarves. Wild Bill
  4. While you did have 15 archers, you only had them in bunches of 5. So, if you moved to shoot the Spirit, you would have needed 10s to hit, and then you would have needed 3 out of 5 to roll a 10 to do one wound. If you were able to focus, you would only need 9s. Still need 3 of them. The Sisters definitely have a lot of scariness going on. One thing in my favor with the Dwarves over the Reptus is I have more troops and more models. I'm hoping that translates into a victory for the Dwarves! Wild Bill
  5. Back when we determined the tournament bracket, and then reviewed the lists we had created for each faction, I was EXTREMELY worried about this battle. Warwick throwing down with 15 archers was not a fun proposition to face. I honestly believed that I would lose this battle, despite having the Stone Spirit and Griffon. Anyways, here is my list: Freya Fangbreaker 4 Shieldmaidens 3 Warriors 1 Piercer Griffon Fulumbar Ironhammer 4 Berserkers 4 Mancatchers 1 Piercer Stone Spirit Luck Stone Totals: 999 Points, 4 Troops, 21 Models, 0 Tacticians, 0 Spies, Giant Slayer Do
  6. I couldn't agree with your more, Nameless! LOL! Warwick and I have talked about the game at length. There were multiple opportunities on both sides for the game to go either way. Yes, Warwick won but it could have easily been a slaughter in his favor. A couple of dice rolls in my favor and I win...barely. But hey, a squeaker of a win is a win. Inarah, we didn't take any pictures of the game. As extensive as our collections are, unfortunately, we don't own models that fully represent each faction. We were heavy on the proxies and will be each game. I'm sorry. That's why after each g
  7. Yeah, well, there are plenty of days I don't feel that way. Wild Bill.
  8. Oh my. Talk about thread resurrection. Yikes. I haven't thought about or even looked at this in years. jdripley was my partner in crime in making this campaign. I would have to read, reread and read again the campaign rules for a hope and a prayer of remembering why we did what we did. LOL! I hope you are able to come to sort of agreement with your players-in-crime and move forward and have a good time playing. Wild Bill
  9. Wednesday (the day of my birthday) was filled with lots of mourning. My youth had officially died. I am now old. I am 40 years old now. Sigh. Even better was that I got to celebrate my birthday by working a 12 hour shift unexpectedly. Woot woot!! LOL! Thankfully I get overtime but still... Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it! Wild Bill
  10. Yes, I did make some Tough checks but obviously not near enough. And I whiffed on just enough attacks that it came back to haunt me. The Turtle not killing the Angel on turn 2. That lone Striker taking like 3 full turns to dispatch a duelist. Nai-Khanon not even wounding Volandria when he initially charged her. I had plenty of chances to win that battle other than those and my dice just failed me. Warwick was brutally effective with those archers. I am looking forward to our next game. My hope is that Warwick's inexperience with the Elves vs my having played the Dwarves once or twice befor
  11. Tonight was the night for the first battle of the Best of the Best Tournament! Warwick and I kicked things off with the first of what will (hopefully) be 8 epic matches. Tonight's match featured my Reptus vs Warwick's Sisters. I might have played the Reptus once in Warlord 2.0 (might), and Warwick had never played the Sisters. (We will run into that a lot.) I will run down what my list was first. Khong-To + Troll Hide + Sword of Feeding Nai-Khanon + Dragon Claw Ra'am T'Kay 3 Reptus Warriors 7 Reptus Longstrikers Musician Standard Dragon Turtle Luck Stone Totals: 1,000 Po
  12. I wish we were playing a game up at Recruits. That would be awesome! But the wife will be traveling that weekend so I'll be stuck here. And scared of orcs. Push leez! We just don't enjoy fielding smelly nasty critters. Wild Bill
  13. I apologize to everyone about the confusion related to the Reven instead of stating the Reptus. Human, I love your predictions. We'll eventually see how they play out! Wild Bill
  14. Last night Warwick and I got together to perform all of the pre-tournament duties. First up was to review all 16 army lists that we created. As each one ticked off, wow, some of them are going to be really bass tards to face. We were also checking each list to ensure one of us didn't accidentally take 40 point soldier models with a 25 point sergeant. That sort of thing. Thankfully, none of those problems existed so we could "oooo" and "ahhhh" appropriately over all of the lists. Then we decided that we do a random draw to determine who plays who in the first round. We also decided
  15. Haha! Tonight is the night! Warwick and I will spend time reviewing each other's lists to ensure we didn't accidentally make them illegal. That would be horrible to find that out in like Round 3 or something. Plus it will provide us an opportunity to explain the thoughts behind the creation as it relates to the relavent Faction Doctrine. Then we will fill out our 16 faction bracket to determine who plays who. This is going to be epic!! Wild Bill
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