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  1. **Tap tap tap!!** Hello!! Is this thing on? **Tap tap tap!!**
  2. That was my bad. I accidentally missed that part of your post. I'll keep watch and finish smiting the walking unsmitten.
  3. Have all of the evil creatures that needed smiting been properly smitten?
  4. I totally spaced telling you guys this, but at 11 AM (Central time) I will headed out of the office to attend a conference the rest of the week in Las Vegas. Rough, I know. So, should anything magical happen in the campaign while I am gone, Haldir, please do your thing and run Shad for me. I hope to get back online over this weekend to review any happenings. If not, it will definitely be on Monday. Take care!
  5. Shad moves towards the closest zombie. He swings his short sword, hoping to take it out quickly before the zombie decides to come out of its stupor and attack. YES! I finally roll worth a crap! I rolled a 14, add in the +4, and I get a 18. And I rolled a 5 for damage! Woo hoo!
  6. "Quick! Someone chase down the 3 that have escaped through the door into the other room! I'll hold off any remaining zombies here as long as I can and buy you time."
  7. WB rushes into his game room, late last night. He grabs his D20, hoping to dispatch this zombie quickly so he can send Shad after those pesky 3 zombies trying to escape. WB rolls the die, and holy crap on a stick, there it is: a 16! Woot!! WB quickly grabs his D6 so he can cut this sucker in half. WB rolls, and shock of the century, rolls a 1. Sigh. Can't win for losin' sometimes.
  8. Here is my last post for the week. Remember, I head out of town tomorrow and most likely won't be checking on this tonight. So, Haldir, you have the reigns. I have no dice handy, so I will dictate what I would like to do and let you take it from there. Seeing the band of three ragtag zombies trying to desparately shuffle out of the door, Shad tries to hurriedly finish off this particularly nasty zombie that just won't die...again! (This is making the assumption it is still standing before me.) Once this zombie is properly vanquished, Shad is going to dash after the 3 escaping zombies and attempt to destroy them...or at least hold them off long enough until help can arrive! **Cue Twilight Zone music**
  9. I am getting the impression that #s 7-9 are moving OUT of the room we are currently in, correct? Or am I completely turned around and they are moving INTO the room to engage us? WB be confoosed. Seeing the zombie's arm flop around like a fish on the bottom of a boat, Shad decides that maybe aiming to lop its head off may not be the wisest course of action. Shad is just going to try and hit the cursed thing, hoping against hope to just inflict so much damage that it can't rise again to hurt him! Shad rolls a mighty 11 on a d20 (Sigh. Flippin' pathetic.) and a 3 on a d6. (Maybe I need Spike to roll for me. I swear she never misses. )
  10. Once again, this is a friendly heads-up about this coming weekend. I am headed to a suburb of Kansas City to attend a game convention called Recruits. Any of you near Lee's Summit, MO you might look it up. I'll be there all weekend. I know that Inarah and her husband are typically there (see you this weekend! ). I'll be leaving Tulsa on Friday with my buddies, and we'll be returning Sunday afternoon/evening. So, after Thursday this week I will be gone and unavailable for any follow-up on the game. Haldir, should there be something going on, like the zombies are still attacking us, then I will leave Shad in your capable hands. Otherwise, I will pick it up again that following Monday. Until then, it's zombie killin' time.
  11. We have only played that game a couple of times and found that the more beer you drink, the funnier the game becomes. Otherwise, it is just an ok game. I have played just about every type of game out there at some point in time, and owned a good chunk of them. But, as I have gotten older, I have found board games (and the card game equivalents) to be entirely predictable. Last night, we played Kingdom Come for the first time. We read the rules, and I'm like "This is Carcassonne". Yup, it was basically Carcassonne-lite. Yawn. Descent 2. Super Dungeon Explore. Any game like it. Play through it once, and then yawn. I am more interested in playing a game that requires you to go through some sort of pre-game process, like your standard miniature game. You have to spend hours working up army lists, trying to come up with that perfect list to counter what you think your opponent is going to field, only to be foiled because he took something completely different. Then you do it again, each time being different. A CCG like Magic is very similar to this, but that scene is way too costly to maintain a presence in. Anyways, while I will still continue to play a board game every once in a while, I prefer miniature games first. Wild Bill
  12. Huh. I don't remember this happening. Maybe it's because Dwarves always rule over Necropolis.
  13. In agony, Shad drops his torch after having his chest flayed open like a Thanksgiving turkey. Grimacing with pain, holding one hand against his chest, Shad swings at Zombie #2 with his short sword. I roll a 10 to hit. Sheesh. You would think I was actually hurt in real life or something! LOL! And of course I roll a whopping 2 on a d6 for damage. Sigh.
  14. Just in case people start playing catch up, and you get to round 2 of combat, Shad is going to attack whatever zombie is closest to him with his short sword. Haldir, I'll let you have the honors of running Shad until I return to see what has happened on Tuesday. I promise you can't roll any worse than I typically do.
  15. I'm sure something could be arranged between the two of us. If nytflyr picks the weekend correctly, there will most likely not be much going on in Oklahoma to interfere. There are a couple of regional cons that are within fairly easy driving distance, but nytflyr, his wife, myself and Warwick are about the only Tulsans to regularly attend those. I'm sure that he will be able to count on Warwick and myself (plus his regular gaming buds) to help out where we can. We don't have anything remotely resembling a gaming con in Tulsa, and it would sure be nice to have something! Oklahoma City has SoonerCon in June, and it is ok for gaming. But, it tends to be very heavily weighted towards rpg's (I think ).
  16. Just to let everyone know, Friday night after work I am headed out of town for Labor Day weekend. I won't be returning until sometime Monday afternoon/evening. Assuming there is any playing going on, I will attempt to get caught up on Tuesday/Wednesday that week!
  17. I apologize!! That was my fault! This weekend was my birthday, so I was appropriately distracted. Since I am not sure on exactly where all of the zombies are in relation to Shad, Shad will swing his short sword at the closest zombie, hoping to cut it's head off. On a d20, I rolled a 14.
  18. Assuming I am not otherwise preoccupied, I'm in and I'll do my best to drag the rest of my gaming buddies along for the ride too.
  19. Their artists will be shackled to the machines in the back busily cranking out BONES for all of the Kickstarter orders.
  20. I will wait for the zombie to shuffle closer to the middle of the room then before trying to circle around behind it. Once I am able to do that, and can determine that there are no zombie friends lurking in wait, then I will start hacking its head off.
  21. Shad breaks out in the classic anti-zombie moves of "The Thriller" dance. If the zombie appears to be fixated on person in the group other than myself, then I will attempt to circle around behind it and lop its head off, all the while keeping an eye for any zombie buddies.
  22. Another d6 wargame? No thanks. I'll pass.
  23. What is The Hobbit without Smaug?!? That was like central to the story line. I'm not keen on Jackson introducing random new elves and then having them in some love triangle. Who gives a crap?!?
  24. "Didn't we get a key or two from that ogre? What happened to them?"
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