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  1. I have faced Elves numerous times. I don't think they're wussy. They're shooting is uber-tough!! Of course, at 44 points a model it better be!! The only reason I have won games is because I have at least double the models and run as fast as I possibly can across the field to engage. In hand-to-hand, they aren't very good. Well, the archers anyways. The breakers are tough. I'm just waiting for army books to come out (hopefully!). Wild Bill
  2. Maybe the leader has a DIS of 9, while the regular troops are a 4? I don't have the book here with me at work. In fact, I'm sure my boss would be happy if I was doing work instead, but too bad! Wild Bill
  3. Ahh...ok. That makes more sense. Since I don't have the book in front of me (work and all that), I was just looking at the numbers. That's a mercenary army, right? There is a gentleman in my area that plays with Lupines and they never seem to do well. Granted, he doesn't take a mage normally. It seems like inevitably he'll either get shot to death or taken down in hand-to-hand, either because he rolls poorly or the opponent doesn't miss. But, it's still an interesting plan. Are you planning on bringing that to Reapercon in May? I need to look into getting time off of work so I can go... Wild Bill
  4. I'm not a big fan of having such a small army. While I will admit those guys are undoubtedly tough, if I field (at least attempt to) my full complement of 20 models (with one captain and a sgt) I think that they will overrun an army of 8. I've done it before by outnumbering my opponents. Magic isn't all powerful like it is in Warhammer. I'm sure that when the army books start coming out, that will change, but right now, I'll take my 20 man army against your 8. If you win, I'll be the first one to shake your hand in congratulations and have a smile on my face as well. Wild Bill
  5. I know I've played several 750 point battles using Dwarves. I had 4 troops, fielding a total of 28 models. I had one captain and three sgts. No upgrades to any of them. I had piercers, swift axes, warriors, and shieldmaidens. I don't remember the exact numbers of each off the top of my head. I'm at work. Shhhhhh... And trust me, magic or other elites are not required to win. I do it regularly. I recently played against an army with a wizard and it didn't do squat. Either a bad roll or they were not in line of sight of a worthwhile target. I'm all about winning with numbers. It works for me. But, I will admit it may not work for everyone else. Wild Bill
  6. I guess reading is a requirement for this, huh? Oops. My bad. Hmmm...I think NH is tad far away on this short of notice. Maybe next time I can make a weekend trip out of it. Wild Bill
  7. In a 750 point battle using Dwarves, I think I had 4 troops. No special anything, just one captain, 3 sgts, and lots of people. I had a good time using them. However, I am kinda new to this message board, so I need a little help. How do I know where your tourney is going to be at? I'm way out in the middle of nowhere, Tulsa, OK. Any chance of me coming to this shin-dig? Wild Bill
  8. I honestly don't remember what army I was playing with at the time. I think it might have been the Mercenaries. I was just learning how to play the game, and borrowed someone else's army. He had created an army that had a lot of tough models; however, there just weren't very many. So, no, I didn't have a bunch of little units running around to coup. Yes, my two powerful figures I had left that got surrounded could coup once each per turn. But, while my guys consistently got weaker, his army was sticking around quicker than I could coup it. But, I have since played with only armies I have designed. I learned the lesson of not having enough troops. I haven't lossed many battles since because of that. We did a two on one the other day. Two of us with 750 points each and the opponent with 1,500. I had 28 models in my Dwarf army alone. My partner had like 15. The opponent? 15 as well. I lost 4 models in the whole game and my partner 3. Yep, numbers definitely have an advantage. Wild Bill
  9. I know that I have played with and against Reven in the past. That Warcry ability is tough!! If you take an all Reven army (who wouldn't?), then all of your leaders get the Warcry ability. That's right. Even the lowly sgt can get it. With the majority of your troops having Toughness, that ability is very tough. I played an army other than Dwarvers against the Reven and got stomped. I'd spend my turn knocking guys down, and then they'd turn around and stand up. There wasn't much I could do. However, against Dwarves, who have the automatic coup-de-grace, the Warcry isn't near as effective. My two cents, anyways. Wild Bill
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