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  1. So, anyone else see something like this: http://www.fox23.com...Q.cspx?rss=1603 Now, admittedly, it has been a while since I have read through The Hobbit, and while I enjoyed it more than reading The Lord of the Rings, I don't remember it being long enough to warrant three movies!! Maybe Peter Jackson is going word for word through the book?!? Wild Bill
  2. Does it have to be an odd trophy? Can't it be a cool trophy?
  3. Shad is holding his wood...uhhhhh...I mean, torch. Yeah, torch. That's what I meant. Seriously, Shad has a torch.
  4. I will maintain the rear guard until Tiron reappears with me. Then I will follow Chara around the room to help protect her back.
  5. "Tiron, I'll be behind you with my shortbow ready. Should we see someone (or something), stand still and let me shoot at it. Then you can charge in."
  6. If they are THAT big of a problem, I can take care of them...for a fee.
  7. I didn't know we were on a hiatus.
  8. It dawned me a little bit ago that I need to do something related to my opening post! Should I score some books off of people, then I will remove those books from the list. That way I don't receive multiple offers for the same book and it keeps you current on my status. Thanks everyone for reading!
  9. Older editions are fine. Occassionally a company will completely redo the way their game system works. Warlord was pretty close to that when they rebooted with "2.0". I'm not looking to have an updated-to-the minute collection. My Warhammer Fantasy and 40K rulebooks are least a revision old (if not 2 by now!). Most of the time the basic way the game plays stays the same. I just like reading through them and comparing one game to another. And yes, some of them are collectible, I know that. But, if your copy of Inquisitor was missing it's cover, you should be thanking me for offering $5 for it. LMAO!!!
  10. So, I have put it in my head that I need to amass a library of wargame books. I have a pretty decent collection of books already, and I am trying to fill in a few blanks (well, quite a few. ). I am only interested in the core rulebooks, not any expansions that may have been released (such as faction books, books full of scenarios, etc). Why in the world do I want all of these? Just cuz I can. I don't have lots of money to spend. With shipping, I've been trying to keep it around $10 per book. I know that isn't everyone's cup of tea, and some people's books ARE worth more than approximately $5. That's cool. I get it. I'm just trying to get those books from people that are tired of having them sit around and want Taco Bell lunch money for them. Anyways, here is my list of books I am looking for, in no particular order: Games Workshop Warhammer Epic Battlefleet Gothic Blood Bowl Gorkamorka Inquisitor I-Kore Celtos Ambush Alley Games Force on Force Spartan Games Uncharted Seas Firestorm Armada Dystopian Wars Mongoose Publishing A Call To Arms: Starfleet A Call To Arms: Noble Armada Judge Dredd Victory At Sea Battlefield Evolution Target Games/Excelsior Entertainment Chronopia If anyone has any of these they are willing to sell and ship to me, please PM me and we'll discuss it from there. Thanks for playing! Wild Bill
  11. "I think further exploration needs to be tabled until we can get these people back to town and see that they receive proper care. Plus, I'm sure our new friend would like a chance to rest and recover before running into more bandits."
  12. 1,000 point games are fun and all, but I prefer a bigger game. However, don't feel like you need to automatically make the jump up to 1,500. 1,250 points can add in that extra solo or flesh out some smaller troops quite easily. A lot of times you aren't really adding too many cards to the Init deck (if at all) but are instead fielding larger troops on the field. That can slow the game down as well, just from the sheer number of models, but if everyone knows the stats of their models, then it doesn't take long to breeze through a melee. In my incredibly humble (and completely 100% correct ) opinion, up to 1,500 point games can be played on a 4x4 table. Now, the caveat is that you have a 12" deep deployment zone that goes 4' wide. I always use this in a standard Kill 'Em All game. Why bother otherwise? But, if you get any bigger than 1,500 points then the armies are definitely going to get unwieldy (barring some really strange army design requirements that are agreed to beforehand. Whew. That was long! ) on that small of a table. You still stick with 4' across, but can go to 6' wide. A couple of years ago, Warwick, Stubbdog and Not Sure teamed up against me in a 3,000 point battle. I believe we were on a 4'x8' table then. But, each of them had 1,000 points each and I was fielding a coherent 3,000 point Dwarf list. I lost because Warwick's stupid Merc Ronin wouldn't stop Cleaving my Bear Riders. But, that's ok. We had a blast. Wild Bill
  13. Grumble grumble grumble...stupid 1 to 10 rule...grumble grumble grumble...
  14. Does Kyana have one of those sexy phone operator voices? Shad will take the key and open the door. Then he will assist the lady out of the room while everyone else "covers" her, just in case.
  15. What if the enemy has TWO big old DR/2 models? I've been known to field two Earth Elemental for the price on Stone Spirit in the past.
  16. **Shock! Gasp! Surprise!** Since when?!? LMAO!!
  17. People people people. Once again, the Dwarf has to step up and remind everyone of the obvious: you can't kill in the early game that which is not available to be killed. A true Dwarf player will not just walk the Earth Elemental across the field like a chump. NO! Instead, he'll have him burrowed, along with some Miner buddies, to trundle across the field and cause havoc later.
  18. Wow...I haven't looked at those campaign rules since the summer of 2005!! No joke! We played a whole summer, with like 6 of us, and only two of us actually attacked: Warwick and myself. We had some NASTY battles over the course of that summer that have made it into Tulsa lore. I would have no objections to your proposals if I was playing in your campaign.
  19. I am now the hold-up to the game and I apologize about that. Things have gotten really crazy for me this week. Please indulge me for a minute while I explain all of this. My wife has been suffering from ulcerative colitis (complete with all "optional" side effects you've read about) for several years now. After going to a couple of the different local quacks for help, she finally decided a couple of weeks ago to try and see if the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota would agree to take her case. Well, amazingly enough, they have decided to do just that!! Woo hoo!! She is of course excited to see a REAL doctor that will give her REAL answers and REAL solutions. But, that has meant I have been trying to arrange travel for her and her mom to be there the entire week of the June 11th. But, Wild Bill, why are you such an a-hole that you aren't going to be at your wife's side?!? I'm glad you asked. I have to go out of town on business on the 6th and won't be returning until the 10th, which is when she needs to leave. By the time I got home, got my clothes cleaned, and traveled up there, her trip would be half over. Plus, it is just a bunch of testing (we think) and no "real" work will be done at this time (we think). So, I'm going to stay at home with the dog (which is just like a kid as everyone knows! ) during that week and send her mom instead. On top of this, my parents are arriving at my house today in a couple of hours so I will have zero time to play this weekend, and early next week I'm preparing for my trip for work. So, Haldir, if you won't mind, please run my character as an NPC in the meantime, making the rolls for me, so that the game can continue on. I'll get back online sometime on the 11th when I get back to a somewhat normal schedule and catch up on the game. I apologize about not saying anything before now, but this has come up suddenly and there are a lot of things that I need to get coordinated. Thanks everyone for your patience! Wild Bill
  20. When I get home from work tonight, I will roll a Perception check to see if I even notice the noise coming from the cell (or maybe even fingers sticking out through the bars). Depending on how fabulous I roll will determine what Shad decides to do.
  21. I noticed that there was a large "S" on the map. I can only assume you were marking Shad Oh's position, since he is oh-so-spectacular. Since attempting to shoot a bow into melee combat is only going to result in getting one of my compatriots hurt, I put my back to the wall such that I can watch the room and up the stairs for reinforcements for the ogre. I keep my torch in one hand and my sword in the other.
  22. I tried this already and trust me, it sucks balls. I got my butt kicked easily.
  23. By the way, Elmo will be walking right in front of me. Shad brings up the rear, with a torch in one hand and his trusty short sword in the other. I constantly keep looking behind me to make sure I don't get surprised by anything nasty.
  24. Shad will take up position in the rear of the group. I will help to cover our escape, should it be necessary.
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