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  1. Ah-ha! I now have a hotel reservation for Friday through Saturday of the con! Now if I can only get my login to work so I can actually buy tickets to attend the con, that would be sweet.
  2. I pledged on the Razor level.
  3. Shad will stealthily pick up any loose change that falls out of our fallen comrade's pockets.
  4. The only model listed in this topic of any importance is obviously Olaf Helsfury.
  5. I heard the song "Still Counting" by Volbeat on the way to work this morning. I'm pretty sure I resemble the lyrics. Maybe. Possibly. Hey, stop laughing in front over there!
  6. If the hotel room has a microve and a mini fridge, then I am thinking burritos in the room. And bbq sauce. And beer. Mmmm...beer...
  7. What happened to slices of pizza (a con staple)? Or how about hot dogs? Or the hot Sonic girls? Or bbq'd hamburgers? That food is just going to make me leave the hotel and go elsewhere. My body would reject such things.
  8. As soon as I saw they gave this version a PG13 rating, I knew that they were not being true to the original film. I have not seen the new one, nor do I ever plan on it unless I am trapped on a plane. To me, toning the movie down to Robocop fighting almost exclusively other robots with comic book-esque violence instead of the graphic violence of the original just meant they wanted to cater to the 13 year olds, not the adults. Pass. Now, one remake/reboot (not sure which category it falls into) was the movie Dredd from 2012. Now that movie was fantastic when compared to the Stallone Judge Dredd from the '90s. I own Dredd on Blu-Ray and have watched it countless times. It is awesome.
  9. Definitely post the details for the tournament ASAP. I had not planned to arrive until sometime on Friday. I want to be able to be sure to get my games in so I can play in the Saturday afternoon Tournament of Champions. Also, paying to play in the tournament? Definitely disclose why this is necessary when it never has been in the past (as far as I remember from the forums). Wild Bill
  10. Listening to this as I type: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-sirShJKw
  11. I would have to closely resemble this remark. I think about playing an rpg all of the time. For a modern version, I have found Dungeon Crawl Classics to be quite tasty. It tickles my funny bones quite nicely. But of my group of 5 regular players in my group, 2 of them are married (to each other) and prefer board games or Magic. That is fine, but I want something...more. The 3rd one I don't think cares what he plays either way. The 4th one and myself would love to play more wargames and even get in a good rpg session once a month. But, that won't happen with just the two of us! So, I just dream about how awesome my campaign would be if I ever got around to writing it. LOL!
  12. Ahhh...well, since it took so long to get to this point...it's all Haldir's fault. Shad will stay back, just in case Elmo was enchanted by the "friendly" newcomer.
  13. I am not trying to be difficult, but Haldir, you stated in your post that we go to see Elmo and meet Shadowraven. Then you immediately change the story by him actually going past Elmo and into the dungeon to meet us. Those are very different story lines that could have very different outcomes. Shad is not going to do anything until I better understand what is happening!
  14. I got out of playing Munchkin years ago. It ceased to be fun when they started releasing stuff just to release stuff. It was essentially the same thing, different genre. What, a level 20 monster? Oh yeah, every genre has one. Yawn. Their game Illuminati was fun to play once, but I tried it a second time and it wasn't near as fun. I sold it along with all of the rest of my Munchkin stuff. I prefer to play wargames and if I want to play an rpg, then I will play an rpg. But I am kind of picky that way.
  15. Since GW still made well over $7 million in profit (for the quarter, right?), they are still a profitable company. Investors are a weird bunch of people. They panic when a CEO farts. I wouldn't read too much into this. I can't believe this would be the first time EVER in the history of GW that they had a smaller margin than originally predicted in their 30+ year history. No way. And they are still here, alive and well. Personally, I would love to see them do a KS for a 40k version of Blood Bowl. If they did it right, then they would only offer the game via KS. They would only make enough models to fullfil the orders from the pledgees, and then sell them no more. They would make millions and millions. Hell, I would jump on it as well. It is only a matter of time before the big game players (Battlefront, PP, GW) jump on the KS bandwagon. When they do, they will surpass Reaper's two KS totals combined. Mark Wild Bill's words. He is all wise.
  16. According to Google, it only adds 35 minutes to my drive to swing through Fort Smith. You are driving down I-35 through Oklahoma City and Google said it would add 35 minutes to get to Fort Smith, Arkansas?!? I hate to break it to you, but that would be closer to a 3 and a half hour drive from OKC to Fort Smith. I live in Tulsa and one of my oldest friends lives in Fort Smith. From my house in the southwest corner of Tulsa, it takes a little over 2 hours to get to Fort Smith. And it takes almost 1 and half hours to get to OKC from my house. Not to mention all of the fun tolls you would get to pay as well.
  17. Since The Con has pretty much moved to the hotel, are we still allowed to go to HQ, browse the racks upon racks of glorious figures for sale and still go back and browse the row upon endless row of bits bins?
  18. Shad will stand guard just in case any other random monsters decide to try and attack while we take care of the dead and wounded.
  19. I blame the whole health care thing that has been mandated from the government, Spike. You are not the first person I have heard say something to that effect. It is pretty sad. I am sorry you had to quit your job but I am happy you find work immediately!
  20. Any way you can point me to some place that sells all of them on DVD? I would gladly plunk hard earned coin to own all of them to watch any time I wish! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!
  21. Regarding the synergies in the Dwarf faction, there are way too many to try and go into in this topic. Let me just say that I have more Dwarf lists than all other factions combined, and I have a lot of lists for other factions. The good news is I am still trying to find new synergies within the Dwarf faction and am usually successful in doing so. That is a pleasant surprise!
  22. I have tried the item heavy Dwarf lists in the past, and inevitably, I found myself at a severe disadvantage. Usually it was because I had a lot less models than my opponent. Now, against the Korbolas, this may not be an issue, but with as hard as they hit and all of the Tough available, I think more quality models is the key to outlasting that particular faction. Most of the time I limit my magic items to Standards, Musicians, Mithril Armor and the occassional Magic Weapon.
  23. If the customer comes through with the down payment as promised, then I will be traveling back to Beijing the week before Christmas to solidify the design. Then I will travel a third time over there about 4 weeks after that for the final contract signing of the final design. And yes, Shadow Raven, I am with you: I wish I had the money this guy does. I am not going to say who, for confidentiality reasons, but let me say this: he controls a major percentage of one of the world's resources. I have been trying to figure out how I can get him to let me have the interest his money accumulates in one week. I am sure it is more than enough to get me debt free!
  24. The trip was pretty good. I got to go see Tieneman Square and the Forbidden Palace. Those were very awesome and moving! It was technically a business trip. We were meeting with a customer to go over a proposed design for the interior of his own private 737.
  25. Well, I hate to kick a good dwarf when he is down, but if he knew before the battle that he would be facing the Korbolas, and fielded that list, I am not surprised that he lost. I would never field a unit of 7 piercers (including sgt) and the unit of Swiftaxes. Both units are way too squishy and ineffective against the big doggies. There are only two models (maybe three, I don't have the datacards with me) with Tough. That is not near enough. You need to be fielding more models with Tough just to give yourself a chance. Halberdiers are nice backups. I approve of them. Was the Faction Doctrine utilized that provided buffs against large+ base sized models? I think you would have received Dodge +1 and mabye an MAV +1 bonus too. Or something like that. Either way, it would have definitely helped out as well (if not used). This is a post I made in one started by joshslater a couple months back and I posted a list that I think ought to be tried against the same Korbolas list you just fielded. I think things would go a little differently, especially in combination with that Faction Doctrine (whose name escapes me ). "Warwick and I have a grudge match that we have trying to find time to get together and play, and this is what I made this army for. I know he is fielding Mercs, and he knows I am fielding Dwarves. These are known quantities. I attempted to make a well-rounded Dwarf list as I know the Mercs can field all kinds of crazy combinations of troops. And that is before he might utilize Change Of Heart!! Yikes! Anyways, here is my list: Freya Fangbreaker 4 Shieldmaidens 3 Warriors 1 Piercer Griffon Fulumbar Ironhammer 4 Berserkers 4 Mancatchers 1 Piercer Stone Spirit Luck Stone Totals: 999 Points, 21 Models, 4 Troops, 4 Init Cards The model count is a tad on the low side, but the Shieldmaidens and the Berserkers are walking tanks, especially with Tough/2 and Tough/3 respectively. Thrown in the Griffon and the Stone Spirit and look out! You will notice two things about this list: no mages and 2 random Piercers. I have plenty of lists that use magic, and sometimes it works very well. While healing is an option, I felt that between the Piercers and the big guys they should hopefully be able to neutralize any mage threat (assuming an Elite mage, not a warlord mage). The Piercers are there more as an harassment option than anything. I have tried taking the large troop of shooters and it never seems to pay for itself. But, if I take 1 shooter in each troop they usually hit everything they aim at, which then allows the rest of the troop to take advantage of it. You just have to remember to use shooting at the appropriate time during their Activation. Also, pay attention to the synergies offered up by the Special Abilities. The Warriors have Provoke. You definitely want to have at least one of them attacking your target if you have a Shieldmaiden or two attacking the same target. The Provoke will prevent the Shieldmaidens from any retaliation, at least for that turn. The Mancatcher can Disable your target, and then the Berserker swoops in for the easy kill. Take advantage of the Stone Spirit's Burrowing capability to maneuver easily around the battlefield. The Griffon will unfortunately be an easy target as a Flyer, but if the opponent has minimal shooting, then Griffon runs wild. Be sure and review any shooting penalties against flyers. While this army is somewhat designed to go toe-to-toe, there is still some finesse involved. There is no warlord, although you do have two big guys. You have no mage, but you do have a couple of shooters that can plink and hurt an enemy mage fairly easily. While 4 init cards is not huge, it is not small either. I feel it is about average, considering you only have 21 models. So, short story long, be sure and study up on the Special Abilities before playing to ensure you know how they are to interact within each troop and I think you can give those pesky Darkspawn a nice run for their money." Anyways, I am glad to see people are out there having fun playing the game! Wild Bill
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