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  1. LOL! Hey this Greek god body and good looks get me far.
  2. Someone mentioned that one of the newer dungeon crawl games is superior to HeroQuest. Maybe. Maybe not. There is a thing as being too complicated. No, HeroQuest did not have great depth and yes, most of the levels felt like they kind of repeated themselves after a while. My parents bought me that game when it was brand new in 1991 and I still have it. I have played it countless times, and still looks great. I like playing it because it is simple. Sometimes I don't want to play a dungeon crawl that is really complicated. I just want a simple no-brainer hack 'n' slash board game. That is what HeroQuest means to me. Now, will I buy this retread from this KS? No, probably not. The description of the new figures and treasure chests and the like do not interest me. I will still with the classic and then play with the newer most complex ones. Wild Bill
  3. Ah ha! Guess who successfully flew to and from China and has two thumbs? THIS GUY!!!!! And boy are my arms tired! LMAO!!!
  4. Just as an FYI to everyone, I am headed out to Beijing, China this coming Saturday for work! Woo hoo! I will not return until the following Thursday, the 21st, and I am not sure how long it will take to be coherent again. And then the following Wednesday the 27th I head out of town to Illinois to be with the in-laws for Thanksgiving weekend. I just purchased a Surface Pro 2 this past weekend, which I will have with me during both trips, but I am not sure how much free time I will have to play with it. Haldir, please feel free to continue to play my character while I am gone so that the game is not stopped because of me. You definitely can not roll any worse than I do! LOL!! Wild Bill
  5. I pledge all kinds of things outside of minis and games, so there really is not down time, per se. The only true downtime is when I find cobwebs in ye olde wallet.
  6. I have a friend that discovered the reason he was so sick: he had black mold growing in the walls of his house from a roof leak he didn't know he had. I've seen this on tv but this was the first time I knew someone that actually had this happen to them. He has had all kinds of health issues.
  7. Shad says "Ok guys, I think we need to find our way back to the entrance of this hellhole...now."
  8. This happens for me all of the time. Just ask Warwick.
  9. You don't need to be so excited the Dwarfs lost. Just because they beat you...
  10. What happened to the Earth Elemental? He would have taken out that evil Vasyl! Those are my kind of games! The flip of an Init Card, the roll of a single die: the game could have easily swung the other way if something had gone your opponent's way. I love it! I am glad to see that both of you fielded warlords in your 1,000 point army. I have tried to make Dwarf armies work where I field a warlord and my opponent doesn't and I typically lose. It is just too many points suck into a model too easily killed! I am very happy to see that Dwarves are feeling the love all over the country. Almost makes me cry. **sniff sniff** LOL! Congrats WolfLord on your hard earned victory! Wild Bill
  11. "Take that evil dust bunnies!!" Shad will strut as confidently as he can to Door #2 and repeat the process.
  12. Oh snap! Three ones?!?! Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had those nights.
  13. If you ever get a chance for another weekend trip, you ought to consider driving a little further into Washington and going to Mt Rainier. They have a nice visitor center and stuff. I like it.
  14. Shad will take the prize behind Door #1, Monte!
  15. As the resident Dwarf Connoisseur I would like to hearitly applaud your first army choice! I can only assume you are playing mostly with what you own. I get it. I did the same thing for a long time too. But I would recommend using lots of proxies and start to scale your games up to 1,000 points. Once you hit that level, then you can really start to see the army building take a turn for the awesome! Try it. I promise you will like it. Welcome to the addiction! Wild Bill
  16. I work as an engineer, and would continue to have to do so in order to maintain the lifestyle my wife now enjoys. Yes, I am throwing my wife under the bus. LOL! While I would be fine with downsizing and such, she is not (in no uncertain terms!!). When I looked into opening my own store a few years ago, money was her first question: will the paychecks be nice and steady the entire time? That answer is a big NO. You may bring home $10k one month and the next month you might get lucky to only make $1k. Who knows? Wild Bill
  17. I definitely like the chair idea as well as the painting area. However, your shop sounds more like a card game store with a slight hint of rpg goodies. This is my opinion only, but that would not attract me to the store more than once (once being the initial opening to see what it was about). I am a wargamer; that is my preference. While I do enjoy the occassional rpg, I do not play them often. I do not like going to a game store where there are a bunch of unwashed teenagers playing CCGs. If they are in a room separated from the merchandise, that would be ideal but of course, you can only do so much with the space you can afford to rent. However, please DO NOT let my negativity get in your way. I will be the first to admit that I am jealous you are opening a game store!! I have wanted to do the same thing for four years. My problem is my vision is too big and my wallet too small. LOL!
  18. Sigh. The map is blocked here at work. I will have to look at it from home later and get back to you. Sorry.
  19. That was actually kind of fun helping out a fellow Dwarf in his hour of need! I have a ton of army lists created so let me know! I would be happy to share!
  20. Shad steadies himself, and using his torch hand to pull open the far door, he pulls it open as slowly and as quietly as he can. His sword is at the ready in case something tries to jump through from the other side!
  21. Sorry I was unable to respond before now! Real life interference and all of that. Of course, my work computer won't show me the pictures you took. How annoying is that?!? Anyways, that sounds like a fantastic game! Even though the Dwarves won (and rightly so ) the game sounds like it came down to the wire. Josh, I hope you had a good time playing against the Dwarf list that I designed and Dalton wielded with such awesome precision. Dalton, the Piercers serve a couple of purposes: 1) They keep the enemy honest. They are not going to rush a wizard out in the open to cast a spell knowing you could shoot them. It usually isn't worth the risk! 2) If I get the activations in my favor, I try to use a Piercer at a target before rushing to engage in melee. That extra wound (or two if Pierce is there) could make all the difference. If I have to activate after I have been charged, then I will wait for the unfortunate to happen and one of my soldiers dies, allowing my Piercer to exact some revenge! 3) Near the end of the game, when your opponent is walking around with lots of models with one or two wounds remaining, all of a sudden your Piercers can shoot with impunity. Their models can not run fast enough to catch you without getting hit at least once, and if they do get close, stand your ground, Focus, and utilize that Pierce ability to take them out! That is awesome. All in all, this sounds like my kind of game! It could have just easily swung in the Darkspawn favor, but I love those kind of games. They keep me on the edge of my seat!
  22. Shad says "I think we ought to go about this systematically. Let's just start at the far end and take our time checking that door out before opening. For all we know all 3 doors open up into the same room/hallway on the other side." Once someone with better trap detecting skills than Shad checks things out, Shad is willing to open the door and go through first. Danger is his middle name. Shad Danger Oh. That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
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