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  1. I only upped my initial $1 pledge. I was not interested in the Core Set, but I am most definitely interested in lots of the Add-Ons. That was my concern since I had upped it to $101 yesterday and when I went to add another $100 to my pledge, it showed only $1. I guess ultimately it does not really matter so long as Reaper allows me the opportunity to buy all of the Add-Ons I want at the end then life is grand.
  2. Ok, so I have upped my $1 pledge to $201 to reflect all of my Add-On wants and needs. Well, ok, mostly wants. However, will the $201 pledge actually stick around? I had upped it to $101 the other day, and when I went to manage my pledge, it showed $1, not $101. What the heck?!?
  3. Hmmmm...I pledged at the $1 level, because I don't want the core set (for now!) but I am interested in some juicy Add-Ons. I have no idea how much to add to that $1 pledge. There is no way for them to take additional funds after everything has been unlocked and I can see what all of the Add-On options are?!? I have pledged plenty of KS projects but have never done the Add-On thing before.
  4. I used to work at a company that liked hiring their Purchasing staff straight out of college, hammering on them for two years, and then starting over. This lead to them constantly being in the 22-25 year old range. I am 38 years old now, for reference. Yes, it is important. One day I was walking out to lunch and there were a group of the "kids" as I called them standing there talking, waiting for someone to show up so they could also go to lunch. They stopped me and were like "William, we need you to settle an argument for us." I was like "Ok, sure. What's up?" One of them then asked "Isn't it true that the Lion King is a must-watch movie when you're a kid?" I was like "The Disney movie The Lion King?" "Yes! That one!" "Sorry guys, I've never seen the Lion King." They were all shocked. "How can you have grown up without seeing the Lion King?!?!?!" They were completely in shock at this statement. I took it as a compliment that they thought I looked like I was 25 (yeah right! ). I responded "The Lion King came out when I was in college. Now I am going to leave before I put all of you over my knee and spank you for making me feel old." Any Disney movie that has come out in the last 30 years I doubt that I have watched. That is my short response made long.
  5. Barrage? Did you not mean Bar Rage? I am pretty sure that is what Dwarves feel when you shoot their keg of ale full of arrows. Then it will be on like Donkey Kong.
  6. You good at writing stories? Maybe you or Dalton can weite up the battle like a story!
  7. Just to be fair, make sure he knows your list too. That way everything is on the up-and-up!
  8. Why, that Stone Spirit is just poor widdle misunderstood force of nature. **insert pouty bottom lip and puppy dog eyes here** As Warwick can attest to, I like fielding the Stone Spirit. Yes, it is expensive. But, it has 4 attacks, DV 11 and DR/2. Oh, don't forget! It can Burrow! I felt that list was pretty well rounded which is why I plan on fielding it against Warwick's Mercs. There are so many different ways that faction can go it is impossible to plan for them all in one list. Wild Bill
  9. What was that? Beer? WB is all about beer! I'm not sure donuts go with beer, though.
  10. Once again, good ol’ WB has put up another long post. **thread hijack time!** I disagree with you, Danyboy, about Herryk. In a 1,000 point game, I do not want to spend warlord resources for a model that is going to sit in the back and hope that someone gets hurt and does not die afterwards. Yuck! He does have Tough/2 but has no real offensive power (as compared to a lot of warlords). If I was playing in a 1,500+ point game then I might consider fielding him. Otherwise, he will most likely never be used by me. Regarding Ivar, why is he so expensive? That is easy: his DV goes all of the way to 11! He only has 1 attack, but it is at a 4. There are soldiers that are worse. But, like with Herryk, I tend to not field models that sit back hoping to be able to do something, especially in 1,000 point games. However, there are exceptions to everything. A year ago or so a buddy wanted to play Reven and field 3 Hill Giants in a 1,000 point army. That is nasty at best. I countered the only way I knew: I fielded 3 Earth Elementals, 3 units with nothing but Warrior/Halberdier combinations, and every elite magic user in the Dwarf ranks (Gilam, Margara and Ivar). My buddy created the terrain that we used for the game. As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what he was trying to do. He had created three lanes of attack, that just so happened to be 2” wide. This would enable him to plug that hole with 2 Goblins, line up a Hill Giant behind, and then use Swingthrough without fear of retribution. Well, those lanes work both ways. I went and plugged them from my side with an Earth Elemental in each one. I decided to put that DR/2 to good use! I lined Ivar up so he had LOS to all 3 of the Elementals. I had a mage on either side of Ivar ready to fling Fireballs as needed. Then my Warriors and Halberdiers were ready to swoop in and clean up the leftovers. Now, that was the plan I executed in my head. My luck with mages in the past is not good. I could lob a Fireball onto 18 Bondslaves, needing a 2+ to hit, and roll seventeen 1s. LOL! Ok, it would not be that bad, but you get the idea. So, while this plan looks awesome on paper, I fully expected it to fail at some point. Imagine my surprise (and my buddy’s!) when not only did it not fail, but by the end of the 4th turn, I had expended all spell points for all casters, had only lost 2 Earth Elementals with the third on its last damage track, had killed 2 out of 3 Hill Giants with the third on its last damage track, and had killed over half of his Goblins. My buddy cried uncle after that because he knew it was over. I had planned to disengage my remaining Elemental and let the Warriors/Halberdiers kill the Hill Giant while the Elemental took out some squishier Goblins. But, I figured I expended all of my magic luck in that one game so I decided it was time to put them away for a while. Most of the time if I do field a mage it is either Margara or Gilam (usually with Miners for protection). I have slowly warmed up to the positives of a mage, but it took a few years to get to that point. **end thread hijack** Josh, I am definitely excited to hear how my army fares against the Darkspawn! It sounds like a blast to play to me! Wild Bill
  11. I read the entire Dwarves series by Markus Heitz. What a great series. I was sad to see it end, with the subject matter being so perfect and everything.
  12. This is going to be a long post, so be forewarned. Warwick and I have a grudge match that we have trying to find time to get together and play, and this is what I made this army for. I know he is fielding Mercs, and he knows I am fielding Dwarves. These are known quantities. I attempted to make a well-rounded Dwarf list as I know the Mercs can field all kinds of crazy combinations of troops. And that is before he might utilize Change Of Heart!! Yikes! Anyways, here is my list: Freya Fangbreaker 4 Shieldmaidens 3 Warriors 1 Piercer Griffon Fulumbar Ironhammer 4 Berserkers 4 Mancatchers 1 Piercer Stone Spirit Luck Stone Totals: 999 Points, 21 Models, 4 Troops, 4 Init Cards The model count is a tad on the low side, but the Shieldmaidens and the Berserkers are walking tanks, especially with Tough/2 and Tough/3 respectively. Thrown in the Griffon and the Stone Spirit and look out! You will notice two things about this list: no mages and 2 random Piercers. I have plenty of lists that use magic, and sometimes it works very well. While healing is an option, I felt that between the Piercers and the big guys they should hopefully be able to neutralize any mage threat (assuming an Elite mage, not a warlord mage). The Piercers are there more as an harassment option than anything. I have tried taking the large troop of shooters and it never seems to pay for itself. But, if I take 1 shooter in each troop they usually hit everything they aim at, which then allows the rest of the troop to take advantage of it. You just have to remember to use shooting at the appropriate time during their Activation. Also, pay attention to the synergies offered up by the Special Abilities. The Warriors have Provoke. You definitely want to have at least one of them attacking your target if you have a Shieldmaiden or two attacking the same target. The Provoke will prevent the Shieldmaidens from any retaliation, at least for that turn. The Mancatcher can Disable your target, and then the Berserker swoops in for the easy kill. Take advantage of the Stone Spirit's Burrowing capability to maneuver easily around the battlefield. The Griffon will unfortunately be an easy target as a Flyer, but if the opponent has minimal shooting, then Griffon runs wild. Be sure and review any shooting penalties against flyers. While this army is somewhat designed to go toe-to-toe, there is still some finesse involved. There is no warlord, although you do have two big guys. You have no mage, but you do have a couple of shooters that can plink and hurt an enemy mage fairly easily. While 4 init cards is not huge, it is not small either. I feel it is about average, considering you only have 21 models. So, short story long, be sure and study up on the Special Abilities before playing to ensure you know how they are to interact within each troop and I think you can give those pesky Darkspawn a nice run for their money. Wild Bill
  13. Sorry about the delay in my response! Work has been crazy busy lately and I did not feel like getting on my computer at home (sacrilege, I know!). **soap box time** I admit I really miss playing Warlord on a weekly basis. Warwick and I would trade dozens of emails on army designs, what would work best against what, etc. I don't care what type of dice system a game uses (as I've seen argued in other threads): ultimately, it depends on having fun playing the game with your friends. That's it. The dice types don't matter. For me, the majority of the fun is spending lots of hours customizing army lists to try and anticipate what my opponent is going to field. And then, I get to play my army list and see if I was correct! That is all kinds of awesome! Warlord is perfect for this customizing trick. There are NINETEEN factions. TWENTY, if you count the Halfings (and why wouldn't you? They're mini-Dwarves. ). That is a heck of a lot of options for customizing. And Warlord is cheap cheap cheap to get into compared to other wargames. **steps off soap box** Wow, I haven't gotten that riled up in a while. Josh, if you don't care, I am going to go through my army lists later and post a 1,000 point Dwarf list on this thread. I will do my best to choose one that is fairly well-rounded, hopefully able to take on all-comers, and not one designed to specifically tear you a new one. I am not a fan of that. I want the win to because I am a better general than you (with a little luck on the dice ) vs my army beat yours because it was 100% custom tailored that way. That is a hollow victory in my book.
  14. Who better on how to know how to beat the Dwarves than the Dwarf Grand Master himself? Congrats on the victory! I think you guys ought to play best 2-out-3. Now that you have each beaten the other, this third and final game will determine who is king of the ring between Darkspawn and Dwarves!
  15. Ah-ha!! I think I have figured out the crux of your problem as to why you lost: you didn't use the proper dice!! Now that you have dedicated dice to your army, it is guaranteed to do better. LOL! I use the same dice for most every army I field on the table. However, I typically use the Dwarf models as proxies for everything. So, even though they may be "not Dwarves", they are still Dwarves and thus my dice are cool with it.
  16. I am all about the theme armies. I love fielding those. One thing I always try to remember about them is that I am playing them to have fun first, win second. Why? Because usually a theme has some big gigantic weakness that is easily exploited by your opponent. So what? You look cool while getting your butt kicked. I have a 12 model Darkspawn army that revolves around Rauthuros. I had a good friend of mine paint it up for me (as my painting skills are legendary for being craptacular. ) to look as evil as possible. Do I look badass on the battlefield. Darn tootin'! Can I win a game? Of course, but I need a whole truck full of things to go my way. Do I have fun playing it? Absolutely! Try playing those Bathalians against other factions. They may suck against the Dwarves but kick the crap out of the Crusaders or something.
  17. I am about halfway through the book "Hater" by David Moody. FYI...it is set in England. It doesn't state that and took me a while to figure it out. Anyways, it is book one of three. The only I am not a fan of is the 1st person point of view. I don't like books like that, but I am reading it anyways.
  18. Shad Oh lives up to his name and hides in the shadows. Shad now decides to take a torch and continue exploring this dungeon. Since I am all turned around now, but I assume Shad isn't, Shad will head in the direction or room (whatever the case is) that hasn't been explored yet.
  19. Regarding the Miners getting the Burrowing bonus, that only works if they are actually burrowed. So, if you were fighting them underground, don't do it. If you field almost an entire army full of large or giant based models (here's looking at you, Korbolas ), then yes you are going to fear the wrath of the Doctrine of Giant Slaying. But if you have only a couple of large or giant based models, I usually don't take that doctrine as it does nothing long term for me. Granted, each game is situational at the start but still...Every faction can be beaten. Maybe the Bathalian's strength is not trying to just duke it out mono-y-mono, as it sounds like you were trying to do. Was this a 1,000 point battle? Or smaller? I am not getting a good sense of the scale. If it is smaller than 1,000 points, maybe they just don't fare well at that small of an army. Scale it up to 1,000 points and try it again.
  20. Here is another Italian band called Silent Opera. Unfortunately, this singer is no longer with the band. The current lineup is not near as cool as this one:
  21. A pretty cool Italian band named Ancient Bards.
  22. **In my best Elvis** Thank you! Thank you very much! Not a bad day, all in all. I got a few birthday cards in the mail (even one with money! ). The wife and I went out to eat over the weekend knowing that with our work schedules a Monday evening was not likely. Good times.
  23. I think he just needs to suck it up and buy him a high quality computer from Best Buy. I did that 3 years ago and have zero trouble.
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