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  1. Wow, my new job is restrictive on internet useage so I am not able to look at anything during the day (not that I have the time!!). I will do my best to keep up at night.
  2. I pledged the same level. If I read their chart correct, shipping will be $7. Their model to calculate shipping is not intuitive, so thankfully they added those graphics.
  3. I'm thinking a good bottle of Presperation H is in order.
  4. There was a short lived band in the late 80s (at the height of the hair metal scene) called Blue Murder. They released a song off of their first album called Valley Of The Kings. I was unable to find an actual album version, and not the lame video version. I think the album version is an extra couple minutes longer. But, either way: One day, as I was trying to find the video, I stumbled across another song also called Valley Of The Kings by a band called Egypt. Now, I thought that it was cover of the Blue Murder song before listening to it. But in actuality it is a unique song that just happens to have the same name. Check it out:
  5. Thanks guys! Now, if only Shad could kill a bugbear as easily. Sigh.
  6. Well, here is an update on ye olde job situation: The company actually came through with an offer this past weekend! The wife and I talked about it at length, and I have decided to take it! My last day at American Airlines will be on June 27th. This is a big deal for us. It's kind of scary, but I think the new job will be really fun and exciting.
  7. Hmmm, looking at their website, I'm not super excited by the minis there, but it might be the partly due to photographing and painting perhaps. Which ones did you get? I would agree their website is not super awesome. I am not a fan of their game; I found it very generic and boring. But, that is me. However, I have seen their minis up close at a convention in the Kansas City, MO area called Recruits. They usually have a booth there. Their minis are VERY well done. I promise.
  8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is awesome. I am also partial this drumming:
  9. Well, I had my 3rd interview last Thursday but unfortunately, still no offer. Dang. Oh well, I guess. I have another head hunter that I need to contact tomorrow. Maybe she will do something exciting. I am definitely wanting out of my current job. So, if anyone knows of a company wanting to hire an engineer in the Tulsa area, let me know!
  10. Ok, here go my rolls finally. Torch to the face: d20 = 18. It's about time something rolled my way! Sheesh! Sword to the gut: 7 + 1 = 8. Really? Really?!? I roll better with a frickin' torch than my sword? Sigh. Roll for damage (as if I'll actually hit): d6 = 1. Typical.
  11. I backed the $100 pledge. I thought that based upon that chart on their page that I was getting a ton of stuff for $100. Did I read it wrong?
  12. Oh, well, if you want to talk about REAL versions of bands this is the very first album that Journey released. I am sure that most of you are going to be thinking you have heard all of the Journey stuff on the radio. Wrong! Their first album was nothing like their albums with Steve Perry. They released 3 albums before he came on board with the band to make them more of a commercial success. The man singing on this album is the same person who sang Black Magic Woman for The Santana Band. (Nice tie in there, WB. Thank you, WB. I appreciate it. ) If memory serves, this album came out around 1973.
  13. Ok, so I am hearing that most likely it will fit on a Giant base (2" square, or 50ish mm). A Large base (1.5" square) is not out of the question, but not horribly likely. The model I was hoping to replace is supposed to be on a Large base, but if I have to do a Giant for asthetics, then that is what I will do! You can go always UP a base size in Warlord; you can't go DOWN. Thanks guys!
  14. I have found a few 54mm models that I think would make cool converts for one of my Warlord armies. However, I am hesitant to buy them for fear of them being too big to fit on the Warlord bases. Does anyone know if a typical 54mm model will fit on a Large base? If not, what about a Giant base? Thanks for your help! Wild Bill
  15. Shad has had just about enough of the pleasantries that he has exchanged with the Bugbear Leader. Shad is going to try a two pronged attack against the leader: shove the torch into his face while stabbing him in the gut with the short sword. Take that, evil doer!! Since I am at work, I don't have access to dice. When I get home tonight, I will roll up what happened with the two different attacks and post them. Hopefully I quit playing Three Stooges with this guy!!
  16. I apologize everyone!! My life has been incredibly hectic the last couple of weeks. First I had the in-laws in town for a visit. That's always a joy. NOT! Then I went out of town on business. And of course when I return to work I only have a gazillion emails and voicemails to wade through. Sigh. To make things even more hectic, I have been trying to get a new job with a new company. I have had a phone interview and then last week I had a face-to-face interview. I have a second face-to-face this coming Thursday afternoon, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it goes really well. WB could use more money!
  17. Here is the great southern rock band, Blackfoot, playing their signature tune, Highway Song, at a concert in Zurich in 1982. This version is around 2 minutes longer than the album version. It's awesome!
  18. The original bass player for Deep Purple, Nick Simper, left in 1969 (aka was fired ) and formed his own band, Warhorse. Here is a link to their second release, Red Sea, in 1972. I can't find their self titled debut this way easily here at work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf8JsxNXHo Here's a band from Australia called Bakery. They only released one album called Momento in 1971. The person posting this on Youtube compiled all 7 songs on the album. You can click through them if you want. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n0CckYNkgM&list=PLC9CE9BEFC03D6A20
  19. $100 for both books in hardback. Grrrr...that is so tempting. Thankfully I have almost a month to see if my finances can support it.
  20. Well, I was only called The Sword "modern" in that it was released in modern times, not in the early 70s. But, yes, I agree. I heard their initial single off of Age of Winters in 2006 on Sirius-XM on the metal channel. I saw them open for Metallica in 2008. Then they came to Tulsa later and headlined a small venue called Cain's Ballroom. Awesome!!
  21. As I am typing this I am listening the great Swiss band Toad and their debut self titled album from 1971: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zyWwGleUcU I love this style of music. I do like modern bands like The Sword from Austin, TX. This is a link to their first album, Age of Winters from 2006: I have spent countless hours trolling through Youtube listening to random bands. I find it relaxing.
  22. This was from a thread called Most Epic Battles (or something along those lines). Warwick and I have had more than our share of titanic matches over the years. This was a dungeon match during a campaign several summers ago. I think we are like 50-50 in the win/loss columns. Very few games have come down to what amounts to a rout. The ones that have were usually the result of a lack of terrain (notice how I worked the topic into my post? I'm that awesome. ). Wild Bill
  23. 500 points. Weenie. I learned on 1,000 points! 1,000! Be a man! I would also recommend you spend some quality time reading through the numerous posts in the Warlord forums after you have read through the rulebook. Chances are extremely high your question will have already been answered at least once somewhere in here. Not that I don't mind answering questions, but if it isn't dwarf related, then it just isn't worth asking.
  24. Interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on this one.
  25. I have never pledged on Indiegogo. Maybe because I used Kickstarter first Indiegogo feels sketchy? It's probably just me, but it feels like that the majority of projects on Indiegogo are down-on-their-luck projects with people begging for money. I am sure that the majority of them are legit, but I'm wary of scam artists with things like that. I'm just too cynical, I guess.
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