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  1. **cough cough Warwick cough cough**
  2. I collected it for a couple of years when it first came out. That was a cool comic book. I didn't realize that it was supposed based on pulp heros like that. I might have to track down trade paperbacks of those comics (I sold my entire collection some years ago). Details details. LOL!
  3. I'm afraid it would end up more like The Shadow movie with Alec Baldwin that came out in the mid-90s. I would watch Dick Tracy over that piece of garbage any day! Plus Madonna looked all kinds of sexy. I was not a fan of John Carter for one simple reason: too heavy of a reliance on CGI. And not even good CGI at that. The reason why the Iron Movies work so well is that the CGI looks real. I am watching these type of movies to escape reality, and in order for me to do that, the movie has to appear like it was happening in the real world. Too many movies today don't do that. I suspect this Doc Savage movie would end up the same way.
  4. Yeah, this definitely seems kind of pricey to get in. But, thankfully we have some time to watch and see how it goes with the Stretch Goals. Maybe that will entice me to get in. I guess I need to ask them at what level you get enough components to play a typical game.
  5. I'm waiting for various KS projects right now. Patience is not a virtue of mine.
  6. That part doesn't bother me a bit. I would rather see companies only put out one, maybe two, stretch goals initially. Show some humility. Having your initial project only being $5,000 and then showing stretch goals to like $100,000 is either complete arrogance or complete stupidity: Why not offer those stretch goals as part of it and raise your initial goal? Anyways, enough soap boxing. I have no problem paying for shipping. I always assumed it was rolled into the cost of the product I was buying from KS. But, roughly $60 for shipping? Ouch. I can support one or two KS projects just for the shipping alone. That doesn't count the cost of my actual pledge! Too rich for Wild Bill's blood!
  7. The cost of everything on this project is huge. Plus, why did this company go on Indiegogo and not KS? To me, that seems suspect right there. Maybe I'm starting to see a conspiracy theory emerge from the shadows...
  8. I sucked it up and pledged my $100. Now I have to see if I want any of the add-ons. HOWEVER...now we get to wait 9-10 months for the product.
  9. Of course they are. They're dwarves. They are the best race in all of Taltos, as everyone knows.
  10. Enjoy your reign while it lasts...
  11. Jason gave me the scoop on what is happening next year. I put below in white lettering, so highlighting it should make it show up. What? You thought I was going to ruin the surprise? Get out of here! Wild Bill
  12. After they catch the rat b@st@ards that did this I wish the police would "accidentally" leak the route they were taking to the jail. Then, on the way, the police vehicle "just so happens" to have a flat tire and the police escort excuses themselves to make a phone call "for help". I guarantee you would see swift justice.
  13. So, this morning after confirming ye olde paycheck hit ye olde bank account (like my tribute to being English? ), I pledged to get all 10 minis. Had to be done! They are dwarves after all! Wild Bill
  14. Darn you!! How dare you give in to my request to these minis reasonably priced! Now I shall have to pledge! After I get paid on the 15th.
  15. I will agree with everything Sanael said. I have backed pretty much everything Dwarfy on KS that has come along, at least miniature-wise. I have a good portion of the Reaper dwarves they have produced (I am still missing some, but I'm working on it! ). I am always on the look out for good quality sculpts as alternates, but Lovejoy, if you just hit your goal, as currently stated, then I have to pay $60 US for 5 minis. I hate to sound crass, but I am just not going to pay that much money for an individual mini any more. The quality is awesome; please do not take my hesitance to pledge as a slight that way! Far from it! However, I am not looking to receive something ridiculous like 20 minis for $20 US. I can be reasonable. Sometimes.
  16. They look that way from here too; I think they're pretty nice! I could consider giving this guy $32, will think on it. Yeah, what Sanael said: With the conversion, and shipping, it adds up to almost $60 for 5 minis. That's too steep for W.B.!
  17. Right now, assuming all he got was his initial goal, you would get the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of paying $12 each (USA dollars), including shipping. Yikes! Now, if he hits all of the stretch goals (which is not likely), then it would drop to a more reasonable $6 each. HOWEVER... He only has 3 pledge options. I don't think there are enough options for most people and thus, he may not even reach his base goal, much less a stretch goal for an additional 5 models!
  18. I would most definitely be interested in this as well!! Gimme gimme gimme!
  19. So, Shak, what you are saying is that you travel with the entire Reaper Warlord line everywhere you go for company? Tee hee hee... That's ok. When I travel with my Warlord stuff, I bring all of my stuff too. I only have 2 factions completely painted, though. I could probably easily field at least 2 different Dwarf armies (possibly 3) along with Darkspawn, Razig and Crusaders. I am kind of OCD regarding my Darkspawn; I wouldn't probably loan them out to too many people, if at all. But the others would be fair game. I am still trying to work out whether or not I can attend. The situation has changed some for me at home, and so it made the trip go from a guarantee to a weak maybe. I want to play Warlord. **sniff sniff** I want to see what happens when a dwarf gets shot out of a cannon.
  20. Ahhh yes...fun with Elves. Now that was gloriously epic for me! That's ok, Warwick got his revenge later. He was playing Overlords against my Dwarves and Mark was playing Crusaders (I think). A 3-way battle is difficult at best, but little did Mark and I know that Warwick was fielding every mage in the Overlord list that could wield a Fireball!! Mark and I decided to have our best units tango. I had a big unit of Shieldmaidens square off against his Justicars. All of a sudden, the Init Deck goes Warwick's way and that's when we learn about the art of bbq: he proceeds to light us UP!! WOW! The smell of burned dwarf hair kind of stings the nostrils, let me tell you what! Mark and I proceeded to immediately cease and desist all hostilities and focus everything on Warwick. It was a grand plan...except we were unable to move fast enough to catch those stupid wizards! We got burned alive! And then were burned again for good measure! I can't remember if we even killed a single Overlord model that game!! It was epic for Warwick!
  21. Warwick and I spent somewhere upwards of 6 weeks many summers ago playing with the campaign system that was in the back of the Warlord 1.0 rulebook. We were not alone, of course; we had 4 other players. So, you would think that this would have led to all kinds of epic battles over the course of the summer for control of the town etc. Instead, it turned into the other 4 players acting like merchants and doing peaceful trades while Warwick and I mercilessly beat other into submission. We had the least amount of points at the end, but because we actually played games (what a novel concept!), we still talk about them all of these years later! I was still pseudo-new to Warlord, and while I was a big fan of the Dwarves from the very beginning, I was still very much in trial mode: which army seemed awesome to play? So, for the campaign I was fielding Crusaders while Warwick was playing Mercenaries. I don’t remember every single battle (there were too many), but there were two battles that definitely stood the test of time, both of which Warwick already touched on. One battle Warwick actually fielded the mighty Orba. Unfortunately, I have had a hard drive crash or two since then so I don’t remember the exact composition of my Crusader list. All I really remember as being epic is knowing that if I did not kill Orba that game, then he was going to survive and Warwick was not going to have to spend precious resources bringing him back. Near the end of the game, he only had Orba left on the table while I had 3 Unforgiven trying to chase him from various angles. For those of you who may not remember, back in this time, if you had a model with more than one damage track he was considered to be a monster to take out. Orba had 3 (maybe 4) damage tracks, so he was nigh impossible to kill. Thankfully Orba had already taken one wound during the course of the game, which dropped his DV enough to help my Unforgiven out. The first one charges in, and manages to pull off the impossible and wounded Orba! Of course, Orba turned him into so much hamburger, but every wound counts! He continues running for the edge while the other 2 Unforgiven are chasing him down! The second one manages to charge in and of course whiffs! Orba is not so merciful on the return strikes and cuts the Unforgiven down. Then, Orba chose to flee off of the battlefield like the scared little goblin he was, leaving my poor Unforgiven to hurtle curses at his back! A second battle during that campaign was over an underground gold mine. It was a vast complex (that just amazingly enough happened to fit on a 4’x4’ board! ) and we were given the layout of the mine ahead of time. So, each of us had an opportunity to prepare our forces accordingly. I made sure to field two Crusader Baby Kitties (aka Celestial Lions) as they were major tanks. Warwick took like two crossbowmen that were totally upsetting my grand plan. They were plinking away safe and sound behind their front line while I valiantly charged through the tunnels. I remember finally getting my poor defenseless little kitty cats into combat with the evil Mercenary forces. I lost both cats, but managed to make a major dent in his forces, which enabled me to rush the rest of my Crusaders into the gaps. But, a nice tidy rout it was not to be. Instead it turned into a major slugfest with both sides suffering heavy losses. In almost a repeat of the first game, it came down to a couple of my grunts vs a couple of Warwick’s grunts. This time the Crusaders stood victorious as I had the last remaining model on the board while Warwick tried to run away like a scared girl once again. We had decided that the campaign should last a certain number of turns before declaring the “winner”. Well, when that last round arrived, I decided that it was time to go balls-to-the-wall and attack Warwick on every square he owned. I think it totaled something like 6 simultaneous attacks. I don’t remember too many details of the battles save one: I lost every single one. I think that was one of the last time I played Crusaders for several years. LOL! Man, this is a good topic. I am going to have to try and recall more games that Warwick and I have played over the years. We have had so many close fierce battles that it is difficult to separate one from the next! Wild Bill
  22. I thought that for every inch that WAS contaminated they had to remove like an additional 2 inches, "just in case". That is a huge undertaking. That area will turn into a Superfun site.
  23. Well, all of my battles are epic so it's hard to narrow it down. Hmmm...seriously though, since I am work I will have to think about it and work it up in Word or something before posting it. I'm sure I can come up with something. Wild Bill
  24. LMAO! As if THAT would ever happen!
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