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  1. 1) Is there any other way of playing? 2) Blasphemer!! You shall pay for your insolence!
  2. So, it is not a true Kill 'Em All then. It is still pseudo-scenario driven.
  3. How are you counting Victory Points this year since you have a Kill 'Em All tournament? I would like to know how the ultimate winner is determined before I choose whether or not to sign up for the tournament.
  4. Pbbbbbbbbbttt...kids...as if they're more important than me!
  5. I'm pretty old school when it comes to my roleplaying. I am all about using your imagination first and rolling dice second. I purchased the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg rulebook sometime back. I really like it. It has the D&D 1st and 2nd Ed feel that I want, but still utilizes just enough d20-ness to make things easy. At least, that's how I interpret it. I may be way off on how things work. Wouldn't be the first time! I'm slowly working out my story line and world. I'm hoping to get my gaming group to sit down and play a couple of times. If they like it, then maybe we'll play more. But, it will be just a one-off story to start. We can move forward if they want.
  6. buglips, tell me if you are going to ReaperCon. You sound like the only goblin this dwarf would ever hang out with.
  7. Oh really? Shad shoves his torch into Leader's fur, hoping it will catch on fire. Not a threat. Shad will show that Leader who's not a threat. d20 roll = 13. I don't know what to roll for "damage". At the same time, Shad and #5 continue their Three Stooges routine. Shad will swing his short sword at #5 (yes, while setting the Leader on fire at the same time. Shad is that awesome. ). d20 = 7 + 1 = 8 Son of a... d6 = 3. Wild Bill
  8. Really? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...
  9. So, did my sparring with the Leader Bugbear with my torch scare the brave Haldir away from posting? Hmmmmmmmm?
  10. Heck, even if we don't have a whole lot of people that want to play, I am sure we can find a few tables to throw down some dice. And I am sure we will all have a good time. Even if you all lose to the might of WILD BILL!!!! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!
  11. Well, I am thinking I want to start around 2? I don't mind staying until later in the evening to get everything done, but I don't know how late the Reaper peeps will want to stay. So, I don't want to start too late. Am I confusing anyone yet? Wild Bill
  12. I guess Shad, Bugbear #5 and Bugbear Leader are playing their version of the 3 Stooges. LOL! Shad is carrying a torch and his short sword (I think) and so he will once again strike at Bugbear #5 while holding the torch in a defensive posture against the Leader. It is a vain attempt to keep from being hit. My d20 roll is an 11, +1 bonus = 12. My damage roll is once again a 6. I can't hit for sh!t, but man, when I do, I can kill the snot out of it. Wild Bill
  13. Since I had a momentary lapse of reason, I also meant to say that it would be Kill 'Em All. No thinking required. Just bring your armies and roll dice and get your dice mojo up and running for the real tournament. Inarah, you might have to play more than one round if you win. But, there will be time in between each round. Unless people really want me to crank out the rounds, I have no desire to force people to sit there for 4-5 hours playing continuously. I don't like that, and don't like forcing other people to do it either. TGP, I will do what I can, but if you have a really full class schedule, I can't promise to be able to accomodate you. I have no real idea as to when this might start yet (1 PM? Earlier? Later?) so when that is figured out, I would at least need you there for that first game. After that we can figure things out as we go along. The whole point of this is for it to be relaxing. Yes, it is a "tournament". Yes, there will be someone who takes first place. But, I am treating it is a warm up to the real thing on Friday and Saturday. I want it to be casual, and I hope to see some wacky 500 point armies. Maybe you field something completely different from your normal build, just because. Why not? That's what I plan on doing. Wild Bill
  14. This year Wild Bill will be venturing out of his dark cave to descend upon the event known as "The Con". While Wild Bill enjoys a tournament with lots of eye catching terrain and complex scenarios, occassionally he has been known to want the simple things in life: To crush his enemies, to see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentations of their women. LOL! I'll stop talking about myself in 3rd person now. In all seriousness, I think everyone needs to take a few seconds and applaud Stubbdog & His Posse for all of their hard work and dedication in making the Warlord tournament a success year after year. Without them, it wouldn't be the same. **Pause for applause** Hey! I didn't get any applause from you in the back! Applause! Now! That's better. While tournaments like what Stubbdog runs are fun, I tend to like things much simpler from time to time. I propose running a single elimination tournament on Thursday, for those of us that are there early. For those of you that are hard of hearing, I said it would be SINGLE ELIMINATION. Tee hee hee... Here is what I think: 500 point armies 75 minute rounds. This includes set up time. (It's only 500 points. It should be quick.) The bracket will be set up like a typical March Madness bracket. There will be 16 spots for players. Each player will draw a number out of a bag to determine seeding. Then 1 will play 16, 2 will play 15, and so on and so forth. After the first round, the winners will play each other just like in the March Madness tournament. At most, a single player will play 4 games. I woke up with this masterfully brilliant idea in my head, so I have not come up with anything for a prize yet. Is a prize absolutely necessary? Is bragging rights enough? Let me know. I will come up with something. So, what does everyone think? A little pre-tournament tournament to work out the kinks before you throw down in the main event? Huh? Huh? Huh? Wild Bill
  15. I've posted my dice rolls now. Sorry guys. Shad must be a one hit wonder. Stupid dice.
  16. So, have I ever told anyone how much I hate my dice? Sigh. My attack roll is a d20 + 1. Of course I roll an 8, bringing my total to 9. I went ahead and rolled for damage, in case the bugbear decided to commit suicide by dumbass. Naturally I roll a 6 on a d6 for damage that won't occur!
  17. Shad will continue to attack the same bugbear he was attacking the previous round. That is, assuming it is still standing. I did hit it for 8 points of damage. I will have to roll dice when I get home from work. I will update my post with my to-hit roll and my damage roll.
  18. Assuming Elmo is watching the rear, Shad will take his torch in one hand, his sword in the other, and then run up the hallway. As soon as he sees his friends taking on the bugbear, he'll let out a rebel hoping to catch them all by surprise. Then he'll rush in and swing at the first foe he sees. Now, should Elmo decide to move forward and help out, Shad will stay behind and stalwartly guard the rear. Just to let everyone know, I am headed out of town to Washington D.C. for business. I won't return to work until Thursday, but I don't expect to be able to really review everything that has happened in my absence until this next weekend. So, Haldir, please take over and have Shad kick some booty!
  19. You ought to move to Oklahoma then. If you want to purchase beer already cold from any store, then it has to be 3.2% alcohol content. I get full before I drink enough beer to get drunk! If you want real beer, you can get it at a liquor store, but they are required by law to sell it at room temperature. No spontaneous microbrew purchase for Wild Bill! If I do go the cold beer from a store route, then I tend to stick with Coors. Not Coors Light, Coors. It's not awesome, but it's not horrible either. It just is.
  20. Man, that would be sweet. But I am only able to afford one convention this year , so I am making it ReaperCon. In an earlier post (which is escaping me ), someone mentioned about PBR being hipster-trendy. When did that happen? I have noticed the same thing. Restaurants and such will be sporting PBR on tap. I remember in college that PBR was the swill you drank if that was all you could afford. Now it is supposed to be all of that AND a bag of chips? No thanks. *shudder* Wild Bill
  21. the fun part is that it's a national chain, you can get an account card that keeps track of the beers you drink. so you go up to a touch screen and pick 3 beers a visit (that's all that counts) and the waitress scans the little printout and you drink your beer. once you drink all of them they put a brass plate on the wall with your name on it. you can see the plates up near the lights, that wasn't hard. found a pic of our local saucer. Isn't that a place called Tap Out?
  22. I like to think I am pretty nerdy when it comes to microbrews made here in the USA. There are so many of them that it is really hard to start listing them. I will say that I tend to shy away from any India Pale Ale (IPA) or really stout beer in general. I am stuck in the land of hell known as Oklahoma. I have such a difficult obtaining a decent microbrew those of you on a coast need to count your blessings. Of sure, I can go to a liquor store and buy a few select brands like Boulevard, Shiner, Left Hand and Mustang but those are typically just sold in the Midwest. (Those of you liking high alcohol content beers go after the Boulevard Sixth Glass. It's 10.5%. ) That's ok, though. It just means that when I travel I take full advantage of the microbrews wherever I go. Wild Bill
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