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  1. At one point in time I had created a datacard for a red dragon model from the D&D line. This thing was on like an 8" square base or something. I made it cost somewhere like 2,000 points, but the scenario I wrote for it also included 1,000 points of Reptus allies. It was a fun scenario. We only played it a couple of times.
  2. Shad does have a few candles but he will wait to use them. It isn't absolutely necessary right now.
  3. LOL! My friends and I were talking about this very subject last night around the gaming table. While it is pretty universal that Episodes 1-3 made awful seem good by comparison , we were also pretty ticked off at how Lucas has almost completely changed the tone of the original trilogy, Episodes 4-6, with his continual re-edits. I am sure that if I were to start going off on all of the little things that are wrong with the movies I could quickly get this thrown into Beekeepers, so I won't go there. Plus, I like staying on this side of the sanity line. I would almost rather see Disney take the franchise into a completely cartoon format at this point. Why bother with live actors? Heck, there was more CGI in Episodes 1-3 than real stuff anyways. So why not go all of the way? Plus, this would enable them to do something like put the Timothy Zahn trilogy into film and still use the same actors, but this time they are doing voice work. So, no one has to look at a 70 year old Han Solo. Done right and I would probably pay to go see those movies. Otherwise, I am not even going to bother wasting my time with the new Star Wars movies. I have better things to do, like play with my dog. Wild Bill
  4. I have my new SCII expansion already on preorder. I play the original a few times a week in the evening. It's quite a bit of fun!
  5. Shad decides to take matters into his own hands, Han Solo style. He brandishes his sword in one hand and a torch in the other hand and takes off running down the hallway towards the goblins, screaming like a banshee gone mad. Then he'll proceed to kill them all!! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!! I bet you think I'm insane! Not a chance I would do that! Instead, Shad offers "I would be happy to go down that hallway towards the goblins and attempt to take them on, but will they see me coming with the torch in my hand? I can't see in the dark."
  6. Vince? Jason? Amazing? I can't believe you would say that. I'm obviously more amazing than them. LOL! Actually, a discussion like that would be a lot of fun if it could be structured so that it didn't turn into a series of private conversations all in a small room. That would suck. So, MiniCannuck, are you volunteering to make this happen? Wild Bill
  7. How would the proposed class be different from or better than [?] this: Warlord Factions and Tactics Threads That thread is not face to face.
  8. As I have not seen a topic started already talking about classes for ReaperCon this year (much to my surprise! ), I would like to throw my two cents in early for a class talking about army design for Warlord. It doesn't have to be very long (and thus, maybe cheaper than $20 ) but I would like to see it talking about SA synergies, opinions on when to take archer troops, mages, etc etc etc etc. I may be the only one that would find that interesting, and if so, . Wild Bill
  9. I would rather the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg if I am going that route, but I am very old school that way. HOWEVER...I would definitely be more interested in playing Warlord and a random board game or two instead of an rpg. Yes, that's right: WB is looking into coming to ReaperCon this year. I'm going to be begging the wife...I mean...talking to the wife about letting me go this year. When I know, and assuming I can go, I plan on posting something in the Warlord General Forums about pick-up games and such. Wild Bill
  10. I will have to adjust my typical dwarfy tactic of just running up and kicking my opponent in the knees. I guess I will have to walk up and do it instead!
  11. Vejlin, has anyone in your group tried the Forge Fathers out yet? I have heard on other forums that despite being what appears to be heavily armored dwarves they are actually fairly fragile and kind of difficult to play. Is this true? Wild Bill
  12. I am still in the other hallway hanging out with Isha, Elmo and whoever else is along (I'm confused now as to who is here and isn't).
  13. After spending more than 30 minutes reading through this entire thing, I have come to two conclusions (which are of course 100% correct ): * No one is going to be able to convince psyber to change his mind, no matter how valid the argument. * psyber is not going to be able to convince anyone to come to his side, no matter how valid the argument. So, I propose this as a truce and peace offering: Let your dice and armies do the talking for you. What is that, WB? Are you insane? Probably, but that's not the point. So, on Side One you would have Shak + wildger + ???. On the Side Two would be psyber. Each player on Side One would field a 1,000 point army. psyber would field an army equal in size to all of his opponents combined. For example, if only Shak and wildger can attend, then psyber would have a 2,000 point army. (I only state this example in case my previous wording was vague!) Now, depending on how creative you guys want to be with this battle, psyber can do his army 1 of 2 ways: 1) He fields a coherent 2,000 point force of the faction of his choice. 2) He fields two 1,000 point forces from two different factions. There are pros and cons to both of these. I have never personally tried Option 2), but it does sound very fun to me. Anyways, what does the winning side of the battle get out of all of this? They get to declare that their arguments are the only valid ones and the other side was wrong. The losing side has to acknowledge this, of course. Does this realistically change anyone's viewpoint? Of course not. Does it lead to some good natured ribbing for the losing side? Absolutely. That's the point. Wild Bill
  14. Not to burst your bubble, but I feel that you were incredibly lucky with your win. It sounds like that your friends spent more time attacking each other and ignored your paltry force. In my opinion, you had way too many magic items and special characters in your list. If you were playing 1-on-1, you would get destroyed with a list like that. Try this 750 point list on for size: Abjorn Hofkeg Gilam, Rune Spelunker + Spiritual Hammer 6 Miners Musician Stone Spirit Abjorn Hofkeg 6 Miners Musician Earth Elemental Totals: 749 Points, 16 Models, 4 Troops, 4 Init Cards I know it may not sound like you are fielding more models than before, but now you have 4 troops your opponent has to deal with, all of which Burrow. And you have a fire mage to boot. Your two DR models will be plenty tough for your opponent to take down in a 750 point game. Trust me. Wild Bill
  15. Not sure if I can make it to that meeting or not, but it will definitely be nice to have a real con here in Tulsa! I'm definitely going to have to put it on my calendar. And for once I'll be able to sleep in my own bed during a con!
  16. "I say we explore the closer branch first. Should we leave someone behind to guard the rear?"
  17. Shad autodetects all traps, allowing Shad to avoid traps, which then lets people following Shad discover the same traps because Shad doesn't talk about traps that Shad has avoided. LOL! Shad will proceed down the stairs with caution. Shad doubts that there are any bad guys waiting immediately around the corner, assuming they would have tried something in the middle of the night. Shad will be on the lookout for traps.
  18. Shad will be happy to lead the way downstairs.
  19. Since nothing exciting has happened yet, Shad hasn't had anything to do!
  20. "Shad is ready to go kick some more zombie butt." And yes, Shad will speak of himself in the 3rd person, just like his hero, The Rock.
  21. If it is truly nearing evening time, then Shad is willing to accompany Isha to "the surface". Shad wants to check on Horse, as well as Not-Sam and the rest of the horses. We have no idea if anything bad has happened up there. Plus, it is wise to have a rear guard besides Not-Sam!
  22. Now that we know there are no more waiting bad guys, or possibly hurt prisoners needing rescuing, Shad will concur that going back to town and recovering is not a bad idea. Plus, we can get up top and make sure Not-Sam is still alive and well watching our horses!
  23. Sorry guys. I've been sick the last few days. Shad responds to Cory "See to Tiron's wounds. He appears to be having difficulty. Elmo, if you are feeling up to it, what say you and I go make sure the rooms those zombies came from are truly empty?" Assuming he is willing, then we will go to the first one we come to and see what we can see!
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