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  1. It might be arranged. I have the shadow dragon from Bones V done as well, though the only thing I painted their was the base. I have three more (big) Reaper dragons to do yet, but I'm not sure what colors I want to do.
  2. So a month ago or so I was in search of a Reaper red dragon that fit with the other colors I had finished recently. Marthrangul turned out to be the perfect size. It got to the point where I just wanted him finished or I knew he was going to be shelved, so there is some touch-ups to do. But he fits the bill.
  3. I usually just look at the dragon and envision what color I should paint it. The one that is supposed (I guess) to be the red but that I did as a white reminded me of the white dragon that graced the cover of one of the old Dragonlance modules, do I went with it. I always pictured reds as more massive than what was in the Kickstarter anyway. I tracked down a Marthrangul (Reaper is sold out) and it looks to be perfectly massive, thanks! Things are going to need a little hot water treatment and there will have to be a custom base, but that's what vacation days are for, right?
  4. Thanks for the help; I'm tracking down the names to compare size and dynamic posing even as I type.
  5. I have been working, off and on, to complete the 5 basic chromatic dragons, and was lucky enough to get the Bones V as the start. Unfortunately I hit a wall for the red. Anybody got a good suggestion? It needs to be the same size or a little bigger than the four beasties depicted below, and in a Reaper style. Thanks!
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