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  1. Playing against Ranz on a regular basis does affect the learning curve... I'm not so sure the Ragers are worth it, and being a non-faction does pose certain negatives. And yes, Ranz needs errata.
  2. I normally play mercs, following Orba rules even if I don't use Orba (only one non merc data card). At 1000 pts (or standard game so far) I have been finding the Lupine Lord being my "Go To Killa". Blowthrough, High Dis., and some magic items, makes him worth more than twice his points. Stepping out of melee (automatic unless wounded or vs. Necro) and shooting is better than 2 +4 attacks. Nicole of the Blade is another awesome buy, just for the tactician ability. I try to fit in at least one other shooty unit, if not two. My standard list usually includes: Lupine Lord with Shaman plus ragers/grunts Nicole with Crossbows and possibly wizard Sigurd plus grunts Soulcannon or Elves going to 1500, I would definitely include Orba. The low cost of the grunts should enable you to outnumber most opponents. Orba's ability to snipe another data card should be used either for a second shooting unit, or possibly a cheaper cleric, since the Shaman is unique, and Orba can benefit from his own cleric. Couple of tricks with the Cleric: Teleport the Soulcannon into position or cast speed on the speed boosted Lupine Lord to line up the best shots early. No matter what configuration I use, the Lupine Lord is always the Top Killa, and is an awesome scuplt anyways....
  3. Ranz definitely owes me a commission now!!! (The Lupines and Elves were mine) Kudos to him for coming in first, and seeing the borkenness of the Lupine Lord.
  4. Any news on how the tourney is going? Did they show off the Revan book? Any sneak peeks of new greens? Whaaaasssssuuuppppp!!!!!!
  5. My Merc Breakers are minus 2 DV, no tough, but +2 MAV, which can make all of the difference. I usually use 2 Warrior:1 Breaker ratio.
  6. My brain still hurts, but I'm glad this list was created....Now I have to wait for a third printing to pick up an updated rulebook....
  7. How is this statement from the PDF for Razig's Revenge not clear? Why does there have to be someone official saying what they have already put in print? Razig is considered Merc. Pretty clear, unless this is one of those Defensive Dispel, Overshot AOE wordings....
  8. AAaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!! My brain hurts!!!!!!!! If the intention is that AOE's still hit at max range like they do in that other game with steam golems, then please please please put in the FAQ or some similiar document as errata to what was written. In CCG's, cards are played as printed, whether or not that is the intention of the designers. When the designers feel this creates an unwanted effect, they issue errata that they distribute on the net, and in all further printings of the rules. Even that Steam Golem game had a section of errata and clarifications in their second rulebook. I have no problem with the ruling. It may make me actually consider Volley worth the points....as long as it is in print in an official document as a change to the written rules. Either that, or point me to the section of the rulebook that states that AOE's land somewhere even if they miss.....
  9. Add Crossbows, the Anti-Paladin, and the second level three wizard. Oh, and the Golem.
  10. I'll have to see if I can model a Lucky Rabbit's Foot on Orba.... (obscure game reference )
  11. Pending a Babysitter for the cubs, I'll be there.
  12. How about a Crusader hero with a defense of 11 and deflect....all of the heroes have lower defense than the templars... Goblin spearmen with mob would be awesome. some ghouls for Necropolis, but not the goofy, cowardly WFB ones. More of the coniving, vicious, flesh-hunting ones. some merc cavalry. Not heavy cavalry, but light/outrider type. An Ogre captain, and ogre adepts would be awesome. How about Lupine archers with composite bows, and a Lupine Sergeant?
  13. Scroll down a little farther and check out the Bloodseeker, and the Bone Horror!!!!!
  14. Geez...I was figuring the Crusaders would be second as: 1. They are in the two army starter with Necropolis 2. Then we have a good army and an evil army (not that I mind, as I play Reven...)
  15. It is very disturbing that the designer ruled the direct opposite of what the book states. Was this his intention? Defensive magic states that the spell used as defensive magic is now an attack spell, but he is saying that the dispel is still a non-attack spell. Why? What supporting wording is he using from the rulebook, or is this one of those "We intended it to work differently, and consider this errata instead of a clarification" Dispel starts out as a non attack spell, though, if I target an enemy model with it (maybe to cancel out a beneficial spell) Does it now become an attack spell? Does the initial statement that Dispel is a non attack spell overrule the fact that Defensive Magic tries to make it an attack spell?
  16. From my experience, the Lupine Lord's blowthrough should be used to thin your opponent's numbers, as the Lupines cost so much. If you can tag a character along with a few grunts, all the better. Glad to see your list worked very well. In a larger game, Cure will probably have more utility, as you will have more multi-track figures, and more enemy swinging on you.
  17. Thank you for the quick response! (Ice Shards RoXoR!!!)
  18. If you shoot a bow into CC, your troop has to make a discipline check. If you cast an AOE into CC, your troops are automatically shaken. But, if you cast Ice Shards into CC, nothing happens to your troop, at least not that I found in the rules. Are you supposed to follow the normal archery rules, or is it intentional that direct fire spells don’t affect your troops in CC?
  19. Ranzadule used it as Ice Shards, and played against STGary's Crusaders....Moandain auto hit a crusader every turn....The only spell needed to purchase was one Fire storm, as Ice Shards was built in....seems kinda over the top to me.
  20. What about Pub Fries? Andy Capp rocks!!!
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