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  1. I freehanded the shield, but I did it in reverse. I started with a black shield and added the metallics. If I had it to do over again I think I would just paint in the black with really thin paint, since I had to touch up alot of it that way anyway. I did the wings by stipling on four different colors. I have an old brush that I have cut down really short and flat, and it is very stiff. You just load it up with paint and wipe it off like drybrushing, but you dab the paint on instead of brushing it. You just start with you darkest color, and work up through how many colors you want to use. Just make sure you don't get complete coverage with any one color. Thanks for the kind words guys.
  2. This was the piece I did for Jubilee in the Winter exchange. I don't paint much anymore and it is starting to show. There are parts that I though could have been smoother. But I was happy enough with the design on the shield and his face that I didn't want to dip it and start over. She seems to like it and that is good enough for me. Let me know what you think.
  3. I think featuring your auction on CMON definitley helps. I don't sell much on ebay anymore though. My stuff is much better than it was a couple of years ago and I get less on my auctions now. There are just too many people who have gotten so much better in the last couple of years. The market is flooded with good painters.
  4. Cho isn't the sculptor. Sorry I should have been more specific. Clayburn Moore is the sculptor in question. Also I have heard that the breasts are being reduced. Some of Cho's art shows them that big, but it looks a little over the top in 3D.
  5. These were just posted on Frank Cho's website. Thought I would point them out to those of us who were discussing them a few weeks ago. Nudity warning: Brandy statue WIP Edit: Thanks to the mod who put up the nudity warning. Since this is really more of a blank and not a nude I didn't even think about it. But I can definitely see where it is necessary.
  6. What are the lighter colored parts? Are they resin or styrene? I thought those were hard to mold because of the temps involved. Are you guys using the new lower temperature rubber for your molds now? I think I read about it on the 1st list sculpting group. Edit -- Oh yeah, that piece is amazing!
  7. I'll be doing it in resin. I have a full molding and casting setup in my studio. I just want to be able to give it to my friend in something more stable than the original putty.
  8. Thanks guys. Darkstar - Yes the calves are a bit short. I had a problem with the hip connection on the left leg being too low and had to resculpt most of that thigh. The result has made the calves a bit wonky. I may cut them off and add a little to them before I finish. billr - The brown stuff is Aves Apoxie Sculpt (bronze). I was going to do just the arm separate, but I would have had to have puttied a joint in the armpit on any castings I ran. I decided instead to carve out a channel and do the separate piece as the arm and side. It will all fit in that cavity, which I filled and smoothed in in the other putty. It is just a thin layer, and regular greenstuff is beneath. Qwyksilver - Sorry I should have mentioned what was finished. The head, legs, boots and front top portion of the tabard were all that were finished at that point. The rear top portion of the tabard is finished now, but wasn't then. The lower tabard was just some putty I slapped in to hold the place. I have since started blocking in putty for the lower tabard and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. I am planning on molding it, and I will fill the region between the two sides. I could mold it with the space being open, but it will reduce the number of castings I am able to pull from that mold. Also I have a feeling that it will be more difficult to sculpt the cloth properly if there isn't sufficient backing there. Also the left arm is going to be holding a shield. I know people dislike that standard pose, but I thought I could do some things to add the appearance of motion. Also the arm at full extention was an attempt to give it a dynamic feeling. That moment right before he strikes. Additionally it is a friend's D&D character, so my options were somewhat limited. As far as scale goes he stands 35mm. Without the legs bent he would be about 371/2mm. I knew I was going to mold and cast him so I was planning for a little shrinkage. Anyway, sorry for the drawn out responses. Thanks for the kind words guys.
  9. I have done some sculpting before, but always working on other pieces. This is the first all original composition I have put together. It still has quite a bit left to go, but it is far enough along that I am willing to show it. I have learned quite a bit from doing this one. Mainly that you can put a great chainmail texture into a flat piece of putty, but applying it to a 3D figure is something completely different. I also did the legs in older putty and they don't look nearly as sharp. And the left leg was cut at quite a bit and resculpted. So let me know what you think.
  10. This guy looks great. Viking Lodge has pics that are probably better and willl be posting them soon, but I just couldn't wait to post these. My camera has been taking really dark picures. I don't have the same lighting setup I used to, that is the problem I am sure. I think these are good enough to give you guys some kind of idea about how great this looks, though. Check out the weathering on the armor. Also the axe handle was bent when I got it, so I straightened it. But I think it looked better with a curve in it, so I think I am going to very carefully put it back. Anyway, thanks again Linus the piece is great.
  11. Got my piece from Viking Lodge tonight, and man is it awesome! He is going to post pics, but if he doesn't do it before later tonight I will post some of my own so you guys can see how great this guy looks.
  12. Seen this before, but man is it cool! Sorry for the edit, but apparently I can't spell anymore
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