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  1. Hobby Products Demonworld figures are some of the best 15mm figs you will find. http://www.hobbyproducts.com/hobbypr....5714163 http://www.coolminiornot.com/index.p....nm=none
  2. It usually takes me at least 30 hours to finish a piece to a level that I am happy with. What can I say, I'm slow.
  3. I have worked with an airbrush on occasion. I can give you two pieces of advice. 1. Practice on a piece that you don't care too much about before you start the Dictator. It will take you awhile to get the hang of the gun. 2. Make sure you have at least a decent brush. Usually the really low priced guns are good for basecoating only. At least in my opinion. If you want a how to book I would suggest you check a hobby shop and not a normal boookstore. Any airbrush books you find in a conventional bookstore are going to be about painting in 2-D.
  4. I know that I am risking redundancy here, but I would have to also say that you use every advantage you can manufacture for yourself. I work for an art studio and the sculptors I work with use all kinds of cheats. Machined pieces on figures, bases, or blocks placed in the bottom of a base to make sure it sits flat. The final product is all that really matters.
  5. I just picked up #14013 Beastmen and Champion from the Warlord line. They are great. Don't see them anywhere on the site though. There were a couple of other new Warlord figs at the shop as well. They also were impressive. An elven archer and a female huntress if I remember correctly. Just thought some of you would want to know if you haven't seen them anywhere.
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