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  1. Thanks @Reaper_Jon and @BlazingTornado . Sorry for being slow in my expression of gratitude! 🙂
  2. I have a lich figure from Reaper Bones, "Neb'nesew, Pharaoh Lich," #77147, Artist T. Prow. It's a dark gray plastic model. Reaper online has as a "Mummy Lich," #77147, Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. It's a light gray plastic model and the pose is different. Reaper online does have a "Neb'nesew, Nefsokar Warlord," #14236, Sculpted by Tim Prow. It's a Warlord metal model with the same pose as my plastic one. Any idea if my model is just an older discontinued one and the product number got reused? I can't remember if this model came from Reaper directly or if I bought it elsewhere. Thank you.
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