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  1. I make all the darklining as one of the last steps for several reasons (but just 2 came to my mind at the moment :D ): 1. i sometimes change my mind about color scheme during painting 2. because i tend to use flow improver and i heavily water the paints, the paint flows into recesses naturally
  2. depends what effect i wish to achieve. when i wish to separate and enrich the colour near the darkline i use contarsting color fe. dark green for red, purple for yellow ( i haven`t used the term "complementary colours" because i`m not sure about it,at least in english - i found 2 diffrent definitions for this term. firts saying that it`s the colour laying on the opposite side of the color wheel - that was what i mean. second - it`s the colour laying near on the color wheel. could anyone helpme out and tell which is correct?)
  3. there`s something with this mini that really catches the eye. the face is beatiful. my only piece of advice is that it`s good to dilute the paints a bit more. the robe does not look entirely smooth (might be the pic). also it seems while painting red your brush touched also some white areas too. still good work!
  4. usually when I try freehand on a folded cloak i paint some marker points first which i follow when working on a pattern. thanks to them i`m not so easily misguided by all those folds :)
  5. wooohooo... I`m impresed you managed to paint entire force to such quality.
  6. I know it may sound strange but the best stuff I found to glue static grass is the one girls use to paint their nails. Really .... it proved to be the most durable and the gress achieves nice form. pva glue is good to, but a bit worse....
  7. yeah, ceramic pallete is quite handy, especially when it comes to cleaning. ceramic tiles definitely do the trick :). I also reccomend making your own wet palette. extremely useful when you mix the paints a lot and you don`t want color combo you`ve just made to dry out.
  8. You could do them the same way as nmm silver or gold. Simply replace greys/yellows with a color of your choice. I`ve painted dark green nmm using catachan green, vmc golden olive, vmc golden yellow (very pale yellow color, almost white).
  9. zenithal basecoating -you first prime the mini black, then spray white from above (light source). such basecoat has some advantages - you could see details more clearly, you have a simple guide where to put highlights, it`s easy to get bright colours but you don`t have to be as precise and careful as with white. I`ve heard that some painters go one step further- spray black, then grey from front, sides and back and then white from above. IMHO it`s not necessary :).
  10. wow, I love those waves! how have you made them?
  11. actually I enjoy putting my pieces on ebay. yeah , i know it`s kind of gamble but it sometimes pays really well. also it has one thing that`s much better than commissions - you decide what to paint by yourself :) . moreover when you sell some stuff and the customers like it you`ll definietely see them checking your auctions and bidding in them in the future and that should generate higher income after some time.
  12. Hi all! I`ve just found myself painting more and more Reaper miniatures (especially Werner Klocke sculpts) and I`ve just wanted to share. This 2 are my favourite so far the second one was my first attempt at zenithal basecoating (usully I paint on black).I must admit I like this technique and will try to get used to such basecoat.
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