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  1. Thanks everyone. I contacted Adrienne Hawkins via the email who said they should be able to arrange something. I'm arriving on a Sunday afternoon and spending Monday in Dallas so I intend to be able to come by then. Sadly I can't make the paint club, that sounds cool. ;)
  2. I will be visiting the USA this year in early August and flying into Dallas on my way to Gencon 2013. (Found there is a Sydney-Dallas flight...woot) I've been a big fan of Reaper Miniatures for years and would love to be able to see the building and the game store. Does anyone have any recommendations about what day might be the best to drop by or what can be done there?
  3. In Australia I help run an event in Sydney, but they aren't the same as how you define them in the US. In Australia most I attend are based around a gaming tournament as the focus. Local stores and traders will attend, but we don't get the bigger companies or any special events. So I'm copletely new to the US Conventions but I'd like to try and attend something this year. The problem is trying to decide what :)
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I live in Australia, so its a fairly big trip for me :D I wasn't quite sure how large the ReaperCon turns out to be. So maybe Gencon would be a better bet for my first US Convention.
  5. I'm looking at taking a holiday in the USA this year and visiting some family. Since I've always been a fan of Reaper Miniatures and thought that maybe I could combine my holiday with a visit to ReaperCon. (I've never visited a big gaming convention in the US before) So I was wondering what sort events are usually held at ReaperCon? Not necessarily specifics, but just in general.
  6. 8 minutes from question to answer, that is so brilliant! Thanks very much for the answer, sounds like its exactly what I needed. I might add I love the Boneyard idea, it is so cool to be able to order just the pieces I need.
  7. Hi All I am looking for a flaming sword for a conversion and saw the Murkillor, Wraith King (3446) miniature. According to the Boneyard there is the Body and "Sprue". Does anyone know if the flaming sword is a seperate piece? Or alternatively, does anyone have another miniature that has a seperate flaming sword?
  8. My Dad had a massive toothache and it was New Years Eve, so no dentists or doctors, so we took him to Emergency. Now I guess it could have been tough to tell, but he's sitting there, arms wrapped around himself, shivering its so painful. The doctor comes out and asks: "Are you in pain" Toothache -> Emergency room...you think he would have guessed.
  9. A pair of GW High Elf Archers. They weren't very good. Bright colours, no shading, no highlighting, nothing. In fact, I painted 2 and my sister painted 2. Hers were better.
  10. That will be very cool if so. Infantry have a very limited use in the game, I've only used them once and the only reason they did anything was a mech knocked down another right in front of them (and no one wasted fire on them). Though Battle Armour doesn't come into the infantry category, they can be very effective. And I love using vehicles, despite all my opponents harrassing me about it. But it depends on what the rules are, some vehicles are quite effective. Have you ever seen a mech player break down when you deploy a squadron of Shreck PPC carriers.
  11. I'm glad to see BT getting some more attention. It really is a good game. The level of detail is both its selling point and probably its biggest curse. It is great when you are playing and blwoing each other away, but it can really bog the game down as well. We actually use some house rules to speed it up somewhat (it was getting too ugly with six SRM 6's, or two LBXAC20/s, and having to roll about 40 locations for each shot). And the background is awesome as well, each of the guys I play with has picked their own faction and unit. And there is such a range to pick from no one has overlapped. My favourite moment in a game was a 4-way brawl that had seperated into two 1v1's. On one turn, three out of the four mechs went down. One attempted a last-ditch DFA and was blown from the sky, while in the other 1v1 one mech took a hit to its ammo and exploded, while simultaneously nailing his killer with an AC/10 to the head. (I love simultaneous firing. I was the guy that took the ammon explosion)
  12. Caiger seemed a bit boring to me. So slow to load pages. So I've gone back and retaken Ackland Mall.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I've recommended the Narn and Centauri Fleets to my club president and I'll see how he runs with it.
  14. I'm not sure if I'll be painting them or not. May get someone better. I'm dithering between the Earth and Centauri, trying to get the most impresive looking ships in one Fleet box. In the game system, all ships are basically equal, so I'm trying to get as many ships of the same approxmiate size. The Earth Box has more ships, but it seems more are smaller.
  15. Thats okay. The club president wants the larger ships anyway. Which two fleet boxes would you recommend getting? But with respect to how impressive they would look on the tabletop (not how good the ship rules are). I was thinking maybe the Centauri and Narn boxes.
  16. Some of them are very nice models. Except I would have to get rid of those silly 'ears' the armoured models have. I cant stand them.
  17. I have taken it several times. In fact, I have taken it recently. But it can be very hard to keep...In fact, I'm almost at the point of breaking it. Starship Troopers Pathfinders....soooo nice.
  18. Thanks muchly guys. I just couldn't figure it out. The Call to Arms ships looked like the larger ones, but I couldn't be sure...and the fighters were definately the small fleet one. It was driving me nuts. I designed a space fighter game for use at Cons for my club, and I was using various ship miniatures from Silent Death and the larger Babylon 5 fighters. But the club president saw my Bin-Tak dreadnought and thought the game would look better with ships more that size. But I knew the original game was out of production and couldn't figure out how big the Call to Arms ones were. So many thanks, now I know what they are. And the club president is looking at buying a bunch of fleet boxes to be used for future games. (And I get to play with lots of ships. )
  19. I was wondering if anyone had gotten the Call to Arms ships made by Mongoose Publishing? What are the actual dimensions of the ships? I cant tell from the pictures whether they are like the Full scale or Fleet wars models. Those round bases are throwing off my perceptions. Thanks
  20. You've got the room to have some fleeing orcs as well.
  21. I might as well come on up. Give Frosch a crack at me. I'm almost a veteran after Ackland Mall. That was fun.
  22. I didn't think it was that much of a change. I dont want to revive anyone because I'm worried if its a zombie that didn't want to be revived, he'll come and hunt me down. I'll make you a deal Frosch, if I get killed, I will come join you. (But I warn you...I run fast )
  23. I wonder why, last time it was because of complaints of being too hard. Now the zombies are doing well, is it too easy? And my feral zombie wanders the streets, slaughtering all humies in his path. Bwahahahaha.
  24. Ackland Mall is now completely in Zombie hands. (But I survived, yay!)
  25. Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. Such imagination. It was so advanced, they couldn't afford to replicate it in the movie. I know its Games Workshop, but I really recommend the Gaunts Ghosts series by Dan Abnett. Its the way 40K should be. Or if you're into Star Wars, try Timothy Zahn's books. Very good. Oh, and if you enjoy a little humour in your fantasy (like the quote in my sig), look for Blue Moon Rising, the Hawk and Fisher series, Return of the Blue Moon and Blood and Honour, all by Simon R. Green. It has seriousness and fun all rolled into one.
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