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  1. They'll be filling in for Wendigo in our next Deadlands game. The PC's are reaching the end of a major story thread so a couple of freshly painted beasts should be just right. I've also got a spot on my Necromancer bloodbowl team for a flesh golum. One of them might fill in till I've decided on a permanent model to fill that position.
  2. Thats good, because I'm ordering them plus the DHL one already. I'm looking forward to working on them. Skipper
  3. The warlord models have two ghasts,,,,, 14521 Sergent, Ghast 14502 Ghast But the c2008 version of the rules only allows one to be played as a Unique Sergent. Am I missing something? I'm actually planning to set up a cooperative game where tow or more players attempt to make it through a graveyard inhabited by the creatures from the Necropolis. I'd like to test run it early, and have it set to go by next Halloween as an entry into this set of rules. Skipper
  4. We've dropped off for a while too. Our interests cycle and at the moment are cycling around Blood bowl, Field of Glory, and Uncharted Seas. Alkemy may be stealing some of our time too in the near future. But never fear, Warlord still resurfaces again and again. We've delayed getting back in to see how the Rules from 2008 work out. My Necropolis, Crusaders and Mercenaries are all awaiting a return to the table top. I'm downloading the final 2008 version as I type this and am anxious to see the final version. Skipper
  5. Actually, I think an updated rule book would be a good boost to the ooverall sales too. I know they are still tweaking the rules some, so I imagine it is still a way off, but I think it would really kick the game off again. With the exception of the local club, Warlords has fallen off dramatically locally. Even the FLGS no longer keeps the wall stocked. I haven't seen any new warlord miniatures go up on the wall. Skipper
  6. I noticed that Reaper will have a presense with its Paint and Take stations, but will their be any official or unofficial warlords games? My crew may be interested in dragging ourselves over there. The Warmaster Tournament on Sunday is right up our alley, I'm interested in the Grand Arme game, now all we need is a Warlord game to tempt us a little closer to making the decision. Anyone know of any tid bits?
  7. I'm considering building a samurai list using the Free Company riules. I'll start with the Samurai in the mercenaries and then select appropriate cards from the nuetral lists and either good or evil. I hateto give up a faction ability to get the list, especially since the advantages of a free company are greatly reduced with archers now being grunts and the number of variety in each faction being extensive. Still, I really want to get my Clan War models back into battle after all these years. (Its a shame that game went under, it had a lot of potential).
  8. When a model with disable attacks, when does the disable apply. 1. Disable applies before the offensive strike and defensive strike apply. Therefore the defending model has his strikes reduced. 2. The disable applies after the offensive strike and defensive strike, therefore the reduced atacks occur for each additional activation. 3. Some other option
  9. Therefore, I assume the following combinations are also legal. 1. Marksmen and Poison shot 2. Critical strike and Poison shot 3. Warmaster and Frenzy 4. Warmaster, Frenzy, and Poison Strike. I'm sure there are others. We debated sureshot for a while and had decided it was an activated SA. The indication here is that it is not activated, but is innate. I think we can live with that.
  10. When a unit activates and some of the figures make a double move, which of the following are correct or possible? 1. The individuals make both moves at the same instant. 2. The individuals make the first move, and then make the second move after all figures complete the first action. The first just makes sense to be completely legal. The second seems to provide screens the ability to move out of the way on the first action, and then move back after ranged combat occurs. Let the discussion begin.
  11. In our game Monday night, we came across a good question that needs clarrifying. In the rule book under Combat and Noncombat actions (pg 59 I think) it states you can take A) two non-combat actions, B)a combat then non-combat action, C)or a non-combat followed by a combat actions Under combat actions it lists Use Special Action (SA) as one of the actions. Marksmen is a SA as is Sureshot. How is this interpretted. 1) The elf player must choose between Marksmen and Sure shot (a combat action only allows one SA action other wise it would be multiple combat actions) 2) The elf player would be able to fire the Vale archers twice using Marksmen and then reroll one miss with Sureshot. (This seems to violate the one combat action per turn) OK, let the discussion begin.
  12. Now his might sound wierd, but how about dropping a tissue over the model to represent a shroud or ghost like state. I've actually been considering something similar to this for stunned models, but tokens sound about right for totally dead corpses just waiting to be drained of their life giving fluid. Skipper
  13. Razig definitely needs either a toughness rating or a version of "Hate Sustains me" rule. I feel bad for our local Razig player. We'll probably let hime play toughness 4 even without an official corretion. Skipper
  14. Both the flyer and burrower special rule states that they can land (or surface) as a free action at the end of a movement action. Can this end them in B2B contact with an enemy model? Theoretically this would mean that the first action could end with the Flyer or Burrower ending in B2B contact and then with the second action conduct a combat action. The second question is can this be used in conjunction with the charge move of improved charge. If so, does the landing (surfacing) occur prior or after the charge move. Skipper
  15. OK, CW 22 lists it as Razig, Dark Maiden, Baron LeBone, Soul Cannon, and 4 Skeleton crew. The image of the box matches the description. The Warstore has the same list but with 8 skeletal crew. The advertised list in CW22 would cost $39.99 for the box while the individual costs of the pieces is $37:94. The box set is actually a bad deal The list from the warstore would be about an $11.00 savings, Which is correct? Skipper
  16. Our group prefers to play scenario type games. I was wondering if anyone out there know of a good source of scenarios. I understand that they are used heavily in the tournaments. I'd be interested in them especially if they will work well in friendly games. In 2005 I wrote up one and sub-mitted it to the Fan Fiction site, so I am familiar with that location. Skipper "No challenge is to large......or too small" Edit " Oh, and I have found the ReaperCon 2007 scenarios" End Edit
  17. In our return to Warlord....I used the Grave horror and he absoltely desimated a unit of Elven Rangers and their Warlord. Now he is a beast. I'm also greatly impressed with Gauntfields new stats. He pretty much swept through the elves other unit will being supported by skeletons and a few wraiths. Skipper
  18. Which of the cards are the most updated. The ones in the Chronichles 2007 Pre-layout edition or the ones on the card search files. Skipper
  19. We've used a 1500 point dragon against an equal number of elves and the battle initially looked as if the dragon would win out, but in the end, numbers began wearing him down. Both sides were sweating heavily before the end, and everyone had a great time. I must say that I think they definitely do not seem overbalanced. Skipper
  20. I'm looking heavily into the Wild West game systems and am interested in seeing how they play. I really think RAGE could do a good job covering this period. It would take a few modifications, but it has all the potential it needs. Skipper
  21. OOps, I found it It was under the main page....not the Warlord page. Skipper
  22. Everyone is talking about the archers being turned to adept units in the second printing, so I went to find the errata as mentioned on Warlords HQ. But I'm unable to find this mentioned anywhere on the errata. Am I looking in the wrong place. It definitely needs to be clearer. Skipper
  23. Kingauthor.... Getting this game started isn't too difficult. I was the first on the bandwagon here and have accumulated a number of players converting over to the Warlord game. I started with the boxed armies CrusadersandNecropolis and used them as a demo force. I've found just showing up with the game really gets everyone interested. Especially now that my minis are starting to look good with paint on them. (Now if only I can find time to work on my own mercenary list.) The freewheeling style lends itself very good to scenarios. We are testing a number of story driven scenarios and that just seems to add that much more to the game. Skipper
  24. Actually they still greatly outnumbered their opponents. Their was only three crusaders (Malcom and two ironspines) vs the 7 remaining necropolis skeletons (I no longer remember the composition). It really meant the end of most of the remaining skeletons on that side of the board. We tend to play objective missions and that means most players send their troops to accomplish some objective. That meant that neither was very well supported. If I recall (I was demonstrating and not playing) it was actually two Necropolis leaders that went down and both sqauds were then peicemealed. Skipper
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