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  1. The d&d board game Castle Ravenloft has some clear flaming skeletons in it. It's a pretty good deal for minis.
  2. Skeletons, not re-animated, just dead bones. Various poses, like a buried one, or someone who fell, or killed in a fight.
  3. Citadel has been successful with their big box of skulls. Some thing like that but less grimdark edgelord style. Like a big box of items. Broken weapons and shields, even unbroken would be great. Some various species skulls are ok, different parts of a skeleton too. Cart wheels. Pile of apples. Segments of walls with varying complexity of designs. A few boards laying together. Half buried boxes, crates, etc. Anything that could be tossed on a base to make the world seem more real. A tiny mouse, a branch, fork and spoon.
  4. Heros and villains that come on a "mount" and on foot. Like a hag and the same hag on a crow. Or a paladin, then same paladin on a griffin.
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