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  1. Akuma


    Are they reliable?
  2. Congrats Jester! (Ok, so I'm jelous ) I might just pick up a copy just because :p
  3. I've pinned before when it comes to resin models, so that's nothing too new :p Do they make glue for metal that'd work with these? Oh, I know Jester :p (I knew him before he went to doing mainly minis ) Probably should have bugged him first....
  4. Akuma


    Already doing that
  5. Akuma


    Being a huge dragon fan, and constantly looking for dragon models (pretty darn rare, that.... ) Anyway, can anyone supply me with a list of dragon minis that exist? (if possible ) I've seen one I wish to get once I get the money (a skeleton one... Reaper makes it, even, don't know it's name ) Anyhoo, any help is much appreciated ^__^
  6. Ok, so I have two minis, but... probably nothing that'll work for them I build plastic models as a hobby, so I figure I can use skills from that and all But if anyone can help me out with the basics of minis, it'd be much appreciated! Basiccly, what kind and type of paint to use (I use acrylics for the plastic stuff ), what kinda glue ect If there's already a topic for this, sorry for making a new one >.< (And if so, can someone pass the link my way? Thanks again )
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