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  1. Another great color scheme...that green, in particular, really pops. Good work on the crystal, too.
  2. I agree ..the white is great. Nice job on the chest jewel, too. I'm digging that deep purple color you used throughout (on the staff and the trim of the outfit). Overall, just really nice color selection and execution.
  3. Nice work on the rock coloration. The bits of tan are a subtle way to make it very realistic! I like the mouth, too. It's simple, but that super-dark black gives it so much depth. A+ work!
  4. Wow...I really like the coloration on that mouth! Maybe some gloss clear on just the mouth would help it look wet and make it "pop" even more. Just an option to consider. Great highlighting on the scales, too.
  5. Sounds like the eye was a pain, but it came out cool...just a weird little disfigurement he got on the high seas. It works. The rest of the model is very cool, too. Pirates are a great excuse to use vibrant colors, and you've done it to great effect here.
  6. Great color scheme and superb work on the leather bits.
  7. Everything is great, but that cape is my favorite part. Such smooth blending! I like the armor highlights, too.
  8. That hard work on the suit paid off. Well-executed. I like the overall color scheme as well. He looks like he's all set to stumble onto some unspeakable horrors and lose his mind 🙂
  9. I'm gonna have to remember that trick with the skulls ..great mod! Lovely paint job, too. I'm really digging the concept behind the cloaker.
  10. Great job on this shady-looking character. It's not the type of color scheme I'd automatically predict for such a sculpt/character, but it works so well. Having the purple inner robe serve as the "blend" between the red and blue robes is a great touch in the color planning.
  11. Great job shading/highlighting the purple.
  12. This looks very cool. I love the color scheme on his clothes (especially the fancy right sleeve). If you're looking to add contrast, have you thought about doing a light brown wash over the fur? All of your highlights should be maintained, and it'll end up setting it apart from the armor more. Just a possibility. Great model.
  13. Yeah...the bit around the eyes give him a scarier, more deranged appearance (as compared to what you typically find with more stoic, docile werewolves :D). I also love the armor and wrappings.
  14. All looking good...that gravestone with the skull is especially cool. I imagine that table will be pretty versatile.
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