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  1. Looking good...perfect color scheme for a shady character. Absolutely perfect job on the eyes, too. My only critique would be to consider adding another coat of silver to the blades so that they stand out a bit more (don't go too far with it, though...he doesn't seem like he'd want to stand out too easily).
  2. I agree with Rigel, it looks like he's underwater just waiting for trouble. Great work on that patina. It's amazing how many different approaches people are able to take with this mini. Really good work.
  3. Looking good...I really like the work you did on the head injury. His overall color scheme is also a good fit for the mini.
  4. This is masterfully done. Not only is the osl great, but the orb really does seem to be emitting a genuine glow. I really like the attitude in that face, too.
  5. The overall color scheme on the clothing screams "Greek," which is quite appropriate. Very nice detail work and a lot of great color variation throughout the skin-tone. I really like him.
  6. Good, classic feel to the color scheme...really appropriate and well-executed. The choice of a very bright gold and a dark silver/gunmetal makes for some interesting contrast.
  7. I think I got tetanus by just looking at these guys. Excellent weathering and corrosion. Those green eyes also create nice focal points. Very cool buch!
  8. Man...if does go on and sell a mini that someone else was nice enough to paint for him...that's all manner of lame. Anyway, I like your paint job on this guy. You handled the whites well and the overall color scheme really works nicely (all the purple and gold gives him an Adrian Veidt feel). Looks like there was a ton of detail work to pick out on this guy and you've done some very crisp work with it!
  9. Wow....allow me to add my praise. The sculpting is seamless (no pun intended). Like everyone else, I would totally buy this as an off-the-shelf mini if I didn't know otherwise. Also, excellent paint job. That skin tone is quite nice and the darks/lights within the coat work really well. I'm loving the work on the club, too.
  10. Definitely not what I was expecting from the title. 🙂 This is great...the texturing on the skin and shorts is particularly well-done. Excellent free-hand on that t-shirt, too!
  11. Looking good! I usually back Midlam's Kickstarters, but this was one I didn't jump on. Kind of regretting it, now. 😉 I'm very impressed by the quickly-applied eyes. My favorite one is the sixth one (black outfit with pale skin). It's a great color scheme.
  12. Definitely has that barbarian feel. My favorite bit is the pants...they really have a leather/hide effect.
  13. Oooh...I like this a lot. Both blues work really well together. Do I see faint touches of green in the dark blue? Great eyes/teeth, too.
  14. I like to imagine them as three bumbling imps that a wizard called forth from some far-off dimension. They served their purpose, but now they just get in his way and he can't figure out how to banish them back to their home dimension.
  15. Great job on the eyes and mouth! Really brings this guy to life. I also like the skin tone. I'll echo what Guyra said about the skin-tone - even if it's not 100% where you want it to be, the effect is still there to some degree. It's a tough thing to pull off. I'm actually in the process of trying to get a similar effect, myself. Unfortunately, I haven't made much progress and I don't have any real useful advice to offer yet. 🙂
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