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  1. Yeah... that's pretty close in terms of scale. Thanks for the comparison pic
  2. I love the deep cut of the Honeycombs commercial for your inspiration on Andre's color scheme 🙂 Interesting color scheme on the goblin. I like that you went with a less-common color scheme. Though, on this particular model, it also reads as an armored chimp (which is a concept I love, btw). Nice clean detail work on him. Your paint scheme on the dwarf is cool, too. I think he'd benefit from some highlighting to really make him pop. How big is he? I'm sure he's bigger that 28nm scale (judging from what I typically see from those scs sets). I'm wondering if he'd work as a statue or something, too. I like everything in the eldritch hound except the white on the eye (I think it makes him come off as a bit cartoon-ey). But, that's just personal preference.
  3. Yeah...those eyes are absolutely incredible (especially on the gray one). I really like how you handled the fur, too. Great pair of werewolves
  4. Gutsy color choices. It's really eye-catching. I'm torn because, while things really pop the way they are, the logical part of my brain tells me that there should be some wear in the clothing. It looks so cool, though, that I have a hard time suggesting any changes (maybe, at most, some wear around the edges of the clothing and some minor rust on the armor). On the other hand, what's to stop a lich from just going out and getting some nice, new clothes? Maybe that's what's going on here. 🙂 Also, excellent work on the bone/staff weathering and the yellow and green medallions. I really like this guy.
  5. I agree with Peithetairos about pushing the contrast further. Just make sure you don't go TOO bright (the overall dark color scheme that you used really works for him, you just want to highlight the areas that are most exposed to the light). Overall, you did good. Some added highlighting would make it even cooler.
  6. Ooh... that's slick. You're right - perfect fit. It's coming along nicely.
  7. Yeah...he came out great. Nice depth to the shading. You also did a nice job emphasizing the details (such as the teeth, gums, etc.). I've always liked this model. I may dig mine out this weekend and post it
  8. I agree with this. There's a lot to love here, but the tentacles are definitely my favorite bit. I like the blue on the back spine and the finger webs. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box in terms of coloration. I think it would have also been neat to have the wing membranes be the same color. While I'm no expert on the physiology of Great Old Ones, (those particular anatomy texts can be dangerous to find and study 🙂 ), it seems like they'd be made out of the same type of skin. Outstanding piece. Well worth the time you put into it
  9. Conceptually, I just don't see a Chihuahua being able to pull off the silence involved in being a rogue 🙂 These look good. The blue makes them seem like a nice match set. The Chihuahua, in particular, looks quite realistic.
  10. Good job. I like the color choices such as the purple tongue and orange wing membranes. He does NOT look trustworthy. 🙂
  11. Excellent drybush work, and I love the brownish color on the face. A+ piece!
  12. Really good paint scheme, and the hair looks incredible. If you're interested in tightening up the eyes a bit, I'd suggest hitting the surrounding areas with some flesh (above and below the eyeball area). Just a suggestion...cool piece.
  13. I agree with all of this 100%. I'd also add that the highlighting on the hair is great and that poor guy holding his own severed head is a hilarious touch.
  14. Hope you got your tetanus shot before handling this s thing. 🙂 Nice rust effects and I dig the unique stone color.
  15. First of all, I love the concept here. Basically, alien villagers. Brilliant! I really like them all. I think the blue guy with the red/black suit is my favorite. So much subtlety in the skin. I also really like the way you handled the metallics on that last guy (the mysterious fellow in the red robes). An idea for the white guy with the blue jacket - any interest in adding a logo of some sort on the back of his jacket? He strikes me as being a regular guy who's on an intergalactic bowling team or something. A little bit of space branding might be a cool touch Again, fantastic work on some really cool models.
  16. I love it from top to bottom. The skin contrasts nicely with the bandages. While the vibrant blue cloth seems kind of out of place on a cerebral level, I agree that it adds some welcome color to the piece.
  17. The thing I like most about these is that, even though they're newer models, your paint scheme gives them a cool old-school feel. Great highlighting on the fur, as well as the goblins' skin.
  18. Considering what they started as, you guys did a great job with these. I'd say that the blue one is my favorite...I just really like that color scheme (and the work on the mouth). They work as-is. My only suggestion might have been to go with different colors in the underbellies (a tan, or even a different shade of each dragon's overall color). Just an idea, though. It sounds like it was more about getting these in the table. Good work.
  19. Cool...that definitely helps me get a better feel for it. Your sculpting work is very smooth. Everything blends together nicely. I'm torn about whether or not to suggest some creepy eyes. I feel like it COULD be cool, but the empty sockets are already creepy as-is (plus, it keeps it closer to the source of inspiration). I think that, if pressed, I'd suggest leaving it the way it is and not adding anything else.
  20. Nor'Okk is outstanding. I love his skin-tone and the gray pelt complements it so well. His teeth and the decaying green hand trophies are also nice touches. The Ankheg models are also nice...great job making them dark while you maintained definition (love the acid spittle on that base). The dragon tortoise really catches the eye with that blue shell. All the highlights look nice and the resin pour came out great. Everything else looks wonderful, too.
  21. That's why I haven't pursued it...my pile of shame is already big enough without me having the power to create more minis out of thin air 🙂 This is cool. I really love the work you did on the face. Is that an eyeball poking out of the sand on the base?
  22. I agree ..the purple/red tones really liven up the color scheme and attract the eye. The green loincloth on the figure also ties in nicely to the base. Great composition! My favorite part is the way the wing membranes gradually shift from light at the top to darker at the bottom.
  23. This is great. That patterning really came out nicely and your color scheme is inspired from top to bottom. I'm impressed.
  24. Really nice airbrush work. The red highlights, in particular, pop nicely.
  25. Love be that face...so much attitude. The warhammer looks great, too. I like the way the leather bits have a slight redness to them...makes them look crisp and new (which is something we don't always see... nice change of pace).
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