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  1. Aw man! I was at reapercon and didn't think to check the boards that day! I do feel it was awful sweet of Reaper to throw me such a nice shindig and I really appreciated how many of you showed up.
  2. Both. Sometimes it makes me giggle sometimes it makes me scream sometimes it saves me effort. I call it autocorrupt though.
  3. This one (I shall dub him babypsycho) has quite the horde of miniatures and paints to choose from. I'm excited to see what he chooses first! I do have some superhero statues for him to paint. They're probably 8" tall and plastic so those might be his first.
  4. I have confirmed that my wiggly wyrm is still in the house though the BOGW is not. Fortunately I work in the 'raising other people's children' field so I have some preparation for raising my own. Not the same I know but at least I know what to expect at certain ages. We are loving parenthood so far.
  5. Recovery is slow. I still have doctors orders for minimal activity and having pre eclampsia issues but the baby is amazing and healthy and beautiful.
  6. My box arrived 5/4, I was hospitalized the next day for a week and have been slowly recovering ever since. Box is heading out today after having been gone through and refreshed. So sorry for the delay!
  7. Sigh-life got in the way. I got our box on the 4th of May, less than 24 hours before I was sent to the hospital for an emergency induction which turned into a C section and a week in the hospital due to complications. I am recovering and back home now, but needless to say I had some other priorities for a little while. The box at my house has been dug through, refreshed, and is headed back to the post office today.... I'm really sorry for the delay but I included some hard to find goodies in there so I hope I've made it worthwhile for its next recipient.
  8. Used to be Spyglass, then changed names to Eolith, then shut doors and sold rights to Heresy
  9. Does a halfling paladin riding a baby gold dragon count?
  10. I can't count the number of times I've volunteered without thinking of the consequences. Whether that be volunteering at a con for an exhibitor AND to teach paint class (consequence, no time to see the con) or helping friends with a mystery project (consequence-sore, fatigue, bumps and bruises, seeing things best left to the individuals I was helping). Perhaps it's even been taking care of someone's kid so they can have a date night or go to an appointment (surprise! Kid is sick! And now you will be too for the next month!). I sometimes feel like no good deed goes unpunished. Yet I keep doing it anyway because....love? Masochist? Not really sure ;)
  11. A GW wood elf archer-plastic. He came in a box with five buddies. I no longer have the buddies (I painted them all at the same time) but I do have one...I like to show him to folks who say they could never match my skill level. Side note-I had been helping my ex assemble GW vampire counts for a while but hadn't been allowed to paint them because he didn't believe I could do it. I really wanted to try but since he wasn't going to risk me destroying his figures I just went and bought some for myself. When I quickly surpassed his skill level he stopped painting.....
  12. If I notice yes. My phone likes to decide which word I actually wanted to type regardless of what I do type. This is something I find bothersome.
  13. Pen unless I'm doing roller derby paperwork. Then pencil all the way.
  14. -Seattle, WA -no thank you because of impending baby -yes please! I have a LOT of things that could find new good homes.
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