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  1. Nice! Love that purple and the yellow on the chest! Great color scheme, really came together nicely! Fantastic paint job.
  2. Very nice, love the highlights and shadowing. I have to say we have carpet almost the exact same color as the stone base and I had to do a double take, lol, but that's probably a function of the way it came out in photography. I just thought that was funny because for a second I couldn't believe such a beautiful paint job was stuck to a bit of shag carpet, hahaha. Obviously my mistake! May also have a bit to do with how it's raised up around his feet, like he's sunken into a plush carpet! Truly, not trying to give offense--I sincerely hope it isn't taken that way, just wanted to share because it gave me a good laugh! Great job! Wish I could paint like that. Nice work with the blacklining and details.
  3. Nice work! I like the way you brought out the hair.
  4. Like the highlights on the cloak and armor, nice work!
  5. Very nice! Like the red to orange color transition and how it came out!
  6. You mean you can just find people's designs for 3D printing and do it AT HOME?? Oh gosh, that would be so cool. This looks like it was a ton of fun to paint! Love the colors and the grim and messy feel to it. Very cool.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll consider that and maybe play with it to see how it looks.
  8. Is this a real paint job on a real miniature? Looks like a photo-shopped and glamorized magazine depiction. (I jest, of course) Guess that just speaks to the mastery level here! Fantastic work, deserved the award! Agree with the comments on the color scheme and shadowing. It's so good it looks fake.
  9. Thanks for the input! Still unsure of how this will end up, but I might try a wash first and see if that helps things a bit.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try it and see how it looks! Thanks for the suggestion for the teeth, I'll give that a shot--sounds good! Haven't done many large teeth yet, so that might be part of it--I just knew it didn't feel right. Thanks! When you say you like the color scheme, do you mean the current layout of where the stripes are, or the actual colors? Yeah, I was definitely going to do more detail work--and the scales were an important consideration, but I wanted to make sure I was working with the right base colors and design first. I just wasn't happy with the way the colors look together. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks! I actually thought about doing the same (bringing some to my interviews) but they were all via Zoom this year (mandatory national guidelines...) and most of them were like 10-15 min rooms with multiple interviewers and the time went way too fast. I wish I could have though. I did get to mention it to one interviewee at the right moment, but I hadn't even brought minis since I thought it would have been a weird dynamic to try to hold them up to the camera, and it probably would have taken too long to try to share screen and show a picture. *sigh* Hoping for surgery as well! (orthopedic). Fingers crossed for match day in a month... Thanks for the snow suggestion--that looks really nice! My only question is how durable is it? Does it break off easily if brushed by, say, an inquisitive kiddo? (of which I have three, and no money for a nice display case yet...) I'm not going for a white dragon per se, but more of an ice-blue with a frosted lattice. Similar to this maybe, but more... delicate ice lattice: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1156108319/ancient-white-dragon-mini-painted?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-toys_and_games-toys-miniature_toys-role_playing_miniatures&utm_custom1=_k_Cj0KCQiAjJOQBhCkARIsAEKMtO3YzsTL7dsDd6m0T1tMkaxToOWnRXTbWh5xvBRffgRi9nKeOdsGZLMaAsVnEALw_wcB_k_&utm_content=go_1844702853_71423541962_346364856615_aud-301856855998:pla-317092176223_c__1156108319_12768591&utm_custom2=1844702853&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjJOQBhCkARIsAEKMtO3YzsTL7dsDd6m0T1tMkaxToOWnRXTbWh5xvBRffgRi9nKeOdsGZLMaAsVnEALw_wcB Really looking for suggestions of techniques to paint frost over the base coat. I think I'll know when the opacity is right, and I know I'll need a lot of layers, but I don't want it to be mostly white. Looking for the right balance. Thoughts?
  12. Oh, they weren't! I took the water off the base and painted it separately, actually, then glued it back on afterward, haha. REALLY helped out a lot with access to fine detail on the front!
  13. Love those paving stones/landscape at the end there. Very cool.
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