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  1. Funny, I got the complete series 2 weeks ago... It's still good (even if the CGI is considered crappy by today's standards) and it's a shame that they did so little episodes. Watch it and love it ;)
  2. This looks like a week-end of fun. Too bad it's really far away In any way, I must confess that I have absolutely no idea how you play Warlord or CAV. It would have been a good way to learn.
  3. It's amazing how Americans can have guns. We need a course and a licence to buy and own guns (except for BB guns). I really don't think someone can have the same kind as you do Violence, my friend, is a bad thing. Change carreer, craft flower pots
  4. Of course, but I don't want someone giving a good mini and receiving a crappy one. It's just not fair. Anyway, like I said, maybe next time.
  5. Sounds really fun exchanging minis with other people, unfortunatly, I'm a (really) bad painter... I guess it would not be fair for the one who will receive my mini. Anyway, maybe next time (if I'm better).
  6. Well, thank you both for you answers! I will go take a look at what I have to buy to start all over again. I guess I will start with something a bit cheapest than the Reapers Paints (low budget and bad money conversion rate). I'll try your trick to remove the paint to see if it works, but it seems to be a good solution. Just out of curiosity, you have some pictures of your paintings? I'd like to see them if you don't mind
  7. Hi boys and girls! As my title implies, I am new to the forums. I've browsed the site for a few days now and I must say that these minis rocks. I haven't painted for a few years (about 10) now and I seriously want to start again. I'm afraid that I will have to re-buy all my stuff (paint all dried and brushes all dead). So, I wanted some tips from more experienced people. 1) Do you use acrylic paint or oil? 2) What brushes do I really need to buy? (1x 00, 1x 1 ??) 3) Is it possible to scratch off all paint on my previous minis? I think they're done in oil (I was young and naive, s
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