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  1. @Broonkah box arrived 6/29 - should have it back out again on Wednesday (after the holiday).
  2. I’m in again! Maryland - no international - cannot start
  3. It was a 3D printed Goblin Wizard - a crystal ball in one hand, a staff with a giant fist on top in the other. Already painted that one up - I'll post a picture.
  4. OK, peer pressure felt…. here’s what we grabbed from the @Guindyloo box:
  5. @Guindyloo box is on the move again, headed to @Ziggy.
  6. We're in again! Maryland Can't start a box No International
  7. Glad you liked both of these! We ‘replaced’ that Xanathar with a hand-painted one, and my daughter declared the Medusa to be too ‘boobsie’ for our game… 😉
  8. Just realized that I never posted what we pulled out of the box before sending it on. The 3D printed Bear Pirates we’re our favorites. Lots of great stuff!
  9. On the way to @Level1 today, should deliver Thursday or Friday.
  10. I’m in Maryland no International cannot start
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