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    RPGs, especially d&d (that is how I met my husband, how nerdy is that!!!!)<br><br>gardening, see some of my flowers at members.aol.com/wizoettin<br><br>playing computer games until well after I should go to bed.

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  1. I noticed the same problem with the tail section on a GW monster that i picked up....they fit inside the hollow, but there is too much space
  2. I think your paint job is lovely and hope that someday I can paint metal that nicely :) I love the shield!
  3. here is a mini I am working on for my son's gold dragon character in our home d&d game. I used one of the newer Reptus minis and a pair of Sophie wings (since I used her for a fire giant). I still have a lot of work to do, but I think the wings are the perfect size.... sorry about the poor picture quality. I have yet to get the knack for mini picture taking.
  4. Mrs. E


    that is just a beautiful paint job. I love the colors you used on the horns too!
  5. that is a nice job!! very scary.....
  6. very nice.... and it resembles Sean Reynolds a bit, I noticed......
  7. here is another new mini. I really enjoyed painting her....I am a snake fanatic :)
  8. I also just love the spider, especially the abdomen. the minotaur is also lovely. I think the leprechaun is...well.......leprechauns are silly.... :) and I am glad you are following your own advise and posting your work!!
  9. I love the purple. it is so hard to make those bright colors work, and this one is very cute!
  10. thanks for the nice replies!!! this mini is for one player's character in my home game. She is a dancing bard with silver hair. I am so happy that my wish to make the base into a carpet worked!! I was afraid I would be the only one to see it. sometimes it is hard to make our vision show through in the painting. thanks! Mrs. E
  11. Ok, my buddy convinced me to start posting pictures of my minis online. I have only been painting a couple of years, as I was hooked at an insidious paint and take booth at GenCon. Please leave comments or advise. This is a dancing girl which I am sure you all recognise from an old pack. She is one of my many reaper minis :) thanks!
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