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  1. The cloth looks amazing. Great job on this one.
  2. Awesome job! Keep up the good work.
  3. Nice looking paint job! Love the shield.
  4. I really like that one. Nice choice of colors. I look forward to seeing the other poses.
  5. Awesome work! Nice job as always.
  6. Hello, I am somewhat new to painting and after having seen all the dragons painted in the show off section am wondering where you purchase yours. Are they mostly Reaper dragons or are there other common brands that people paint? After seeing so many awesome paint jobs it makes me want to paint one of my own. Thanks.
  7. Yea, great idea. I never would have thought of doing that. Looks awesome for being so simple. Make sure you post more photos when you are done.
  8. Like you haven't heard it already, but the dragon looks awesome. Incredible job on the wings. Overall a great job.
  9. Great job with that one. I really like the highlights. Very subtle and not too bright. Very nice.
  10. Yea, he came out a little duller than I wanted. That is OK though, now I will know when I paint my next owlbear! I had limited painting supplies and this was my first attempt at mixing some colors. I am also learning about thinning my paints with enhancer and extender. Starting to get a hang of it though. My next one is Arius the Black. He is gonna take me some time. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks alot for the feedback. Yea, I was happy with the way this guy came out. I started with the learn to paint kit #1 but made my own modifications. I've only painted two minis now and have learned alot painting each one. Thanks again.
  12. This is the second in what I hope will be many many more painted miniatures. I've learned alot already painting these first two. Let me know what you think. Mike
  13. Well here is my first go at painting a miniature in about 15-20 years! I thought it came out pretty good for a novice. Feel free to let me know what you think. Mike
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