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  1. Quoted from the thread on MiniRealms: The topic this time will be: "Why walk when you can ride?" Figure must be mounted in, on or being carried by some kind of beast, machine or mechanism. (At a stretch posing a dismounted figure on the same base as its mount will be accepted). If in doubt ask for a ruling, but first consider: this is a figure painting event (overriding requirement will be for at least 3/4 of the mounted/driving figure to be visible) Fantasy, Sci/Fi or Historical, enter as many times as you wish. Conversions and fancy display bases optional. Any figure from any manufacturer or a scratchbuild is eligible. Must be your own painting work. Submission requirements will be: Initial picture of the unpainted piece. All round pictures of the finished article. Brief step by step of the painting and or conversion method. The "Why": ie the reason behind the colour scheme/pose etc. If you want to play please make yourself known...and we will have a good timescale so if you enter make sure you finish. I propose a start date of 1st March (An auspicious day for all us Welshmen) to end on 1st May.
  2. I honestly wonder whether the miniatures in the first post have been sculpted by the same person who did the "Knights of the Dinner Table" miniatures. They have the same cartoonish feel and... puffyness... to them.
  3. All those miniatures shown here are meant as parody, right? It's still April 1st, no? I'm looking forward to the *real* releases, since these cannot possibly be serious.
  4. The topic in the third Impressions Challenge this year will be: Terrain Building! For the full announcement and further information, visit the Impressions Terrain Contest section at MiniRealms. Note that this is not a commercial event - contestants will vie for bragging rights and nothing else. It's meant as good clean fun and motivation to get some terrain building done and maybe try out a new technique or two, and to ogle gorgeous terrain pieces and have your own work ogled in return. Looking forward to seeing some of you among the participants!
  5. Thanks, Jubilee and Sergeant_Crunch! I gotta have that mini...
  6. Is that a Reaper sculpt? I can't seem to find it in the catalogue... If not, could somebody please point me towards the manufacturer? That mini'd be *perfect* for a little project that I'm working on...
  7. I haven't seen the 3rd. Ed. yet, but I've played, and still play, 2nd. Ed with wild, maniacal glee... As Damon has already hinted at, it's quite a bit more deadly that just about any other Mecha game I've played so far - units rarely survive more than two or three good hits. It also has quite a different approach to Battletech - while BT is much about the Mech as the ultimate heavy tank, HG is more about the Gear as a sort of ultra-heavy infantry. This means that both the challenges (a single tank can spell doom to a squad of Gears) and the tactics (hinding, spotting for guided IF weaponry, electronic warfare, leapfrogging and the like are *big* in HG) differ quite abit in those two games. There's a non-hex, full tabletop rulebook out for 2nd. Ed. that goes on eBay for less than $5 from time to time. The 3rd. Ed. rules also feature non-hex, full tabletop rules. Lastly, I'd actually disagree with Damon on the scope of Heavy Gear's background. Since there's a full RPG associated with Heavy Gear, the background is actually very expansive and detailed (down to the favourite Ice-Cream flavors in the Nations of Terra Nova... ), and is a gorgeous world to roleplay on. Also, TTG and RPG connect nicely, so that quite a number of my campaigns had crossover from one to the other.
  8. I believe the Lesser Spearmen are the old-style Longstriker sculpts, no?
  9. Heh - for some, that's actually an argument *against* the movie... From Hell was a good movie, and I'd actually rather had the Hughes brothers direct "V" than the Wachowskis... I can understand if Moore is a bit miffled about the League - it was... let's just say I fell from my seat laughing, and not in a good way, during this movie, and leave it at that... In other news, David Lloyd (the graphic novel's artist) said it was ok for an action pic but wasn't really V for Vendetta - and he was part of the production team... Anyway - we'll see. Even though I don't think it's going to be the movie the fans of the comic will want it to be...
  10. First off, no "is". Just "V for Vendetta". The graphic novel might just be my favourite graphic novel of all time, period. Brilliant stuff. I have high hopes that this will turn out to be a faithful adaptation, although realistically speaking it will most likely turn out to be another big chunk of suck. I'll still be watching it on the day of it's release, though...
  11. ...and therein lies the problem... Many, if not the majority, of gaming stores in Germany are small, crowded affairs whose idea of "in-store gaming" consists of a 2'x2' table somewhere in a dark and smelly corner where exactly two grown persons, or a metric gazillion of kids, can sit and trade CCG cards. Also, many German game store owners are highly suspicious of in-store gaming, and won't allow it at all. If you want to demo any kind of game - TTG, CCG, RPG, whatever - in Germany to build up a community, you've got to do it at gaming clubs and conventions...
  12. I'm sorry, it was meant to jokingly ask if you're working for FanPro - whose miniature lines have a tendency of being not too successful, but who nonetheless often act as if they're one of the big players in the miniature market. I pretty much assumed you were working for the german part of that british company with the two letters... Well, here's another vote for this - let's keep the English short forms for now.
  13. That humongous British one, or that less humongous German one? Oh, and @Faraday77 - if you need any help, or an editor/corrector/second opinion, just let me know.
  14. Here's another German... One of the main problems of spreading Warlord in Germany is that many shops flat-out refuse to stock the line properly, or stock the rulebook and armybooks. My local shop, e.g. hangs Warlord intermixed with Dark Haven in the mini racks, and the shopkeeper simply stares at me when I suggest tidying up the display and sorting stuff by faction. The books - well, I *could* hypothetically special-order them, but the way my LGS is, this'd usually take anything between 6 and 12 months. Thus, I assume that most people don't even notice that Warlord is a genuine TT game, instead of a RPG miniatures line... That said, I'm not sure if there's even enough players around to for a German community yet.
  15. Ah, but once something kills the musician, *everybody's* bonus is gone. Don't forget that little part of the bargain...
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