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  1. I am glad everyone had a great time! Tulsa guys did not have to play each other, games went relatively smooth, new players were ablt to participate, I am calling it good! I hope to see everyone at the next event!
  2. I was going to be there at about 9:00 AM I was setting time for check in at 10 AM. The location is as Ladystorm posted :) I apoligize for being away, work has sucked this past month! I am putting in 60-70 hour weeks and trying to get my game fix in :)
  3. UPDATE # 5,679 JUNE 10th! The date is now officially changed to accomidate all of these whiney cry babies ;) to June 10th. We are still going for 10:00
  4. I could do that, let me work on some things and see what I come up with. That would make it the 10th then. I already submitted prize support so let me see if I can work some changes. How many guys from tulsa do you think would make it up?
  5. A few people might have a little something to say about that ;) But in all seriousness the more the merrier....my goal in this is to get to a point were we can have some regional (KS/MO/OK) events and get each other supporting each others events at least quarterly. Plus being BL it would be nice to play in some events and not have to worry about facilitation scheduling, set-up, etc. Look forward to seeing you and your crew there!!
  6. June 10th, 2006 @ 1000 Wichita is calling Tulsa out!! 1000 Point Warlord Tourney Current Army books and most recent errata in effect. Due to the amount of fun the Wichita guys had supporting a Tulsa tourney we are calling them out for a Wichita event! Come get some! (Location hosted by Dr. Tim Warren, owner of AGENTS comics and games) www.agentscomics.com This is largely in part to the amount of fun that the Wichita crew had when they went down to a Tulsa hosted event. We wanted to invite them up and host and event that they would hopefully enjoy just as much. I also would like to extent an invitation to the other Warlord players in Kansas who have been hiding under a rock to come to the shop! If you would like to attend (so I can figure out prize support) email [email protected] I will have several give-a-ways and prize support. **Corrected date to reduce confusion** Agents Comics & Games (link goes to RGames RAGE Store locator, might need to log in there first) 817 W. Douglas Wichita, Kansas 67213 (316) 262-6642 IMPORTANT UPDATE!: There will be NO COST for this event. UPDATE #2!: HUGGEEEEE UPDATE! The store owner will be providing lunch! Thats right...free food, more then likely a round item in a square box delivered by a man in a primered camaro wearing a baseball cap, but none-the-less FREE LUNCH
  7. We plan on having one every one-two months. So summer time will definately be good for a couple. www.agentscomics.com is pretty much the only shop in the area running warlord events. If you look in the balance of power they are also one of the most active!
  8. He is about 2-2.5 times the size of the normal orcs. He is a good chunk of lead for the reven ;)
  9. Some of us in Wichita might be interested.......I will ask around :) How many do you plan on having in attendence?
  10. Other things that have worked well for me: Convince the store owner to offer up a discount on reaper products to those that participated in the demo. See about the possibility of offering up a free blister or two of product to motivate others to join (gamers love free junk!) Be LOUD, Have fun! Laugh A lot! Joke A lot! Get others to do the same. Offer a tourney or painting demo the same day so your old school and established Reaper guys are there to show the game is currently active and supportive. I ran my last demo before a tourney and most of the participants stayed around to watch the tourney and marvel at the participants painted figs.
  11. I usually run them even smaller then that. I take about 200-250 points Leader Model (Sgt) and 3 Troops say Arzaphan, no equip and 3 skeletal breakers, and something close from another faction. (I like using Arzaphan and the breakers because they are in the starter set) Games last 15-20 minutes playing without special abilities and just using the basic initiative, movement, and combat system. The local shop I run at most of the time usually sells 2-3 boxed armies (750 starters) and a Deluxe starter at most of the demos and it gets a quick influx of people in and out in no time. With a 15-20 minute time frame I can snag someone from a break in heroclix or warhammer 40k and get them to commit to a quickie demo. It seems to work very well for me. I also use completely painted and based figures for my demo because I think it adds to the presentation.
  12. Being a painter/modeler myself the minatures is what drew me in. The game mechanics kept me there. To be honest with you I had the same thoughts when I heard of the army books. I was extremely negative (to myself) about what I thought would come out of them. So far they seem to be balanced, and I agree....you can still field a playable army AFTER another army book comes out haha. My only real problem with the game so far has been the 74 point axe for Reven and the waayyyyyyyyy overpriced Dwarf Warlord, who 9 out of ten times I can not even field in small games. For me to find a game system with only two things that bug me is awesome! I also like the initiative method. It is not the simple my turn, roll bucket of dice, your turn, roll bucket of dice.
  13. I would be interested as well! I think it could turn out to be a pretty rich world to RPG in!
  14. Everybody needs to admit...besides the cheesiest army list ever, and the 7-11 smack talk, (cause it is open 24 hours) Damon is a hell-uv-a guy but needs some encouragement to PAINT SOME FIGS! So here is the next tourney! March 25th: 12p-2p Warlord Demo! Come as you are, no materials required! Learn Reaper Games R.A.G.E. gaming system for a quick set up game! Necropolis VS Orcs! March 25th: 2:30-Whenever! 1,000 point Warlord tourney! $7 Entry. Prize support provided by Agents Comics and Games. Painting bonus! Bring a completely painted troop (only one "troop" being painted required, 3 or more models) and recieve a "re-roll" of one dice roll during the tourney. Visit: www.agentscomics.com Details posted soon! contact: [email protected]
  15. What would you give Kyra and Lavarath the 1000th miniature is you played them in warlord? What would you think the data card would look like? I think it would be nice if Reaper would release some sort of official data card for them and make them Mercenary or what not so they are fieldable. I bought mine yesterday and I am very much in love with the sculpt and model!
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