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  1. I think this is my take on the newest update as well. I can definitely see where criticism is coming from. Then again I understand why as a business they might take some unpopular decisions. Probably decisions being also sort of forced on them and not at all what they would like to do. With uncertainty of the global situation and potential of it getting worse at no notice, the more control they have over the production and logistics of their projects the better for them. Actually that might also be a reason of Bones 6 being one of the last physical overseas crowdfunding I support. The level of volatility regarding shipping, taxation and timelines is becoming ridiculous. Definitely not something I wanted or needed 😞 I do agree that being as transparent as possible about the situation is best way forward for Reaper.
  2. Last night Scarab Folk update. Love those, not enough to pick entire Lost Tombs of Hakir expansion. Egyptian theme is a bit too specific for me. Although on second thoughts, their value alone in retail might be close to $30-40 (if not more), so I am a bit torn 😕 Sketches by Max Dunbar: And some not-final renders of sculpts by Jason Wiebe: (apparently guy in the yellow squiggle is not part of the expansion and might be released at some point later) (also the sand peddler mini has been refferred to as "roach-coach" by the sculptor, which seemed worth mentioning)
  3. And apparently the one with the pigfolk might be soon on its way as well! ❤️ That has definitely piqued my interest! Render from the latest update:
  4. Hopefully, there will be at least couple more of those. At the moment only Brinewind Pirates #2 are a maybe on my end. I like The Apprentice diorama, but I do not have loads of ideas on how to use it in game.
  5. It's got a lot nicer pace to the Backerkit campaigns. Hopefully, it stays that way a bit longer! Reaching 110k and unlocking those chunky orc trackers would be fairly simple then:
  6. 1300 Euros to unlocking final Tier 3 Stretch Goal. Card players. Gotta love the alternative look for it though:
  7. Apparently there is no Reaper Live tonight as well. Just like several live shows this week 😞 Screenshot from Discord:
  8. I believe that 60k minis are copies of following sculpt called "Ratfolk Thief\Rogue"
  9. I am fairly disheartened by this turn of events as well. I do not think that 2nd relaunch within a month will bring them backing they strive for. They should probably give it several months to really figure out what they need and how to get it. They have already wasted some marketing funds on first campaign. Now they are loosing interest of some of the backers and most likely not really expanding reach for the campaign. I will keep my eye on it but I will probably leave the decision to join it till final hours this time round.
  10. As far as I remember there is no Reaper Live tonight due to social event (one of Reaper team members' wedding). Just a heads up. I think it was stated in last Reaper Live and Discord folk seem to remember it similarly.
  11. STL Miniatures has started next crowdfunding campaign in their tried and tested NPC format and style. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlminiatures/3d-printable-fantasy-npcs-vol-2 Some are more diorama oriented I guess (dentist set): And some are great for filling in those NPC needs:
  12. Somehow I have misread that as putting Forged campaign on hold. Yeah, I guess two crowdfunding campaigns and Patreon might be a bit tricky. Hopefully, that is the reasonable thing to do for some time, until the excitement and extra work for this campaign are over.
  13. I get you guys. I am in on Fantasy 2 with Blacklist. So I was a bit hesitant as well. I have done some digging prior to supporting the campaign. As far as I know, Broken Anvil has been around for some time. Mostly working with 3d sculpting, stl files and resin prints. They have a sizeable Patreon following and have built quite a library of stl files going back to March 2021. The previous crowdfunding campaign (resin) from 2021 seems to deliver / have delivered. They do have another campaign that has been funded earlier this year on KS. This one seems to be produced in Siocast in the US. That one is slated for delivery in June 2023. Forged campaign seems to be their first attempt at pvc miniatures manufacturing. So there are some green and some red flags. Probably August 2023 delivery is a bit optimistic, with the state of the world and such,
  14. Campaign has reached its initial goal! Also first Stretch Goal has been unlocked. Following 3 good boys (wargs) are being added to the Adventure Box Pledge:
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