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  1. There has been update with some changes and close-ups of sculpts in Rotstump Bog Legendary Tale. Sir Baltrovic sculpt has been updated with death cause detail: I am still on the fence for this one. I like goblin and merrow sculpts, stirges and the lizard not so much. Although those are personal preference. I really wish there was final decision on the power-ups. I am still rooting for the Green Griffin Extras, it would be also great to see last Legendary Tale.
  2. Those are really cool. Wish those were available as stl files as well. Physical miniatures with shipping costs and UK-EU taxation seem more and more risky/expensive.
  3. I think the size is about right, but due to using real scale rather than heroic one the heads and hands seem rather small and frail compared to other companies minis.
  4. I have seen dryad render on their facebook page. AFAIR there was no live stream this week.
  5. Some of the most recent unlocks. I love the flying fish mermaid sculpt: As well as the 550k EUR stretch goal:
  6. The campaign had a surprisingly good weekend. Following SGs have been unlocked.
  7. Just so you are aware, some of the stretch goals - swamp hut, watch tower, highlander hut and cage, have changed their status to one per backer. And have been added as a set to add-ons. On the positive side, campaign is less than 30k away from unlocking the stagecoach. Also these two are already unlocked: And those two will unlock before reaching Stagecoach:
  8. You could potentially throw in a dollar and add funds once D&L3 arrives your end. It might not help a lot with unlocking but better safe than sorry I guess, I am in again for all 4 sets. And potentially extra SG set. D&L3 was fine in my view. The only issue is the miniatures scale which does not matter too much for me and apparently they are working on addressing that going forward.
  9. I had the same problem 😉 Apparently, it is a compensation for increased shipping costs: On top of that, we have the problematic international shipping condition that changes on a daily basis. As a result of those factors, we need to increase the shipping charge of all pledges to all countries by €1. But as compensation for that, we are adding another free miniature - the Witch Hunter. It was in update 11.
  10. Hard plastic minis are definitely made in-house in their Polish factory. China was doing their PVC minis for Masters of the Universe board game. Not sure about the game mats.
  11. Hi guys, Another digital kickstarter camapign. This one with a bunch of NPC characters with props for their surrounding. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlminiatures/3d-printable-fantasy-npcs?ref=user_menu Sets include armor, weapons, magic items and fruit merchants, laundry, cook, gardener, potter etc. Also some add-ons from creator's patreon in the same format. From all new sets I am particularly fond of the cook. Mini itself is available as free sample as well. You may want to check out sitting inn patrons and glass blowers props as well.
  12. Same. I do not really have a printer but I cannot help myself. So far I only really had had a bunch of Zingarans (think Vestani) printed. I cannot pass on a beauty like this though: I may not have a print of it any time soon but it jogs my brain perfectly.
  13. Wondering if people wanting the Chronoscope kickstarter also have realistic expectations. If it a lot smaller compared to fantasy numbers, the costs or\and number of figures in expansions might differ quite a bit. Especially considering that Chronoscope fanbase seem to be a lot more divided and less likely to purchase expansions out of their interest. Cthulhu\horror, SF and steampunk and modern seem a lot more person specific than subgenres of fantasy. I would most likely pass such a kickstarter unless there were some interesting pieces in horror\sf that I could use outside of those specific genres.
  14. Hi guys, My townsfolk progress post showed me that it might be better to work on something bigger first. Hence Ogre Clubber. I have Ogre Guard waiting for his turn as well. Both in bonesium. I have done a sort of a zenithal priming. First black brush-on primer and way to heavy coat of cheap white hardware store spray paint. I remembered to make the first photo just after painting skin tones on the model. I was kind of happy with that, as at least had some highlighting and shadows done. Also added some blemishing to skin to make it less flat. Then carried on with adding the rest of base colours. Some things work some do not. I do not like red rope for his loincloth, and will most likely try to work it back to more of a hempen colour for all ropes. I still do not like the wood club colour. Leather kind of work, same goes for flint. That cannot be said of the photo though. Same goes for satin varnish. But that is just And final picture for the back where I have added some weird silicone like acrylic medium for pouring techniques. When it is not mixed with paint it sets to clear highly glossy fairly thick film. It might work for creation of water effects on bases as well, although it might take a while to figure out how to use it right. In this case I have used it to create some volume for scarring on the back of the ogre. I will have it painted and blended closer to skin tones going forward. I though that satin finish will be less glossy. Is there any point of mixing satin and matt varnish to get down leather glossiness down a notch, but not to the same level as skin? Or would some other technique work?
  15. Also the sculpts of the new minis, or resculpts of old ones are really top notch. As well as change in the plastic used. To stay competitive, within the wider market, with resin printing on the rise, they simply had to up their game. Probably molds from Bones 1 & 2 and the bonesium process will become obsolete soon. Not to mention move of core production back to US, which is also part of the equation most likely. Sure to people supporting Reaper's kickstarters since 2012 these might not be as enticing as Bones 5 models. But there were so many things happening in our hobby and the world in the last couple of years that some changes were inevitable. Most likely once Bones USA or Siocast process will have larger minis production figured out, we will see more Bones 5 reminiscent offerings in future campaigns.
  16. Just used the calculator. I have all $325 of my pledge accounted for. All I have managed to save up since I knew it was coming in this spring and have not used for support for Ukraine. I will also need to add $65 to get all the stuff that I still want in pledge manager. Might squeeze some of that to KS. Hopefully, there will be some more great stuff unlocked. I would not mind adding some more funds later this year.
  17. From the latest reveals I really love the Denizens. Definitely getting this one. Part 1 was a great appetizer for it, Part 3 is kind of meh (compared to other two), although I am really glad of the extra orcs that will go with the ones from add-on I am also getting. Also some nice rare minis, but ones But part 2 is truly outstanding. Wyverns, trolls, yeti, lizard, gargoyle, bathalian. Those are definitely worth more than $50 in my eyes. So hands down the best expansion IMHO. The scarab folk also look fantastic. Probably the one set I am most looking forward to get to retail. Mummy king and adventurers are also something that I will probably purchase in retail. Vandorendra would be also great to have.
  18. If the brazier will be removable, it should work quite well as a watch tower, or even some sort of hermit's abode. Barring that it could be a lighthouse in a park of some sort of an aristocrat who had an unfulfilled dream of being a sea captain. There is some potential of using it outside of a seaside campaign.
  19. Ooooh Mini Fan Favorites option 😄 It is really cool!
  20. I would really like some more info on Dreadmere for sure. Not sure if the setting for 5E would not be an easier route though. Even Paizo is slowly heading that way, releasing supplements for both Pathfinder and 5E rule sets.
  21. The Drake could be shown a bit clearer though
  22. Going out on a limb here, I suppose. [Seeing myself out]
  23. Christine van Patten, apparently working on the Green Griffin extras:
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