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  1. wow! now thats customer service! Keep it up Reaper! Brotherfury
  2. you know last week i did just that THINK about it, then i started my new job at a gaming store and i did just that made army lists all night! my boss told me i should have brought my paints! :D Brotherfury
  3. that's hilarious! Anyway, I am brand new to Warlord, and my first two choices are Elves and crusaders, but i am looking hard at several others including nuetral and evil forces. I do like the fact that the armies dont have to be so huge! Brotherfury
  4. like those point values, i mean they have some in the book, but i guess like u said some they won't allow you to throw on anything...but even if its a unq./solitaire like my werewolf character?? Brotherfury
  5. Just once i'd like to see REALLY GOOD feline minis done right! This by far is my fav suggestion. Brotherfury
  6. All great ideas! I used super jag's idea, and it seemed to work ok. I will try S_E's idea too. On another subject with the generic force list; is there costs for special abilities? I know about the chart for some stuff, but like say 360, warmaster, etc? How do i customize that way? Brotherfury
  7. I did think about that, but what about having a "human" version, then after so many wounds, he transforms? How would you do that? what kind of point value would that amount to? Brotherfury
  8. Ok, first I wanna say "hello" to everyone, and I can't wait to begin playing Warlord. I started a new job at a local gaming store, and the first thing i bought on my first night was the Warlord rulebook. I of course read all the fluff (love fluff) lol. Anyway, I was looking through the forces, and i have my first 3 picked out (Crusaders, Elves and Mercs) Also, I was looking at the generic force stuff, and i have a couple of questions. first, are there going to be MORE of them, or a complete set of force builder rules, or at least more abilities, add-ons and such? second, I am planning on building a forcr from my comicbook i am working on and I have a werewolf character who would be a solo, and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas how you would portray that. I mean going from "human" and then transforming into a "combat form". thanx for any imput. Brotherfury
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