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  1. Painted as a gorgon for D&D, so iron not brass. Quick speed paint. Not terribly much to be done given the colour scheme. Tried to make the floor a bit more interesting. .
  2. Scale 75 Instant Colours over black and white sketch.
  3. Finished this up a few weeks ago. Tried a lot of things with this - colour composition art reference, subdued NMM, considering spot colour placement, using a wider range of colours for oil pin washes. Took quite a long time but I was pleased with how it turned out.
  4. Bringing the heat to Frostgrave. .
  5. The runes on the scroll were meant to be all glowy, but it's a bit hard to see against the light colour of the parchment. .
  6. Bit of wet blending and drybrushing, trying to work of a photo reference to get colours right rather than just 'brown'. .
  7. From about 5-10 years ago. Great sculpt, except that staff is thin and fragile as all get out. Base is a bit meh, I think I should have stippled in a bit more texture, and more color gradation (reds in shadows?), for more interesting stone. .
  8. Simple little speed paint using Citadel Nighthaunt Gloom airbrushed over a grisaille value sketch. . .
  9. Black jack painted up as a spellcasting rogue, hence the osl effect on the outstretched hand. Painted 90% with oils. Much easier to learn with them when it is essentially monochrome and you can just focus on light and shadow. .
  10. Fantasy edgelord championship belt holders since the late 80s! .
  11. Her bendy blades lull her enemies into a false sense of security... .
  12. Underpaint the whole thing in black/grey/white monochrome so that the highlights and shadows (values) are set, then use a transparent colour to tint.
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