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  1. Make the back 1/4 rear arc not the back 1/4 On a square base only 1 out of 4 sides is the rear arc or 90 deg not 120 deg
  2. My gauth is Metallic purple, with steel metallic/true silver metallic belly and horns and claws. Glow in the dark eyes, gloss black wing um well not sure what you call them I guess bones or wing support? Black spine and lots of black/purple ink. I plan on adding a think layer of that clear bright purple when it comes out.
  3. Opps That was an eilite. But I do remember brian saying it applied to even commanders.
  4. No solo has Ronin? Did you look at darkspawn. Nitishe
  5. If solos aren't effected by all alone why would some of them have the ronin ability that's only purpose is to keep them from suffering from all alone :)
  6. The best way to use this figure is to spend the points on something else
  7. Got a horrible solo. Look it up and see if it has Ronin. If not kill everything else and it will retreat.
  8. With the new necro book out their Darkspawn have gotten much more dangerous. Life Drain works them as well and at 20 points the witch queen is twice as deadly now.
  9. How in the world are you going to get a dragon to fit on a 2x2? My Gauth barly fits on a CD :) As for colors, I would have him match the primary colors of the faction you plan to play him with. Also with dragons remember 2 things 1) Metallic Dragons (gold, copper, brass, etc) are Good aligned 2) Colored dragons (red, green, blue etc) are evil aligned.
  10. It's good info. but it doesn't answer the question. Should you mix them in or layer them on top.
  11. If you have a 42 point archer and he is hit with 3 arrows from enemy archers at the same time, does it cost 4 pain tokens for him to live or 12? What I mean is, do you have to use 4 for each arrow like A) arrorw paincage, then arrow pain cage, then arrow pain cage B) 3 arrows then pain cage So if overkill damage is delt must you also pain cage all the over damage too? Or just pain cage 1 time to get you last track back after all damage is delt.? It seems like since all damage is delt at same time that it would just take 1 pain cage action. Does anyone know for sure?
  12. In the newest casket works there is a page on 6 new clear brights from reaper. Lets say you want super bright shinny red armor for some strange reason. Which is the better way to use them. 1) Coat with red metallic and then coat with clear red on top? 2) Mix red metallic with clear red and apply as one layer? Another question- When adding flow imporver do you mix it with water or add it straight? How much is normal to add?
  13. What do you use for grunts? We only have 4 types and thanks to rule chages 2 of the 4 are adept. So with only 2 left, the 2 that don't seem woth taking at all, how are you supposed to make troops? I mean darkspawn has some of the best figures, but they are all leaders, elites, and solos. What we really need is a good non adept grunt. Any one else have the same trouble
  14. Put it together, putty it, mount it on a cd, then when you need a different angle just turn the cd.
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