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  1. Nicely done! The skin looks fantastic! I like how there is a contrast to it! It also really nice to see someone doing metallics! I bow to your greatness!
  2. wow you dropped kicked my mangu Timur out of the water! This is fantastic! the freehand is wonderful! I now have something to strive for!
  3. Seee I thought about that but I usually just do my wash techniquie when I need to add black. The problem is I used a bright green for the wash to show it like bronze/copper. Still I need to figure out something! Thanks for the comment!
  4. Great job! I love the colors you choose! the veins in the wings are kinda creepy for such a cutie but the over all paint job is tops! again great job! Your sister is very lucky!!!!
  5. Thank you for the nice comment Fruggs!
  6. Thanks for the comments all! yea the writing was brutal!
  7. yea trust me it looks way better in person, However I'm thinking that the next time I do bronze I'll go higher with the highlight! Thanks for the comments!!!
  8. Mangu Timur! He must be some kind of knight! I decided to do bronze and the cape is the same as the MT miniature Beholder. Just having fun and working on my NMM as always. Comments Welcomed!
  9. I had fun painting this guy! I wanted him to be nobel or have a look of royalty! Comments Welcomed!
  10. muted is a good point but like in nature alot of animals have bright markings. I like this idea so I went with the bright markings. Granted I would never paint him in the pink with dark blue spots. Thanks BTW!
  11. LOL child safe!!! ages 3 and up lololol!!!!
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