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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to build a lightbox next with a couple of lights. Here I was just trying it out with just the lighting in the room.
  2. I painted this a while ago, now I'm just trying out the camera.
  3. Good job in the painting contest!! Don't feel bad about last year, I won Best Themed and you didn't place. This year, you placed and I didn't even come close. But you really did have a great looking model. Good Job!! P.S. If you are wondering, mine was the crimson colored muskateer with the gold sword on the front and the cape. Also, good luck in BC, sorry you won't be able to compete next year.
  4. My main appointment is a Necropolis player and he learned quickly that Banshees were actually quite worthless. He always brought two of them and I would kill each one everytime. It got to the point that he didn't want to bring them near me so they hung out in flanks for the entire game and out-lived their usefullness in short order. Not to offend, but this isn't this kinda like the Iraqis complaining that using our tanks wasn't fair to them. The catapult is a seige weapon and is meant to be big, be tough, and hit hard.
  5. That is beautiful. Your son has real talent. Well done!
  6. One word: Firestorm Get a mage within 18in to cast Firestorm. When this baby goes off, there will be a whole bunch or crunchy roasted Elves.
  7. The funniest thing I think I have ever heard was during a RPG a few years back. We were playing a futuristic one and one of the characters rounds a corner into and alley. The GM said, "OK, as you turn the corner you see..." Out of no where I cut him off and said, "...the Ring of Decpetion, but it's not really there because it's decieving you!" We have laughed about this for years.
  8. I like the lightning effects. Great job!
  9. I love that sculpt. Great job!
  10. Great job on the cloths and the face. The five o'clock shadow effect really worked.
  11. That is one big a** undead-stompin', dwarf-crushin', elf-smackin' model! I think i'll get one just because he's cool looking.
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