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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to build a lightbox next with a couple of lights. Here I was just trying it out with just the lighting in the room.
  2. I painted this a while ago, now I'm just trying out the camera.
  3. Good job in the painting contest!! Don't feel bad about last year, I won Best Themed and you didn't place. This year, you placed and I didn't even come close. But you really did have a great looking model. Good Job!! P.S. If you are wondering, mine was the crimson colored muskateer with the gold sword on the front and the cape. Also, good luck in BC, sorry you won't be able to compete next year.
  4. My main appointment is a Necropolis player and he learned quickly that Banshees were actually quite worthless. He always brought two of them and I would kill each one everytime. It got to the point that he didn't want to bring them near me so they hung out in flanks for the entire game and out-lived their usefullness in short order. Not to offend, but this isn't this kinda like the Iraqis complaining that using our tanks wasn't fair to them. The catapult is a seige weapon and is meant to be big, be tough, and hit hard.
  5. That is beautiful. Your son has real talent. Well done!
  6. One word: Firestorm Get a mage within 18in to cast Firestorm. When this baby goes off, there will be a whole bunch or crunchy roasted Elves.
  7. The funniest thing I think I have ever heard was during a RPG a few years back. We were playing a futuristic one and one of the characters rounds a corner into and alley. The GM said, "OK, as you turn the corner you see..." Out of no where I cut him off and said, "...the Ring of Decpetion, but it's not really there because it's decieving you!" We have laughed about this for years.
  8. I like the lightning effects. Great job!
  9. I love that sculpt. Great job!
  10. Great job on the cloths and the face. The five o'clock shadow effect really worked.
  11. That is one big a** undead-stompin', dwarf-crushin', elf-smackin' model! I think i'll get one just because he's cool looking.
  12. Another thing I would say watch out for is Magic heavy opponents like Naomi. Whenever Firebird brings her to the table (which is every time), I make her look like a pincushion. A fireball or firestorm can do alot of damage to your troops. Which also brings me to my next tactic. Everyone plays down the Archers, but I love them. Put Halabard with them and load him up with Bless (10pts each!). With ranger you can make a single move to get into a good position before the start of the game. Once they get into place, pick a target, cast bless, and FIRE!! Since they have Marksman, they all get +1 if they don't move and Volley if you want to decimate an area. This usually destroys troops and against even the toughest leader can usually cause 1 or 2 wounds. Think about it, let's say Judas comes walking by and you unload on him. You will need 10's to hit him. If you didn't move you get 20 shots. How many 10's will you get? 1, maybe 2? Now, he's wounded twice when Duke decides to charge him. That hurts alot.
  13. I just can't believe that your Grave Horror lost to a unit of my archers IN HAND TO HAND COMBAT without me losing a SINGLE MODEL from that unit.
  14. I will hand it to Firebird, his archers are annoying. They are just below a threat which makes them annoying. You want to ignore them and go after some one else, but you have ten of the little bastards scoring one or two wounds on my Angel or Duke because 10's ALWAYS HIT!!
  15. Under the Crusader's Archers stats it lists a #MA:1 and a MAV:0. Do they make their attack at 0 or do they not have an attack at all?
  16. I don't see what the problem is here, really. 1. It's been brought up before. Setting aside the fact that 99% of the time if someone can shoot you, they can see you. Therefore, if they can see YOU, you can see THEM. But in a world of orcs, lizardmen, and the dead walking the Earth, is returning fire that big of a stretch of the imagination? 2. I am tired of hearing about the Flyer Errata. No one got penalized by that rule as much as the Guardian Angel. He doesn't have bloodlust or anything else to help his movement. Firebird and I play all of the time and I have no problem ripping the wings off of his Bone Horror . 3. And last, but certainly not least, Warlord is a new game! The designers can play test only so much before they release it. Of course there are going to be problems. Instead of a handful of people playing it and working out the kinks, now all of us are playtesting it. At least Reaper has the wisdom to understand this and incorporate our input back into it. On top of all this, Reaper has THE BEST customer service in the entire industry. Obvioulsy, these guys (and gals) are working hard and all they get from some is a hard time. Shame on Logicjoe and anyone else who immediately jumps on a game before it has been given a chance to establish itself. There I have said my peace. My goal is not to insult or offend anyone, but to illustrate my frustration.
  17. I agree, this is an abuse of a loophole, however legal it may be.
  18. All I know is that I play against Necropolis and Neskofar all the time, so I never get to use mercy.
  19. When a cleric casts Bandage or Cure on a Stunned model, does it automatically heal, or does he have to roll to see if he casts it?
  20. AAAAA BBC In the above diagram, "A" represents archers, "B" represents breakers, and "C" represents a cleric. If the cleric casts bless on himself and everyone else, can he declare +1 MAV to the breakers and +RAV to the archers?
  21. Sorry if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find the answer. If a unit has recieved a shaken token, and then recieves another one while the unit is in cohesion, will it retreat?
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