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  1. @Inarah, Thanks for sharing your experience! I've never used green stuff, but the hammer situation poses a good first learning opportunity so I'm giving it a shot. As for the robe/staff clean up, are you suggesting the "clean up with a hobby knife" is smoothing the wrinkles out so it's a smooth vertical 'wall' from the robe to the staff? Or do you think the area should be completely removed from beneath the hand to the base of the staff/robe (where the two more naturally collide)? Seeking clarification because I held that area up to a bright lamp before painting and it didn't look like flashing or mold squeeze out. It seems thick enough that it's there on purpose. (Hopefully you know what I mean.) Regardless of thickness, I'm willing to remove it if that what you meant by clean up. My X-Acto skills are probably better than my painting skills.
  2. Is 150k image file size still the rule as of March 2022? It seems awfully small by today's standards.
  3. The Ivar Dwarf Priest hammer appears incomplete as if it didn't get enough plastic in the mold. Perhaps this is a short shot. See pic of my mini's hammer compared to a completed example. Q: Is this common for Reaper Bones minis? Do people usually seek a replacement or use green stuff to sculpt up the missing portion? The Anirion Elf Wizard has a strange curtain effect between the staff and the robe. Unsure if this mini was sculpted like this or if this is also a mold-making error. See pic of situation. Q: How would you approach this strange nether land of material between the staff and the robe? Carve out what should be a gap? Paint a vertical black 'gap'? Other? Thank you for helping a new Reaper painter. Edit: Q: Should we still follow the 150k image size limit per rules, or do y'all usually post a little better resolution?
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