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  1. First time poster! πŸ˜„ I Finished my "Crypt of the Dwarf King" boxed set! I missed out on Bones 5 and it wasn't an option with my 5.5 pledge, so when I saw this hit retail I knew it was one my short list! Lots of fun painting these characterful dwarfs and spooky wights. I painted each dwarf a different color so that each could feel like its own distinct character and tried some new fun tricks with magnets and LED lights. Painted mostly with craft acrylic paints (Craft Smart) but the transparent miniatures of the Everliving Flame and Ghost were tinted with Vallejo Game Inks. Looking forward to my 5.5 Pledge as well as at least one more order of miniatures (including Kobzar Soloveiko - too cute of a miniature) before then, as well as participating in my first full-fledged Kickstarter with Bones 6! 😁 Here's my album of photos from the boxed set! Each dwarf is painted in a different color scheme to stand out as a unique character while also attempting to look like they fit in the same party together. The Bronzebeard and Swiftaxe Dwarven Expedition Spooky Dwarven Wight Thanes! Each with their own outfit. The Dwarf King Durnan the Mad! Dwarf Statue Dwarf Tomb with magentized lid and removable corpse with its own optional fitted base. LED Tea Light is embedded within this miniature (with switch underneath) The rest of the terrain The entire set! That's all, thanks for letting me share! ☺️
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