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  1. Congrats! And even if it's a girl, she'll probably like that stuff just 'cause her big brothers do. And I don't see anything wrong with that :)
  2. This has got to be one of the best recipe web sites I have ever found www.cooks.com for recipe search you can put in ingredients or the name and you'll be amazed. If I'm trying to think of something for dinner and I know I have lets say potatos, cheese, milk, chicken, I put those in and then I get a bunch of ideas
  3. I just have my black shephard mix (i.e. known as momma's boy around here). I tried to post a pick but can't figure out how with the new board set-up.
  4. no prob. I won't be at the paint shop for a few weeks.... probably won't be there till you are well enough to be there.
  5. It depends on the person I guess. This is the only site I have info up on because my ex-husband would harass me (he and I were on some of the same boards for a while) so I left things blank as he would not know it was me. Personally I'm safe here cause if the ex bothers me, my "little" brother can just boot him off for me
  6. I also have a Kodak Easyshare DX6490. I think its about 2-3 seconds between pics unless you have it on sport mode. I've only had it about a month and I love it.
  7. Paint club wasn't the same with out you Jon! Everybody at GamesPlus wishes you well!
  8. My boyfriend told me that years ago (before all the airline security stuff) he went on a first date with this girl. At then end of the date she was already in this "I love you so much and want to marry you" state. He said she actually had tickets to Las Vegas in her glove box.
  9. I hate to tell her that a c-section will be MORE pain in the long run! I loved having my body stapled shut for a few days, getting the staples pulled out, and then trying to pull myself up since I didn't have solid stomach muscles! Oh wait she has more money than clear judgement, she'll just pay somebody to help her up!
  10. Don't worry, John's tattoo is safe. And yes, mom did get a good laugh at it!
  11. Hi all. This was the third mini I did. Currently I'm taking everyone's suggestions about making my highlights more noticeable and "fixing" things. I recently added additional highlights and shadows to her dress and I tried my first NMM on the sphere. The casting on this one was bad and she has no left eye area so I used the excessive flashing there to make it like her hair was in her face. I still need to re-touch her hair. Thanks, Colleen
  12. Amazing collection. I've got it booked marked now for reference material! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Haven't tried the color spot yet. On Krista (whom I'm working on now) I did try putting in the white spot......try being the key word....let's just say I'll be working on the eyes yet again for another few hours
  14. Her hands are white gloves. Thanks for your comments!
  15. I thought of the wings as an extension of the "person" so I thought I'd try making them the same color as her skin, thus the veining (sp? if its a word) is the same purples as her hair. I think I'll do another one with "fancier" wings. The guys at paint club can tell you that I spent WEEKS trying to decide what color to do her wings.
  16. her back. Thanks for your help! All comments wanted!!!!!
  17. Those of you who have seen her in person, let me know if the pics do her justice.
  18. Not bad bro..... considering you've taught me you should be able to teach anybody!
  19. I like the mini prepping idea too.
  20. I love the way the armor "shines"
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