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  1. So any theories or leaks on the Denizens of the Dungeons expansion? Hakir seems to have a lot of hype so I feel like we're in a "we saved the best for last" situation. Judging from the one model from Hakir that I've seen I'm already in for the whole thing. So denizens is the only one I don't think I've seen anything from.
  2. Wow I'm in it for every expansion so far. I didn't know I needed bees this much, I also love the red panda.
  3. Well we're almost there. See you all in the kickstarter comments tomorrow!
  4. Thanks for the reply I'll keep an eye out for them. That's what I was afraid of. Bummer
  5. I have a somewhat related question. I ordered my Green Griffon t-shirt and I also saw this shirt https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/23453173-iggy-and-tango-shipwrights which I think is hilarious, but I'm fairly new to reaper so I know nothing about those characters and I couldn't find minis for them. So if anyone has any info on them I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to add them to my Brinewind campaign when it starts. Also does anyone know anything about how I could acquire Landlubbers guide to Brinewind, it's been sold out for a while. I'm a sucker for settings books and I'm really loving the Brinewind Asthetic. https://www.reapermini.com/search/landlubber/latest/25011
  6. Most excited for more Brinewind! That was my favorite set from Bones 5.
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